• Tutorial on installing Gnome flashback desktop on Ubuntu system


    If you don’t like the current unity desktop, Gnome flashback desktop environment is a simple and great choice, so that you can find the once classic desktop. Gnome flashback is based on gtk3 and provides a visually similar interface to the original GNOME desktop. Another change of Gnome flashback is the adoption of mate desktop […]

  • Gnome 3.17.3 release


    Gnome 3.17.3 release. You can compile this version using jhbuild: https://developer.gnome.org/jhbuild/   Or modulesets: https://download.gnome.org/teams/releng/3.17.3/  Improvement Description:   core – http://download.gnome.org/core/3.17/3.17.3/NEWS    apps – http://download.gnome.org/apps/3.17/3.17.3/NEWS  Gnome 3.17.3 Download: core sources – http://download.gnome.org/core/3.17/3.17.3    apps sources – http://download.gnome.org/apps/3.17/3.17.3 For more information, seeRelease notes。 Gnome is a development & desktop environment that supports multiple platforms and can run […]

  • How to install Gnome graphical desktop to RedHat system


    Although Linux administrators may not need a graphical user interface, users transferred from Microsoft Windows do. For this reason, Linux needs a GUI to make Microsoft Windows users more comfortable. Red Hat Linux provides gnome, the GNU Network Object Model environment. Gnome not only provides high-performance GUI, but also provides high-performance software such as office […]

  • Introduction to the differences of Linux GTK, KDE, gnome and xwindows GUI


    I. The implementation of Linux GUI is only the application program under Linux GUI is not a part of Linux. Linux is just a command-line operating system. The relationship between Linux and XFree is the same as that of dos and windows 3.0. Windows 3.0 is not an independent operating system. It is just an […]

  • Ways to make GNOME panels completely transparent (Linux tips)


    Recently, I wanted to set the panels on GNOME to be transparent, but they were always black and white. They were ugly. As a result, we had to maintain the status quo, very helpless. Recently I read an article about how to make GNOME panels completely transparent. This method is hereby recorded for your reference. […]

  • Customize Gnome panel fonts and colors (Linux tips)


    Earlier, we talked about how to make Gnome panels completely transparent, but you may still need some custom fonts and colors to make the effect better. Here, we’ll show you how to do it. Now let’s go with the edition to see the specific operation. 1. Simple way (change gnome color, use graphical interface) First […]

  • Basic Method of Ruby GUI Programming under GTK with Ruby Gnome 2 Library


    Preface As the Ruby Gnome 2 library becomes more and more perfect and the performance of ruby 1.9 improves, writing GUI programs in Ruby has gradually improved from my hobby to an important part of my work.  It’s really fun to write programs in Ruby, which allows your ideas to be implemented quickly in an […]

  • FreeBSD 7.3 Install GNOME Graphic Interface


    FreeBSD is considered an unknown giant in the free operating system. It’s not Unix, but it runs like Unix and has a Unix-compatible system API. As an operating system, FreeBSD is considered to be fairly stable and reliable. FreeBSD defaults to a desktop-free command-line interface. To use a desktop environment, you must install it yourself […]