• GoLand breakpoint debugging debug operation


    Step 1: enter editing mode   Step 2: start editing Step 3: you can adjust Supplement: GoLand breakpoint debugging error 1、 Operation error runnerw.exe: CreateProcess failed with error 216 \(no message available\) terms of settlement: Check whether the package is main. At the same time, there must be a main function as the main entry […]

  • GoLand clears all default settings


    When I used GoLand not long ago, I accidentally defaulted the. TPL file to the. Go file. Then they began to report errors. Setting looked for it for a long time. Due to poor English, they still couldn’t find the option to restore the default settings after translation for a long time. Finally, another solution […]

  • GoLand recovery of changed files


    1. View historical change files Click the project name, right-click and select local history. Or click the project name, then click Vxa, and select local history. Then select Show history 2. Restore history changed files Select the file you want to restore, right-click and select Restore, and finally restore to the original location. Supplement: GoLand […]

  • How to check documents gracefully when writing go


    One day when I was writing code, I found that I was very dependent on the IDE. If I don’t have itGoI was surprised that land couldn’t write code. GolandThe automatic completion function of is already a necessity. As long as you type a few relevant characters, whether it is variable name or function call, […]

  • GoLand implements automatic formatting of code


    1. Using file watchers Enter file watchers in the Golan – > Preferences – > search box – > select File watchers – > click the + sign in the lower left corner on the right – > select go FMT template – > pop up the setting box, default options – > click OK […]

  • Go language installation and the most complete and super detailed installation tutorial of goland2021


    Foregoing         The relationship between go language and Golan is like that between Java and idea, Python and python. Therefore, we need to install go language before installing Golan.Its installation is similar to that of Java and python。 1、 Go language installation and download.         Go language download address:Go […]

  • GoLand operation of setting color and font


    As follows: Supplement: Golan adjusts the font size of the terminal window GoLand’s terminal window style and console window share the same style. Modify the path: Setting->Editor->Color Scheme->Console Font If it does not take effect, restart the IDE. The above is my personal experience. I hope I can give you a reference, and I hope […]

  • Solve the problem of function calling each other in the same package of Golan


    The used is that Golan encounters the same package and calls each other. The compilation display function is undefined, The reason is that it is compiled by file by default, and version.go is not compiled by default resolvent Just compile according to package Supplement: Golan compiles the code in the form of package Command source […]

  • GoLand operation of setting project gopath


    Open someone else’s go project with GoLand. Golan cannot find package “server / common / config” in any of: This is because the gopath of the project is not set Setting method Supplement: Golan creates a go project and configures the current project gopath 1. New project uncheck index entity gopath Gopath is the project […]

  • Solve the problem of package red reporting in import after Golan imports the project


    terms of settlement: 1. Golan — > preferences… — > go — > gopath — > add the gopath value under the command line go env under project gopath, and modify your own project gopath 2. Under normal circumstances, we don’t need to deal with the agent of the external package by ourselves, but you […]

  • GoLand uses go modules to create / manage project operations


    Create project Location: new project folder goroot: go installation root proxy: https://goproxy.io ,direct Important: https://goproxy.io Is the proxy address for downloading go packages. After setting, you can normally download go warehouse / GitHub packages in China. Create a go file Created a test.go Download packages required for installation Here is a demo to install MySQL […]

  • How to use GoLand ide go mod to build a project


    No matter what programming language you learn, there are four steps you will go through at the beginning Development tools installation IDE installation Set dependency / package image Project building tools, managing dependencies / packages 1、 Installation of golang development tools https://golang.org/ Official website (need respective means)https://github.com/golang/go GitHub addresshttp://docscn.studygolang.com/ Golang Chinese website 2、 GoLand ide […]