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  • Using cefsharp to embed Google kernel in. Net


    Cefsharp can easily embed HTML in. Net without worrying about the compatibility between WPF and WinForm controls. Most of cefsharp’s code is C, which can be used in VB or other. Net platform languages. In recent days, the company needs to useWebBrowser,Several controls are considered, such as1. WebBrowser in WinForm2. WebBrowser in WPF3.WebKit.Net     4.CefSharp […]

  • Classical Input and Output Algorithms (C_Implementation)


    In General warehousing system, we often have a table to store the information of goods. Common attributes are grid, layer. Note: this attribute is the largest index representation, that is, the largest storage quantity of this grid. Then in the item details, we will store the particle attributes in it individually, so we will go […]