• The realization of chain operation in PHP, go, python, Java, JavaScript, C ා, ASP and other languages


    This article uses for reference: the realization of chain operation in JavaScript, C, PHP, ASP, Python and other languages Blog post code download address The realization of chain operation in JavaScript, C, PHP, ASP, Python and other languages Golang chain operation The implementation of PHP chain operation Java chain call What is chain operation Return […]

  • Gorang implementation of topological sorting – DFS algorithm version


    Problem Description: there is a series of numbers 1 to 5, which are rearranged and printed according to the following requirements on order. The requirements are as follows: 2 appears before 5, 3 before 2, 4 before 1, and 1 before 3. This problem is a very typical topological sorting problem. The general solution to […]

  • Official release of software 2.0.6


    What is soft? Swoft is a PHP microservice collaboration framework based on swoole extension. Like go, swoft has built-in co process network server and common co process clients, which are memory resident and do not rely on traditional php-fpm. There are cooperative operation modes similar to go language, flexible annotation similar to spring cloud framework, […]

  • Detailed explanation of golang import import package syntax


    Import syntax of package When writing go code, you often use the command import to import a package, as follows: import( “fmt” ) Then you can call it in the code in the following ways: FMT. Println (“I love Tian’anmen, Beijing”) FMT is the standard library of go. In fact, it goes to goroot to […]

  • Golang package dependency management


    Introduction:Godep is a management tool to solve package dependency. At present, it is the most popular one. The principle is to scan and record version control information, and add shell before go command to achieve dependency management. 1. installation:go get github.com/tools/godep 2. Compile and runAfter the project is managed by godep, it is obviously not […]

  • The method of introducing custom package into golang


    After reading the basic syntax of golang, in order to modularize programming, I tried the package management of golang. As a result, I stepped into several holes. Let’s summarize. I. set $gopath environment variable Different from C or PHP, golang does not automatically find files in the current path. You must first add your own […]

  • Installing Jenkins on k8s and common problems


    Continuous integration and deployment is an important part of Devops. Jenkins is a very popular tool for continuous integration and deployment. Recently, I tested Jenkins and found that it is the most complex tool I have used for some time. One possible reason is that it needs to be integrated with various other tools to […]

  • Record: after GoLand mod cannot be used, solve the step playing!


    System: Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.3Software: GoLand February 3, 2019Go version: 1.13Go environment variable: GO111MODULE=”auto” GOARCH=”amd64″ GOBIN=”/Users/panbing/mypro/golang/bin” GOCACHE=”/Users/panbing/Library/Caches/go-build” GOENV=”/Users/panbing/Library/Application Support/go/env” GOEXE=”” GOFLAGS=”” GOHOSTARCH=”amd64″ GOHOSTOS=”darwin” GONOPROXY=”” GONOSUMDB=”” GOOS=”darwin” GOPATH=”/Users/panbing/mypro/golang” GOPRIVATE=”” GOPROXY=”https://goproxy.cn,direct” GOROOT=”/usr/local/go” GOSUMDB=”sum.golang.org” GOTMPDIR=”” GOTOOLDIR=”/usr/local/go/pkg/tool/darwin_amd64″ GCCGO=”gccgo” AR=”ar” CC=”clang” CXX=”clang++” CGO_ENABLED=”1″ GOMOD=”” CGO_CFLAGS=”-g -O2″ CGO_CPPFLAGS=”” CGO_CXXFLAGS=”-g -O2″ CGO_FFLAGS=”-g -O2″ CGO_LDFLAGS=”-g -O2″ PKG_CONFIG=”pkg-config” GOGCCFLAGS=”-fPIC -m64 -pthread -fno-caret-diagnostics -Qunused-arguments […]

  • Performance comparison of popular open source gateways: Goku, Kong & tyk


    Not to mention, the performance test results are directly given to: We compare the same hot products in the market and test the following products with the same environment and conditions: Goku, Kong, tyk. Note: the object of this pressure test is a single gateway node, and plug-in function is not enabled. Test details I. […]

  • Artificial intelligence: text similarity analysis


    Generally, we will encounter a problem that users will send highly similar content from time to time when commenting and posting. Obviously, this is meaningless. At this time, we can use some algorithms to determine the similarity of the text, and then we can make some response strategies. This function can be implemented in multiple […]

  • Best practices for HTTP services in the go language


    I have been writing go programs since R59 (a version before 1.0), and have been building HTTP APIs and services in go for the past seven years Over the years, the way I write services has changed, so I want to share how I write services today – in case patterns work for you and […]

  • A detailed explanation of formatting time in golang Gorm


    Preface Recently, I encountered a problem when I was developing a project, Gorm can automatically help you maintain the created at, updated at, and deleted at key time fields. But its principle and disadvantages need to be understood. 1. Usage Control the time format by customizing the structure of a Localtime package utils import ( […]