• Git notes arrangement


  • After listening to API, let’s see what SPI is


    Quotation Usually API can hear a lot? What is SPI? Don’t worry. Let’s first look at the call relationship of interface oriented programming to understand the similarities and differences between API and SPI. SPI understanding Let’s start with an official introduction: the full name of SPI (service provider interface) is a built-in service provision and […]

  • Devops small scale continuous integration practice based on wall (III) docker and gitlab


    Are you still configuring the service configuration account step by step according to the MySQL installation tutorial? Are you still struggling to reconfigure these services for each new environment? Using docker, the service can build and deploy quickly. Solve your R & D time, get off work early ~ modern technology, you will not be […]

  • Git Usage Summary


    1、 Install Git 1. Download the installation package on the official website and install it directly without any other configuration2. After the installation is successful, you can find git bash in the start menu or right-click to open the interface like the command-line tool3. Execute the following command to set the user name and email […]

  • Git flow


    Git flow Centralized workflow Function branch workflow Gitfow workflow According to the description of Vincent Driessen’s article, the workflow of GIT flow is as follows: There are two main branches of GIT flow: master and trunk. These two branches are maintained for a long time, and the code of these two branches should be synchronized. […]

  • How to compare differences through diff function in Git warehouse


    1. background As a distributed version management tool, GIT has become more and more popular. Most companies use git for version management of code, even document. Including some wiki platforms, Git is also used for version management in the bottom layer, providing a series of functions such as viewing document modification records, multi version comparison, […]

  • From getting started to being developable


    Getting started with flitter 0. Preface: Flutter’s introduction demo has been written for a week, but it hasn’t compiled a blog. Take care of your mood. Let’s take care of it.Next to the introduction of react native Wx, it imitates the wechat interface UI,Because as a front-end development, there is a certain JS foundation, and […]

  • Git workflow for small teams


    Main stream Related branches Master branch: the trunk branch, which is used to publish to the generation environment. The commit on the master branch originates from the combination of release branch and hotfix branch. Each commit should have a corresponding tag. Development Branch: the main development branch, feature branch and release branch are all based […]

  • Git rename remote branch name


    When developing, I shook my hand, wrote the new branch name word incorrectly and pushed it to the remote. I can’t bear to be clean, so I’ll change it quickly. According to the online tutorial operation once, sure enough, is summarized to you.For example, change the remote test branch to new test branch. It can […]

  • Continuous integration. Gitlab-ci.yml


    Before introducing. Gitlab-ci.yml, let’s look at some concepts: GitLab Runner Generally speaking, the build task takes up a lot of system resources (such as compiling code), andGitLab CIagainGitLab Part of, ifGitLab CITo run the build task, when executing the build task,GitLabThe performance of will be greatly reduced. GitLab CIThe biggest role is to manage the […]

  • Normalize git commit message with tool ideas


    Why to standardize git commit message Identify problem codes quickly when problems occur Commit is related to code, PRD and bug. How to write a normalized git commit message Select the angular git commit guidelines which are widely used in the industry <type>(<scope>): <subject> <BLANK LINE> <body> <BLANK LINE> <footer> type: type of commit:feat fix […]

  • Git can be pushed to GitHub remote library from zero


    Catalog 1. Register for GitHub account. 2. Download git command tool. 3. Create a local git warehouse 4. Set the SSH key of the account. 5. Connect to the remote GitHub warehouse Create GitHub account Registered git address: https://github.comDownload git tool: https://git-scm.com/downloads Create gitgub warehouse After logging in to GitHub, in the upper right corner, […]