• Example Code of Glide Gauss Fuzzy Effect in Android Project


    Core Needs Gauss Fuzzy Library compile ‘jp.wasabeef:glide-transformations:2.0.1’ Version 3.7 The method of use is as follows: // Loading background, Glide.with(MusicPlayerActivity.this) .load(service.getImageUri()) .dontAnimate() .error(R.drawable.no_music_rotate_img) // Set Gauss blur, blur degree (maximum 25) zoom ratio .bitmapTransform(new BlurTransformation(this, 14, 3)) .into(allBg); For 4.+ Glide.with(context) .load(url) .apply(RequestOptions.bitmapTransform(new BlurTransformation(25,8))) .into(view); BlurTransformation class source code: import android.graphics.Bitmap; import android.graphics.Canvas; import android.graphics.Paint; […]