• Spring boot plus v1.2.3 release, CentOS quick install environment / build / deploy / start project


    Spring boot plus v1.2.3 release, CentOS quick install environment / build / deploy / start project [V1.2.3-RELEASE] 2019.09.09 Spring boot plus v1.2.3 release, CentOS quick install environment / build / deploy / start project ⭐️ New Features Project running environment installation script CentOS quick build / deploy / launch project script ⚡️ Optimization optimizationmaven-assembly-pluginProject packaging […]

  • When the interviewer asks you: have you ever built your own UI component library?


    Opening chapter The west wind blows the old Dongting wave, and Xiangjun’s hair is white all night.I don’t know the sky is in the water after I’m drunk. My boat is full of clear dreams and the stars are crushed. Preface As a programmer, I don’t have my own bag. What are the disadvantages? My […]

  • Jenkins for continuous integration and Automated Deployment


    Continuous integration and automated deployment tools Continuous deployment [CD] **Unit testing alone is not enough, each module must be able to run on the server; **The focus is that the project functions (each module) can be run after being deployed to the server, so as to prepare for the test link or end-user use; Continuous […]

  • Teach you to easily build a chain store app


    Teach you to easily build a chain store app At the early stage of launching wechat applets, it was predicted that the catering industry would become the point where applets would break out. Now, the chain store applet has become another big hit. Especially after the function of “nearby app” is opened, a main account […]

  • Introduction to the top 100 Objective-C projects on GitHub


    This paper mainly introduces the top 100 projects of GitHub, which is convenient for beginners to quickly understand the current situation of Objective-C in GitHub GitHub address: https://github.com/aufree/trip-to-ios/blob/master/top-100.mdIf you have any questions, please contact me on Weibo @ Li Jinfa entry name Project information 1. AFNetworking The author is a blogger of nshipster and a […]

  • The easiest way to get started with webpak


    Learn about webpack What is webback The official documents are introduced as follows: click here to understand the official documents Simply put, webpack can be seen asModule packerWhat it does is analyze your project structure, find JavaScript modules and other extension languages (SCSS, typescript, etc.) that can’t be run directly by browsers, and convert and […]

  • How to push files over 100m to GitHub


    Problem When we push more than 50m files on GitHub, GitHub will give a warning; when the file size is more than 100m, GitHub will reject. Although we generally do not recommend pushing large files on GitHub, what should we do when some resource files or large datasets really need to be versioned? Solution Git […]

  • Webpak: the most complete and simple way to package CSS


    Last article learned how to configure and run webpack, but because of the simple packaging of JS, sometimes we have a lot of CSS files to package, what should we do? Don’t worry, this article is to learn how to pack CSS files together. Configuring the web pack environment First, create an empty folder to […]

  • IOS a flexible and extensible open source log Library


    At present, most IOS small development teams don’t pay much attention to log, which makes it difficult to troubleshoot many online or user feedback bugs. For app, a good log system can help us troubleshoot some difficult bugs at the lowest cost. The only thing we need to do is to print logs in the […]

  • Seemingly complex and cool data visualization large screen, learn this tool to easily handle


    “I’m drunk at present. I can’t sleep if I don’t make the report. I have to make it up for a night if I ask where the wine house has it.” behind the doggerel poem with some sense of humor, it’s my sad experience of working for many years. Yes, I’m your brother, cousin, who […]

  • [miscellaneous] git installation


    Git Download Git is a distributed version control / software configuration management software created by Linus towaz to better manage Linux kernel development. At present, popular version control software like SVN and git are easy to install and use. In addition, I have also used CVs. Relatively speaking, SVN has the longest and easiest time […]

  • Git installation


    git Svn is generally used for company build controller (Java) tortoiseSVN -> subversion Local warehouse remote warehouse Code — commit / update — > code Git is generally used for open source projects, and open source projects can be published to GitHub Git – > GitHub / code cloud (gitee) Local warehouse remote warehouse 1. […]