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  • Trust learning: generics data types


    We can use generics to create definitions for items such as function signatures or structures, which can then be used for many different concrete data types. First, let’s look at how to use generics to define functions, structures, enumerations, and methods. Then we’ll discuss how generics affect code performance. In function definitionFor example, if we […]

  • Java Basics: a deep understanding of generics


    1. Java generics 2. How to implement Java generics? Java generics are implemented throughType Erasure It’s true! That is, Java generics are pseudo generics. During compilation, all generics information will be erased. Therefore, the java compiler will find possible errors as much as possible at compile time, but it still can’t find the type conversion […]

  • Dart tutorial 03 – classes, generics


    We learned in the first partDart tutorial 02 – control flow, exceptionNow let’s move on to classes and generics in dart. Class Here are the methods to declare a simple class in dart and create an instance of it. Add instance variables and constructors to the class Dart provides a concise syntax for constructor initialization. […]

  • What is the function of Java lambda learning notes


    Don’t talk about the source code 1. Main method public static void main(String[] args) { Function<String, Integer> s = Integer::parseInt; s.apply(“10”); } Let’s look at the next section 2. Decompile javap -v -p StreamTest give the result as follows Warning: the binary streamtest contains com.cui.subject . java.function.StreamTest Classfile /E:/WorkSpace/subject/java/target/classes/com/cui/subject/java/function/StreamTest.class Last modified 2020-6-15; size 1311 bytes […]

  • Similarities and differences between and in Java generics


    I believe many people, like me, have been exposed to Java for many years, but they still don’t knowJavaIn generics<?>and<? extends Object>They are similar and different. However, this should be a high-end question. Before we have a deep discussion, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of Java generics. Please see the last article […]

  • [flutter 1-12] dart language: what are generics and their usage scenarios


    Author: VladSource Vlad (official account: fulade_ Me) generic paradigm If you look at the API documentation for arrays, you’ll find arraysListThe actual type of isList<E>。<>Symbolic means that an array is a generic (or parameterized) type. Usually, a letter is used to represent type parameters, such as e, t, s, K, V, and so on. Why […]

  • C # reflection


    What is reflection? Reflection: everywhere, MVC, webfrom, asp.net , ORM, IOC, AOP, almost all frameworks are inseparable from reflection, so what is reflection? We write code, the computer to identify, need secondary compilation, intermediate will be compiled through the compiler, get DLL, EXE, and then JIT compiled, and finally by the computer language recognition, execution, […]

  • Java advanced features – Reflection: use reflection to convert objects into mongodb structure


    Reflection is an advanced technique of Java, which is widely used in various open source projects. For example, reflection is widely used in spring, Tomcat, jetty and other projects. As Java programmers, if we make good use of reflection, we can not only improve our technical level, but also develop better projects. However, although many […]

  • Dart foundation for flutter development: quick start to dart


    This article starts with WeChat official account “Android development tour”. Welcome to pay attention to get dry cargo. summary Dart has become strongly typed and statically typed since 2.0. This is similar to Java and C #. That is to say, the type of variable is known at compile time, so it is static type […]

  • How much do you know about generics after all these years of using them?


    Modern programmers write code, no one dares to say that they have never used generics. This generic template t can be replaced by any type you want. It’s really magic and magical. Many people are used to it. But it’s so interesting how the bottom layer of generic t helps you realize it. I’ll try […]

  • 1. Rxswift creates observable sequences


    Empty() method initialization //An observable empty content is created let ob = Observable.empty() //First, write a simple subscription method ob.subscribe {print “} The just() method passes in the default value initialization //There is no need to give a generic, it will be automatically pushed out according to just let ob = Observable.just (initialization default) The […]

  • The basis of using Redux in fluent


    This paper describes in detail how to integrate and use Redux in fluent. The concept, principle and implementation of Redux can be used by the readers themselves. This article does not repeat. Redux Library https://pub.flutter-io.cn/pac… Integrating Redux Modify the pubsepc.yaml , add dependency flutter_redux: ^0.5.2 Basic integration Create project Use the fluent command first flutter […]