• Git rebase uses _020


    Git rebase uses rebaseAs the name implies:== radical modification== Let’s assume that now frommasterOn the branch, cut out a local development branchmydev git checkout -b mydev At this timemasterUppergitThe record is like this. A–>B–>C–>D At this point another developer merged the dev branch of TA into the master branchtadev A–>B–>C–>D |–>E–>F–>G View git records git […]

  • Git multi-person collaboration


    Git multi-person collaboration Github collaborates with many people, which requires the collaborators to have their own GitHub accounts and add collaborators to the GitHub library that needs many people. 1. Adding collaborators Add Collaborator: Add Collaborator option in the settings options in the GitHub library. There are two ways to add collaborators, one is to […]

  • For the first time! Tencent Open Source Road Map


    On June 25, Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) hosted the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Cloud Native Technology Conference in Shanghai. Tencent Open Source Alliance Chairman, Tencent Open Source Management Office Member, Apache Members Du Junping first released Tencent’s overall open source strategy roadmap. On the road to open source, Tencent not only keeps its […]

  • The Best Git Online Learning Tool for Learning Git Branching


    Are you interested in Git? So “Learning Git Branching” can be said to be the best tutorial so far. You can execute the corresponding commands in the sandbox and see how each command is executed. Through a series of stimulating barrier challenges, you can learn more about Git’s powerful functions step by step. In the […]

  • Git adds beyond comparison 4 as a comparison tool


    Usegit diffOrgit difftoolCommands to compare files are opened in the little black window of git, which is quite unfriendly. So we use the powerful “beyond comparison 4” as Git’s comparison tool through the configuration file, so we can call the powerful “beyond comparison 4” from the command line. It’s easier to compare the differences between […]

  • Development of National Stations and Substations


    How to Develop Substations Reasonably Reference resources 1, vuepress – Theme customization 2,ant design landing 3. DataV Data Visualization 4. ElementUI as a dependency 5. jd.com Jingdong Design Idea (Modularization) read.jd.com www.jd.com mall.jd.com product.jd.com sales.jd.com Same User System 6. Modular Development 7, pluggable 8. Environmental variables 9. Branch git version 10. Componentization 11, ant design […]

  • How Vue automates packaging dist/test files for test environments and formal environments


    It’s been almost two years since using vue. I think of a difficult problem that was solved two years ago when I developed a SPA project with an Ali-handled technology bull (our technology director at that time). Because the technology leader was Ali, many things tend to be automated. From project UI design to project […]

  • Design UML of Freedgo Design


    Record an online drawing tool website for beautiful UML design, access address: Freedgo Design Click to edit online: https://www.freedgo.com/draw_://www.freedgo.com/templates/flowcharts/flowchar.xml

  • Using Java 8 in Android projects


    Reproduced from https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/23279894 Preface In previous articles, I have introduced some new features of Java 8, including: Chapter 1 of Java 8 New Features (Lambda Expressions) Chapter 2 of Java 8 New Features (Interface Default Method) Chapter 3 of Java 8 New Features (Stream API) Previously, because the Android platform did not support Java 8, […]

  • One year, nearly 8W visits, code cloud Star 4k+


    Half a year has passed since 2019, almost at this time, the first edition of the distributed second kill system was submitted, and the submission record was checked. It was actually May 12, 2018. For me, this project may be a coincidence, you think of a second-tier city, not to mention a less developed Internet […]

  • Configure SSH connection Github and SSH Key under Windows 10


    Tools/raw materials Github Git Windows version Configure SSH channels to access Github Check whether the local machine contains SSH settings Note: Because my machine already has SSH key settings, delete id_rsa, id_rsa.pub, known_hostsThese three documents Using git base to generate SSH key of centerThe git base command tool is a command line tool provided by […]

  • Free Mall System Source Code


    Source address Brief Introduction to Functions 1. Commodities: Ability to classify and manage the status of commodities (on sale, on shelf, in stock, sold fragrance, inventory alert, recycling bin), add products, add commodity classification and other functions. 2. Membership: the management of members in the station (issuing promotions, issuing notices, sending pictures and text messages, […]