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  • Get the date method for the last day of last month in the shell script


    The date command is used in Linux to get the date of the last day of last month: $ date -d”`date +%Y%m01` last day” +%Y%m%d 20161231 Write the script getdate.sh: #! /bin/sh Nowdate = `date +% Y% M01 ` the first day of this month Startdate= `date-d’, $nowdate last month’, +% Y% m% D `\\\\\\\\\\ […]

  • Linux method to get the end-of-month date corresponding to a date


    As follows: date -d”$(date -d’2016-03-19 1 month’ +’%Y-%m-01′) -1 days” +”%F” Analysis 1. First add a month to the given date and output the first day of that month. 2. One more day will give you the desired end-of-month date. Considering that variables cannot be plugged in single quotation marks, let’s change the way we […]

  • Perl and shell get the code for the date of yesterday, tomorrow or more days ago


    First, how to get Perl Copy codeThe code is as follows: #!/usr/bin/perl -wuse POSIX qw(strftime);My $day = strftime (“% Y% m% D”, local time (time – 24 * 3600); Get the date of yesterday 2. The comparison of man date-d parameter in Linux is general. The following examples are further explained: # -d, –date=STRING display […]