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  • CSRF attack technology


    1. Understand CSRF “Cross site request forge”: referred to as “CSRF” for short. In the attack scenario of CSRF, the attacker will forge a request (this request is usually a link), and then deceive the target user to click. Once the user clicks the request, the whole attack is completed. Therefore, CSRF attack also becomes […]

  • Through intensive learning and official API, make the automatic fishing mod of Xinglu Valley story


    This is a project that I have studied intermittently for a long time. I have never tried to modify the game before this project, nor have I successfully trained a “real” reinforcement learning agent (agent). So the challenge of this project is: what is the “state space” to solve the problem of fishing. When coding […]

  • Fishing in the original God, someone even used deep intensive learning and opened it up


    From: the heart of the machine Still worried about not catching fish in the original God? Here’s a late tiwat fishing guide. In the game circle, you may not have played, but you must have heard the original God. Although this is a word-of-mouth polarized game, we have to admit that the original God is […]

  • Iyq fishing in Excel


    Iyq fishing in Excel 0x00 environment preparation operating system:windows7 Microsoft office version:office 2010 0x01 understand the basic concept of iyq You can simply understand iyq as a special “web browser” (unable to load script) built into excel. Through iqy [i.e. Web Query] statement, you can easily introduce all kinds of list data on the web […]

  • Avoid XSS attacks


    How to deal with XSS attack Attack means of XSS Using JavaScript or DOM to attack, XSS (script injection) is submitted, and then the page is displayed, which affects the normal structure of the page. It can also be used as a phishing site to steal the user‘s information. For example, comment on the pageAlert […]