• Synchronize an issue in the GitHub repository to a CSDN blog using code


    I am a lazy programmer. I wrote a lot of sharing articles in the GitHub repository in the form of issue and wanted to sync to CSDN. But I don’t want to copy and paste articles manually, so I want to use code to automate. Example:https://github.com/i042416/Kn… This is one of my issues: I use the […]

  • (iv) Github Integrated TravisCI: Automatic Publishing


    Preface Teacher Ruan Yifeng’s Continuous Integration Service Travis CI tutorial already exists. Why write this article? There are two reasons: The content of the article is somewhat outdated. The coverage of the article is insufficient and some practical details are not written out. Because of the above reasons, although I can integrate Travis CI in […]

  • Recommend 12 practical gitbook plug-ins


    Installation and use of plug-ins Create in the root directorybook.json Insert the code corresponding to the following plug-in in the file in the specified format. There are two ways to install plug-ins: One is inbook.jsonAfter writing the corresponding plug-ins and configurations, Usegitbook installInstall plug-ins. One is to usenpm install pluginNameInstall, then write the configuration ➢ […]

  • Automated deployment of Github Pages with Travis CI


    Link to the original text: Automated deployment of Github Pages with Travis CI Preface Github Pages can’t run dynamic programs, it can only output some static content. So Github Pages is very suitable for front-end project demonstration. It can be used to store project introductions, project documents or personal blogs. This article describes how to […]

  • Github-page deployment vue/react static page online preview demo


    git checkout -b “gh-pages” yarn add gh-pages Modify package. JSON to add “deploy”: “gh-pages-d build” bulid is the path generated after packaging Modify package. JSON to add “homepage”: “https://xxxx.github.io/project name” yarn run build yarn run deploy GitHub setting chooses gh-pages branch Vue-cli needs to change assetsublicPath:’/’to’. /’in config/index.js

  • @ Developer, a list of open source projects published on Microsoft’s official Github waiting for you to sign in


    Recent ups and downsWPFFor projects, try to search for what Microsoft officially offers.WPF SmaplesThe result is https://github.com/Microsoft/…. Microsoft Github Open Source Project Entry When you visit the website http://microsoft.github.io>. Microsoft Open Source Project Popularity Ranking Open the home page https://opensource.microsoft.com and sort the conditions from the defaultTrendingswitch toStarsYou can see that Star has the most […]

  • Gitbook introductory tutorials using gitbook.com to develop e-books Online


    gitbookOfficial website is the official online platform for book hosting, which is divided into two parts.New version of official website (need FQ)Https://www.gitbook.com/and the old official website (without FQ) https://legacy.gitbook.com. At present, both websites provide normal services, but unfortunately, the information of the two websites is independent of each other, and the registered accounts can only […]

  • Are you familiar with my VuePress theme?


    Recently, I stayed up many nights, stepped on numerous pits, and finally wrote a theme driven by VuePress. Just experience it for three minutes and you’ll fall in love with the theme just like me. Vuepress-theme-indigo-material has been released to NPM for guest officers to enjoy~~ introduce The original theme of vuepress-theme-indigo-material is hexo-theme-indigo, and […]

  • Publishing e-books for gitbook introductory tutorials


    Output target file Grammar format: gitbook build [book] [output] By default,gitbookOutput mode is static website, in factgitbookThere are three ways of output:website, json, andebook. However, the other two are not very common. In most cases, we use static web pages to build personal official websites, or to host third-party platforms, or deploy to private cloud […]

  • Blogging with Org-Mode and Jekyll


    Preface Until this month, I had beenVimmerButVimScriptGrammar is silent chaos and cotton-like weakness, which makes me distressed, but work and study depend on it a lot, and always reluctant to part with it. However, just last month, I had an unwitting glimpse of my swollen, foul-smelling body..vimrcA glance at… They lose the confidence to maintain […]

  • [Github Pages] Paging by Hand


    Github Pages Github Pages is GithubFree AdmissionStatic Web Site Generator, which you can use to create personal, corporate, and project websites. It provides static page hosting services and a secondary domain name. It can also bind separate domain names. It’s easy to find its introduction and how to build your own Github Pages without going […]

  • What is metadata of Github and how to backup data on GitHub


    With the acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft, more and more tools have been provided, which greatly improves the efficiency of our programmers’daily work. Today, I happened to find that we could download our entire GitHub data in one click, not only the code, but also the issues created in each repository to backup locally. Click […]