• Developing drawing and gesture integrated app points for attention


    Some notes on gestures For uitapgesturerecognizer, we usually need to know the location of the click gesture in the screen ionInView:self ) For uipan gesturerecognizer, we usually need to know how far our slide gesture has moved ionInView:pan ) -(void) pan: (UIPanGestureRecognizer * ) pan { CGPoint transP = [pan translationInView: pan.view]; //$1 = (x […]

  • Gesture control: click, slide, pan, knead, rotate, long press, swipe


    The gesture recognizer is used to recognize touch sequences and trigger response events. When the gesture recognizer recognizes a gesture or changes the gesture, it will trigger a response event.UIGestureRecognizerClass as an abstract class, can not be used directly. Use onlyUIGestureRecognizerEach subclass recognizes a specific gesture.UIGestureRecognizerThere are several subclasses: UITapGestureRecognizer: click gesture recognizer, the gesture […]

  • IOS event handling, it’s enough for me~


    This article belongs to the original of “Jianshu Liu Xiaozhuang”. Please indicate: < Jianshu Liu Xiaozhuang > https://www.jianshu.com/p/b0884faae603 I haven’t written blog for a long time. It’s just a year before and after. During this period, the blog has not been unchanged. Careful students should be able to find that I have been replying to […]

  • Event delivery and response chain


    Preface I haven’t been able to get involved in this aspectUIGestureRecognizersSo I decided to write such an article. It’s also my first article. If there is anything wrong, please correct it in time.This paper mainly through some practical tests to facilitate your understanding. text Iokit.framework is the library of the system kernel Springboard.app is the […]

  • Gesture recognition of smart home can be done by Baidu AI


    Last time, I tried to make a special effect for glasses, aiming at still images. For details, please refer to https://ai.baidu.com/forum/topic/show/942890. This time I tried to add glasses effect in the video, and add gesture recognition, different gestures wear different glasses. Next, we will introduce the gesture recognition interface and how to access it. Gesture […]

  • IOS crop tool


    download Demo and tool download link spcliptool Instructions [[SPClipTool shareClipTool] sp_clipOriginImage:pickerImage complete:^(UIImage * _Nonnull image) { //Get the image subsequent operation after clipping }]; demand Picture clipping, the effect is as shown in the figure below, support picture dragging, zooming, and free size change of clipping box. thinking Two uiimageviews, one as the background, plus […]

  • [IOS translation] confused with uigesturerecognizer


     UIGestureRecognizerDelegate   A set of methods implemented by the delegate of a gesture recognizer to fine-tune an app’s gesture-recognition behavior.   A method of setting up the delegate implementation of gesture recognizer is used to fine tune the gesture recognition behavior of application program.   Overview   The delegates receive messages from a gesture recognizer, and their responses to […]

  • Mobile gesture event (multi finger operation)


    In the development of mobile terminal, the existing gesture events are only supported by the browser on IOS. Therefore, for the browser gesture events on other devices, we must upgrade them on the touchstart, touchmove and touchend events of mobile terminal. Next, we will introduce the upgraded gesture events of mobile terminal. Mobile touch event […]

  • IOS about some gesture conflicts (Scrollview nested tableview)


    In short, there is a conflict between a parent trying to add a gesture and a child trying to click an event in development, and the situation where uiscrollview nested uiscrollview and uiscrollview nested uitableview; Clicking clash If you add a click gesture gestap to the existing xktestview based on uiview, and then add a […]

  • Flutter gesture password control


    A gesture recognition verification lock written by flutter. Example Example of setting password GestureView( immediatelyClear: true, size: MediaQuery.of(context).size.width, onPanUp: (List<int> items) { setState(() { result = items; }); }, ) Verification password example GlobalKey<GestureState> gestureStateKey = GlobalKey(); GestureView( key: this.gestureStateKey, size: MediaQuery.of(context).size.width*0.8, selectColor: Colors.blue, onPanUp: (List<int> items) { analysisGesture(items); }, onPanDown: () { gestureStateKey.currentState.selectColor = […]

  • Single Point Gesture Library


    Single Point Gesture Library Analysis What are the gestures? What are the ways to achieve it? First of all, the gestures I’m referring to here are some gestures that the user operates when we interact with the touch screen on the mobile end.When we need some interaction on the mobile side. Sometimes it is necessary […]

  • IOS Implementation of UIScrollView’s Infinite Wheel Broadcasting Function (Principle)


    Preface The UIScrollView will certainly be used frequently by students when they write their requirements. What is the UIScrollView control? (1) The screen size of mobile devices is extremely limited, so the content displayed directly in front of users is quite limited. (2) When the exhibition shows more content than one screen, users can scroll […]