• Recording and converting GIF on Android screen


    The original article was published on my blog Android ApesRecently, we need mobile phones to record gif pictures. We found many software which is not ideal. Finally, we decided to record MP4 video by command screen record before transferring gif. Share it with you and tell me who has a better plan (it’s like a […]

  • Unity3D Realizes Gif Map Playing Function


    Unity does not recognize Gif format diagrams, so we need to use C # to convert multi-frame diagrams in GIF into Texture 2D format. You need to use System. Drawing. dll. This DLL can be found in the Unity installation directory. Because Unity does not have gif files, we cannot specify them in the panel […]

  • How to save GIF Motion Map to Computer? Dynamic Picture Preservation Computer Course


    Dynamic Picture Preservation Computer Course 1. Select the picture, click the right mouse button (click save directly as sometimes it will be saved successfully, but there will also be cases of failure), select“Open the picture in the new tab” Two.copyPay attention to the end of the link.Is the suffix name.GIF or not? 3. Open Xunlei […]

  • GIF animation parsing RNN, LSTM, GRU


    Abstract:This paper mainly studies three networks, namely, RNN, LSTM and GRU. The introduction is brief and suitable for readers who have already known these networks. Cyclic neural network is a kind of artificial neural network commonly used in sequential data. The three most common cyclic neural networks are: 1. Vailla RNN 2. Long-term and Short-term […]