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  • Flutter Weekly Issue 54


    plug-in unit MediumClapFlutter A Custom Floating Action Button (FAB) library like clapping effect on Medium flutter-alipay A flutter plugin to use alipay. WiFiFlutter Plugin Flutter which can handle WiFi connections (AP, STA) flutter-statusbar-manager Flutter StatusBar Manager for iOS & Android flutter-plugin-scaffold A scaffold for writing flutter plugins flutter-plugin-record Flutter imitates wechat voice recording function and […]

  • A new guide to HTML5


    This article was created and launched by the technical team of grape city Author:Official website of grapevineGrapevine provides professional development tools, solutions and services for developers to enable them. The development of HTML5 has changed the trend of Internet technology, and front-end technology is still popular, so front-end technology has become one of the necessary […]

  • OKR beginner’s Guide (Part 4)


    Typical OKR system period The common OKR cycle is as follows: 1) At the beginning of the year, the company defined a set of advanced strategic OKR, preferably with the help of the team. It is important to understand that without team input, top management should not develop strategic okrs in isolation. Should his article […]

  • Introduction to mongodb (including installation, common commands, related concepts, tips, common operations, etc.)


    1、 Installation and configuration  Mongodb’s official download site is http://www.mongodb.org/downloads, where you can download the latest installation program  Windows platform installation  ● step 1: Download mongodbClick the official download address above and download the Windows version ● step 2: set mongodb program storage directoryAfter downloading, unzip to the custom folder, for example: D: \ mongodb\ […]

  • Container usage of docker getting started


    Container usage of docker getting started Docker introduction Docker is an open source application container engine, which is based on go language and complies with Apache 2.0 protocol. Docker allows developers to package their applications and dependencies into a lightweight, portable container, and then publish them to any popular Linux machine. It also enables virtualization. […]

  • Image usage of docker Foundation


    When running the container, if the image used does not exist locally, docker will automatically download it from the docker image warehouse. By default, it is downloaded from the docker hub public image source. Let’s learn: 1. Manage and use local docker host image 2. Create a mirror List mirrorsWe can usedocker imagesTo list the […]

  • Application practice of docker entry Foundation


    Application practice of docker entry Foundation When we have mastered the basic usage of docker image and container, what can we do now? Now let’s see how to use docker container to install common software, and then run a dynamic website. Let’s learn: 1. Install nginx 2. Install PHP 3. Using MySQL services 4. Run […]