• Git rebase uses _020


    Git rebase uses rebaseAs the name implies:== radical modification== Let’s assume that now frommasterOn the branch, cut out a local development branchmydev git checkout -b mydev At this timemasterUppergitThe record is like this. A–>B–>C–>D At this point another developer merged the dev branch of TA into the master branchtadev A–>B–>C–>D |–>E–>F–>G View git records git […]

  • Clear Emote Branch Ref Invalid in GIT


    Developing new functions or repairsbugWhen, frommasterShangxinbranchTo deal with it, this will be done when it’s finished.branchPush tooriginFor example:git push origin <branch name>:<branch name>. originAudit code after no problems will beMerge branches and deleteButlocalstaygit pullAfter deleting the local branch, it can still pass throughgit branch -aSee thisbranchOforigin ref.Over time, there will be a lot of such […]

  • Git Tag Label Details


    Git Tag tag Git tag displays labels alphabetically Git tag v1.01 label v1.01 Git show v1.01 shows the details of this label Multiple tags can be used simultaneously to point to versions at the same time point Git push origin — tags push all new local tags to the far end Ps: Let’s look at […]

  • Git multi-person collaboration


    Git multi-person collaboration Github collaborates with many people, which requires the collaborators to have their own GitHub accounts and add collaborators to the GitHub library that needs many people. 1. Adding collaborators Add Collaborator: Add Collaborator option in the settings options in the GitHub library. There are two ways to add collaborators, one is to […]

  • Classification of Common Git Commands


    1. New Code Base Create a new Git code base in the current directory git init Create a new directory and initialize it as a Git code base git init [project-name] Download a project and its entire code history git clone [url] 2. Configuration Display the current Git configuration git config –list Edit Git configuration […]

  • Construction and Use of Android Studio Environment


    Hello, everyone. Welcome to the next yard to see flowers. Grandpa Mao, the great leader, once said, “It’s better to see flowers on horses than on horses, and it’s better to see flowers on horses than off horses.” I hope you all get off and look at the flowers.” This is the origin of our […]

  • Zsh + on-my-zsh configuration tutorial guide (programmer must) [backed up]


    This paper takes CentOS 7/Mac as an example to introduce the configuration and use of zsh. Get ready View the current environment shell echo $SHELL <!– more –> See which shells come with the system cat /etc/shells Install Zsh yum install zsh # CentOS Brew install zsh MAC installation takezshSet to default shell chsh -s […]

  • Git generates SSH


    Install git to open git Bash and execute the following two commands Git config — global user. name “user name” Git config — global user. email “mailbox” To execute the command of generating ssh: ssh-keygen-t RSA and need to return three times (the first is to determine the location of the generated file, the second […]

  • The Best Git Online Learning Tool for Learning Git Branching


    Are you interested in Git? So “Learning Git Branching” can be said to be the best tutorial so far. You can execute the corresponding commands in the sandbox and see how each command is executed. Through a series of stimulating barrier challenges, you can learn more about Git’s powerful functions step by step. In the […]

  • The difference between git merge and git rebase


    Preface In fact, this problem has puzzled me for some time. I believe that some people have the same problem as me. There are many explanations on the internet, but they either have no plans, or they explain in confusion and do not understand it very well. Through their use of GIT and consulting colleagues, […]

  • Git adds beyond comparison 4 as a comparison tool


    Usegit diffOrgit difftoolCommands to compare files are opened in the little black window of git, which is quite unfriendly. So we use the powerful “beyond comparison 4” as Git’s comparison tool through the configuration file, so we can call the powerful “beyond comparison 4” from the command line. It’s easier to compare the differences between […]

  • Work and Open Source: Git Multi-Account Management


    Because of Git’s great advantages, more and more companies and individuals are turning from Svn to Git. Generally speaking, each employee is assigned to an internal mailbox within the company. For example, Zhang San, an employee of a 996 company, may get an e-mail address of “[email protected]”. More standardized companies will require us to configure […]