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  • Source code analysis of. Net core lightweight container serviceprovider


    First of allServiceCollectionDefinition of //Definition public class ServiceCollection : IServiceCollection { private readonly List _descriptors = new List(); …… } //Interface definition public interface IServiceCollection : IList { } Thus, servicecollection itself is aListLet’s take a lookServiceDescriptor Definition of public class ServiceDescriptor { //Important constructors public ServiceDescriptor(Type serviceType, Type implementationType, ServiceLifetime lifetime) { } //Important […]

  • A summary of the use of generics in android in actual projects


    preface Why summarize the use of generics? How does generics represent value in a project? Don’t talk about it. Summarize it. From practice to theory, finally return to generic nature. 1. What is generics? Why generics? definition: Generics: the “broad data type“, any data type. effect: Generics can solve the security problem of data types. […]

  • Spring boot mybatis JSON field processing


    preface Recently, we encountered the problem of parsing JSON type fields using mysql. In the previous development, we started with mybatis. To solve the problem of JSON fields, some colleagues mapped JSON fields to strings in Java, manually converted them into business code, and tried to use typehandler for automatic parsing. Unfortunately, it was unsuccessful. […]

  • Talk about Flink’s dualkeymap


    order This paper mainly studies the dualkeymap of Flink Example @Test public void testKeySets() { final Random random = new Random(); final int capacity = 10; final Set<Tuple2<Integer, Integer>> keys = new HashSet<>(capacity); for (int i = 0; i < capacity; i++) { int keyA = random.nextInt(); int keyB = random.nextInt(); keys.add(Tuple2.of(keyA, keyB)); } final […]

  • Nameless Road 7


    Cut, what did you choose Down incompatibility When target is needed to different platforms, priority should be given to the support of the latest platform (because only the latest platform has the dynamic nature of programming languages, which greatly enhances intuition. If you want to give up the dynamic nature of programming language, you will […]

  • . net knowledge combing — 1. Generic


    1. Generic 1.1 introduce generics: delay declaration When a generic method is declared, the type is not written dead. The type is specified when it is called. Delay statement: postpone everything that can be postponed. 1.2 how to declare and use generics Generic method: the method name is followed by angle brackets with type parameters […]

  • LINQ operation ArrayList


    ArrayList implements the IEnumerable interface in the system. Collections space, which is non generic. If you want to use LINQ, you must declare the type of enumeration variable, and rely on the cast query operator to convert the enumeration type. using System; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Data; using System.IO; using System.Linq; namespace ConsoleApp4 { […]

  • A brief introduction to the concept of C ා generics and the use of generics


    C × generic Definition: generics allow us to delay writing specifications for the data types of programming elements in a class or method until it is actually used in a program. That is, generics are classes or methods that work with any data type. Use of generics: when our class / method doesn’t need to […]

  • Talk about Flink’s fencedakkainvocationhandler


    order This paper mainly studies the fenced akka invocationhandler of Flink FencedRpcGateway flink-release-1.7.2/flink-runtime/src/main/java/org/apache/flink/runtime/rpc/FencedRpcGateway.java public interface FencedRpcGateway<F extends Serializable> extends RpcGateway { /** * Get the current fencing token. * * @return current fencing token */ F getFencingToken(); } The fencedrpcgateway interface inherits the rpcgateway interface, which defines a generic F, that is, the generic of […]

  • C# generic


    This article is from: https://www.cnblogs.com/netbatman/p/10374072.html What is generics? C and common language runtime (CLR) added generics in version 2.0. Generics introduce the concept of type parameters into the. Net framework so that classes and methods with the same characteristics can be designed: before client code declares and initializes these classes and methods, they delay specifying […]

  • Create asp.net mvc5 program step by step [repository + Autofac + automapper + sqlsugar] (XI)


    Preface Guys,Hello, I’m receptor.Recently, the receiver has been busy changing jobs, and there is not much time to update our asp.net MVC 5 series of articles [step by step to create asp.net mvc5 program repository + Autofac + automapper + sqlsugar], until now, I have just squeezed some time to update one, and my friends […]

  • Tomcat source code analysis series (XIII) acceptor


    PrefaceThe previous article introduced nioendpoint, which talked about creating and starting acceptor and poller, threads in the nioendpoint ා startinternal method. This article starts with acceptor and the next with poller.1. AcceptorThe construction method of acceptor is declared as follows: private final AbstractEndpoint<?,U> endpoint; public Acceptor(AbstractEndpoint<?,U> endpoint) { this.endpoint = endpoint; } The endpoint parameter […]