• Git summary


    1.1 git Usage Summary 1.2 git introduction Powerful and free distributed version control system. Originated from the Linux community, in order to meet the needs of Linux developers around the world for code version management GitHub / gitlab is essentially an online code hosting website based on Git 1.3 general operation of GIT Start work […]

  • Laravel 5.1 — get user’s login status, simple application of event, monitoring and Middleware


    There are many aspects of events, such as logging in, buying goods, searching, viewing articles, and so on. After the listener listens to the event, it performs some operations.LaravelThe observer mode is used to implement this monitoring mechanism. Now we will explain an event through a user login, monitor an event and trigger the whole […]

  • Gitnote: git based cross platform Notes software officially released


    Gitnote cross platform Notes software based on Git Why? Since my work, I began to take notes, which is a great habit. I used to use the ediary Evernote OneNote wiz wheat library and other good note taking software, but there are a variety of problems that can not meet my use In 2013, I […]

  • Freedgo design UML: an online drawing tool


    Record an online drawing tool website, which can do beautiful UML design work. Visit freedgo design Click to edit online: make UML tool editing page online

  • GitHub usage and common errors


    Step 1: install first, of course Install git http://msysgit.github.io on Windows/ Configure your username and email $ git config –global user.name “Yourname” $ git config –global user.email “[email protected]” Create a version Library $ mkdir learngit $ cd learngit $ pwd /Users/michael/learngit Step 2: use the GIT init command to turn this directory into a warehouse […]

  • GGIT (GIT GUI) – development record (1)


    ggit–npm-tool https://www.npmjs.com/package… The article will be updated later, and the draft will be deleted for a long time. Hope to understand

  • From build to deploy, build a personal blog quickly


    Sometimes we want to have a controlled blog to record or share something. The topic content of this blog is determined by you. It can be technology sharing (programming, Chinese sharing, etc.) or life feeling. This article introduces a controlled blog that can be quickly set up and deployed. Before reading this article, I hope […]

  • Understand togaf enterprise structure


    Togaf ®, a standard of the open group, is a mature enterprise architecture approach and framework used by the world’s leading organizations to improve business efficiency. It is the most prominent and reliable enterprise architecture standard, which can ensure consistent standards, methods and communication among enterprise architecture professionals. Togaf proficient enterprise architecture professionals enjoy higher […]

  • The most complete wechat applet development solution in history


    The most complete wechat applet development solution in history We have talked a lot about wechat small program development solutions. In summer, sunflower e-commerce summarized the common problems of small program development into a small collection, hoping to help you. 1. Number of applets registeredEnterprises, governments, media and other organizations can register 50 small programs, […]

  • 5 minutes to use GitHub pages to build a blog


    Written in front It’s almost 3 years since you used GitHub. I really think it’s convenient and easy to use, and it’s not only in version control (I think version control is much better than SVN), but also provides a platform for you to follow up the latest technology and trend at any time. Let’s […]

  • Install redis service in win 7 [notes]


    Win 7 installs redis service Redis does not support Windows officially, but Microsoft open Tech Group has developed a version of win64 on GitHub. The project address is: https://github.com/msopentech/redis Win 7 install redis service directory download redis install redis extract file new batch file Download redis Open https://github.com/msopentech/redis as shown in the figure: Click releases […]

  • Code auto deployment tool based on GitHub webhook


    Recently, the company has a project that needs to be deployed to the public network for testing. Due to frequent updates, it is too troublesome to manually update the server. Study it carefullygithubYesweb hook, develop a small tool for automatically obtaining code Logic analysis diagram Code get and some codes md5sum 41a4c2615848eebedb261c61fd0d3074 code-get 25d3637a6fd821f419486548c32666af code-get.exe […]