• Longxin (MIPS64) computer installation nodejs


    background Godson is a domestic CPU, which adopts MIPS architecture, similar to the well-known x86 and arm. Recently, I debugged the front-end application on a dragon core computer (the system is the new fulcrum of ZTE, Linux), so I need to install nodejs. However, the official resources of nodejs do not have packages that can […]

  • Menglong M7 8007 Small Practical Torture Notes


    Longziben Technology Exchange Group335651237 Blowing Friends Don’t Come in As mentioned above, using Debain’s lxde desktop environment makes it very inconvenient to customize key programs, especially the size of the font in terminal.So I want to change a good desktop environment. After investigating, I finally chose xfce4 and installed some useful common software. Step 1: […]