• The third of Python’s parent parser series: generating a peg parser


    Original question | Generating a PEG Parser author|Guido van Rossum (father of Python) TranslatorPea flower cat (Python cat public number writer) statement|This translation is for the purpose of communication and learning, based on CC by-nc-sa 4.0 license agreement. For the convenience of reading, the content is slightly changed. First address: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/oj I’ve outlined the parser […]

  • Protocol basis: use telnet to learn IMAP protocol


    IMAP introduction IMAPThe full name is Internet Mail Access Protocol, or Interactive Mail Access ProtocolPOP3Similar to one of the mail access standard protocols. The difference is, it’s onIMAPAfter that, the e-mail you received from the e-mail client remains on the server, and the operations on the client will be fed back to the server, such […]

  • Setting up a proxy for git Bash


    Due to direct connection togithubOfclone, pull, pushAnd so on are very slow. We need to set up a proxy for them to speed up the connectiongithub.comSpeed The operating environment of this article isWindows HTTPS At present, the most obvious acceleration after agent setting isHTTPS, set the proxy for it as follows opengit bash, and enter […]

  • Jenkins for continuous integration and Automated Deployment


    Continuous integration and automated deployment tools Continuous deployment [CD] **Unit testing alone is not enough, each module must be able to run on the server; **The focus is that the project functions (each module) can be run after being deployed to the server, so as to prepare for the test link or end-user use; Continuous […]

  • Git branch displayed on MAC terminal


    After experimenting with various methods on the Internet, we found that the following is the simplest:Open ~ /. Bash_profile, such as: vim ~/.bash_profile Copy the following code and paste it at the back # Git branch in prompt. parse_git_branch() { git branch 2> /dev/null | sed -e ‘/^[^*]/d’ -e ‘s/* \(.*\)/ (\1)/’ } export PS1=”\[email protected]\h […]

  • The easiest way to get started with webpak


    Learn about webpack What is webback The official documents are introduced as follows: click here to understand the official documents Simply put, webpack can be seen asModule packerWhat it does is analyze your project structure, find JavaScript modules and other extension languages (SCSS, typescript, etc.) that can’t be run directly by browsers, and convert and […]

  • 5 key points of wechat distribution system Mall Marketing


    5 key points of wechat distribution system Mall Marketing Although xiaxiakui e-commerce can build a high-quality wechat distribution system Mall for all businesses, this is only the first step. Whether the wechat distribution system mall is properly operated is the key to determine the future direction of wechat distribution system mall. This summer, sunflower e-commerce […]

  • How to push files over 100m to GitHub


    Problem When we push more than 50m files on GitHub, GitHub will give a warning; when the file size is more than 100m, GitHub will reject. Although we generally do not recommend pushing large files on GitHub, what should we do when some resource files or large datasets really need to be versioned? Solution Git […]

  • Webpak: the most complete and simple way to package CSS


    Last article learned how to configure and run webpack, but because of the simple packaging of JS, sometimes we have a lot of CSS files to package, what should we do? Don’t worry, this article is to learn how to pack CSS files together. Configuring the web pack environment First, create an empty folder to […]

  • Svn practice notes (theoretical concepts) – version control


    Preface Version control tool is a tool to record every change of project code folder and file, and number each change (also called version number), which is used to store and track the modification history of folder and file. Version control allows you to recover old versions of files and view history – who made […]

  • GIT and work scenarios


    Version control git, combined with git problems in the work. At eight o’clock in the morning, Xiaoji opened her eyes, put her arms out on the back of her head, thinking about the girl she met in the bar last night. Xiaolei’s humor on the bar and the dim and warm lights of the bar […]

  • Git – initial use of bitbucket and problem solving


    Initial use of bitbucket and problem solving Build remote version Library Creating a remote version library is very simple as follows: The remote version library created is as follows: Add public keySSH-KEYTo Bitbucket How to createSSH-KEYCan you do Baidu for a while, and have a little enterprising spirit, just as I didn’t say! OpenAdd SSH […]