• Methods and steps of gogs + Jenkins + docker automated deployment of. NETCORE


    catalogue Environmental description Docker installation Gogs installation Hosting. NETCORE services in docker Jenkins installation Using Jenkins automation summary Environmental description Tencent cloud lightweight server, configuration1c 2g 6mb, the system isubuntu 20.14, docker and Jenkins are on this server, Qunhui 218 + one. Gogs is on this server. Docker installation Uninstall old docker sudo apt-get remove […]

  • Quick installation of gogs with urlos


    brief introduction Gogs is an easy to build self-service git service. Today we will introduce a faster installation method, that is, one click installation of gogs through urlos. What is urlos? Urlos is a virtual machine management software. Based on docker container technology, it packs and runs applications, including advanced functions such as load balancing […]

  • Review summary of GIT submission records


    Explain Years ago, I needed to write the company’s annual work summary, so I pulled out the submission log of the project and looked at it. Some of the submissions were invalid and meaningless. It was very painful to organize, so I recorded them. Example Only operation type fix add The above two can be […]