• Experience of adding multi LDAP domain authentication support to subvision-edge and gitlab-ce


    background At present, the company uses SVN and git as version management configuration tools. With the increase of the number of service projects, the pressure of a single server is increasing. Cluster deployment has become an inevitable choice (SVN, nginx cluster of GIT will be built and written later). The most troublesome part of cluster […]

  • Notes for running GitLab under Docker


    Due to the rapid development of Docker technology, many well-known open source applications provide Docker versions, but for some reasons, some well-known applications provide Docker running statements with certain problems.Today I encountered a huge pit running Gitlab under Docker.Docker’s official page reads as follows: sudo docker run –detach \ –hostname gitlab.example.com \ –publish 443:443 –publish […]

  • Build GitLab with Docker


    As an Internet worker, I believe so.GitHubthisThe world’s largest gay dating websiteIt must not be strange.GitHubIt is currently in full swing.GitDistributed version control system. GitWhat is it?GitAt present, it is one of the most advanced distributed version control systems in the world. aboutGitandGitHubYou can check out my previous tutorials. What this blog is about is […]