• A detailed explanation of the difference between git revert and git reset


    The difference between git revert and git reset git revertIt is to generate a new submission to undo a submission, and the commit before this submission will be reserved git resetIf you go back to a commit, both the commit and the previous commit will be reserved, but later changes will be returned to the […]

  • Git create branch submit remote branch details


    Git create branch submit remote branch details 1. Create local branch Git branch branch name, for example: git branch Note: is the branch name, which can be defined at will. 2. Switch local branch Git checkout branch name, such as switching from master to branch: git checkout 3. Remote branch is the […]

  • Git configuration of Alibaba cloud centos7


    Recently, I want to try the automatic deployment of GIT. It’s too troublesome to always deploy projects manually. So I started to add git related configuration to the server, but I didn’t do it well all night. I just finished it after a day’s rest. In fact, it’s not difficult at all, but the online […]

  • Git flow operation instructions for Algorithm Engineers


    Foreword, recent contact Use it or not. Idea/ https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/… Git flow process display Pycharm format code Use git blast to see who modified your code Using git merge to merge code Gitigonre use Common git commands When to use git merge and when to use git rebase Better hope good code is with you

  • Git Learning Guide


    Version management tool (VCS) Distributed version control Multiple developers work together Effectively monitor who makes changes Local and remote operation Configuration (GIT config) Before using git, configure git first, otherwise the code cannot be submitted There are three ways to configure git users /Etc / gitconfig (rarely used)git config –system ~/. gitconfig (global, very common)git […]

  • Git self help guide


    Git has become the most popular source code management mode because of its distributed management mode, not completely dependent on the network, good branch strategy, easy deployment and other advantages. But no pains, no gains. If you want to master git better, you need to pay a lot of learning costs. Even with the support […]

  • Git profile


    View configuration git config -lView all current configurationsgit config –global -lView global configurationgit config –local -lView project configuration Modify configuration By profile git config –global -eModify global git configurationgit config –local -eModify git configuration of the project Through the command line git config –local user.name “xiaoming”Set the user.name property for project configurationgit config –local –unset […]

  • Git upload new project to gitee


    Create a project in the code cloud clientThen right click git Bush here in the project folder to uploadas follows git config –global user.name “Assan” git config –global user.email “[email protected]” git init Git remote add origin HTTPS: // xxx // gitee project address git add . git commit -m “init” git pull –rebase origin master […]

  • Talk about the detached head, amend, rebase and reset in Git


    Talk about the detached head, amend, rebase and reset in Git A kind of More front-end technology and knowledge points, search subscription numberJS bacteriaSubscribe Commit lost due to header separation The separation header refers to that after checking out the historical version, you make changes and submit the commit, then you switch back to other […]

  • Git pull remote branch to local


    Git pull remote branch to local Pull branch First, you need to check whether you have a connection with the remote warehouse. git remote -v If not, add it yourself Git remote add origin xxxx (GIT warehouse address of your remote branch) If you want to commit code every day, you can bypass the above […]

  • Some practical git tips


    A few months ago, I wrote a form about git, called git cheat sheet. Now I want to share some useful tips. Please move on for more details. Another very good project about git tips is git tips. Who moved my code Who moved my code? Whose bug is on my head? When working in […]

  • Git complete summary


    Local library Change this directory into a warehouse that git can manage by command git init Git local workflow Git’s workflow is generally as follows: 1. Add and modify files in working directory; 2. Put the files to be version managed into the staging area; 3. Commit files from staging area to version library. 4 […]