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  • It is this smart “map” that drives China on the easy cloud!


    Absrtact: in the era of global communication, people are eager to know not only the simple outline of the map, but also the complex and huge real-time dynamic geographic information. Today, the national geographic information public service platform, together with Huawei cloud, has built a “map on the cloud”, making the world accessible. Let’s have […]

  • Use Tencent IP query – determine IP address


    Using IP to obtain geographic location information Recently, my blog has just written a function of geographic information statistics. I want to see where the netizens who visit my blog come from. This requires IP geographic information query interface. There are many large factories on the Internet (such as Tencent, Taobao, etc.), Sohu, etc.) or […]

  • 3D Earth control called by C


    1、 Why three-dimensional earth? The three-dimensional earth is an important development direction of geographic information technology. Compared with the two-dimensional map technology, the biggest characteristic of the three-dimensional earth is to express the geographical information and spatial orientation more intuitively and vividly. We can experience three-dimensional earth vividness, image and good interaction in three-dimensional weather […]