• Git can be pushed to GitHub remote library from zero


    Catalog 1. Register for GitHub account. 2. Download git command tool. 3. Create a local git warehouse 4. Set the SSH key of the account. 5. Connect to the remote GitHub warehouse Create GitHub account Registered git address: https://github.comDownload git tool: https://git-scm.com/downloads Create gitgub warehouse After logging in to GitHub, in the upper right corner, […]

  • Git rebase uses


    Git rebase use rebase: as the name suggests= = variable base = = Suppose now frommasterOn the branch, cut a local development branchmydev git checkout -b mydev This timemasterUppergitThis is how the records look A–>B–>C–>D At this time, another developer merged the dev branch of TA into the master branchtadev A–>B–>C–>D |–>E–>F–>G View git records […]

  • Git multiplayer


    Git multiplayer For GitHub to collaborate with multiple people, it is necessary for the collaborators to have their own GitHub accounts and add collaborators to the GitHub library that requires multiple people. 1. Add collaborator Add collaborator: there is the option to add a collaborator in the settings option in the GitHub library. There are […]

  • “Learning git branching” the best git online learning tool


    If you’re interested in Git? So “learning git branching” is the best tutorial so far. In the sandbox, you can execute the corresponding commands and see the execution of each command. Through a series of exciting level challenges, you can learn the powerful functions of GIT step by step. In this process, you may find […]

  • Git adds beyond compare4 as a comparison tool


    Usegit diffOrgit difftoolThe command to compare files is opened in the GIT small black window, which is not friendly. So we use the powerful “beyond compare4” as the GIT comparison tool through the configuration file, so we can call the powerful “beyond compare4” through the command line. The “beyond compare4” tool makes it easier to […]

  • Development of national stations and sub stations


    How to develop the sub station reasonably Reference resources 1. Vuepress — theme customization 2,ant design landing 3. Datav data visualization 4. Elementui as dependency 5. Jd.com design ideas (modularization) read.jd.com www.jd.com mall.jd.com product.jd.com sales.jd.com Same set of user system 6. Modular development 7. Pluggable 8. Environmental variables 9. Branch git version 10. Componentization 11, […]

  • Configure SSH connection GitHub and SSH key under windows10


    Tools / raw materials Github Git Windows version Configuring SSH channel access to GitHub Check whether the local machine contains SSH settings Note: because SSH key setting already exists on my machine, delete id_rsa, id_rsa.pub, and known_hostsThese three documents Using git base to generate SSH key of heartGit base command tool is provided by git […]

  • Git in Windows environment submits code to GitHub (attachment: Python reading and writing excel file demo)


    Catalog Git common commands for code submission Python reading and writing excel file demo 1、 Git common commands Git clone clone the entire project code from the remote warehouse Git status lists all files in the current directory that have not been managed by GIT and files that have been modified but not yet submitted […]

  • Git associated with local file and remote warehouse


    Usually, if you have some local projects and want to put them on GitHub, you need to associate them. Step one: Execute git init in the root folder of the project you want to put on GitHub locally. Step two: Create a new warehouse repository on GitHub to get the warehouse address. For example, https://github.com/mr-yuhuash […]

  • Git commands most commonly used in the enterprise (branch code is merged into the master branch)


    Git commands most commonly used at work ==start== 1. Git pull takes back the changes of the remote warehouse and merges with the local branch 2. Git branch view local branch 3. Git checkout to switch branches 4. Git status to view the modified file 5. Git add. Add all files of the current directory […]

  • Red sea or blue sea? The better answer is “go to sea”!


    “The demographic dividend is disappearing” has become an indisputable fact. What follows is the change of industries from “blue sea” to “Red Sea”. In this context, the answer to why we should “go to sea” is obvious. The fourth wave, the general trend After the first three waves of “commercialization”, “ecologization” and “Internet plus”, the […]

  • AES encryption principle and AOE engineering practice


    Author: yangke In the process of AI business development, we often need to encrypt model files.Let’s talk about the encryption principle of AES and the engineering practice in AOE from the following aspects. Common encryption algorithms AOE’s requirements for model encryption Encryption principle of AES AOE engineering practice – combination of AES and aoe Common […]