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  • Advanced level II of fluent framework


    Flutter-Habit network AES encryption and decryption operation Entity base entity class Interceptor interceptor http_ Error error code net_ Exception exception interception vv_ net_ Dio object of work singleton Dio cooperates with Charles in packet capturing configuration, constantconfig Configure local IP for localproxy to capture packets if (ConstantConfig.localProxy.isNotEmpty) { (_client.httpClientAdapter as DefaultHttpClientAdapter) .onHttpClientCreate = (client) { […]

  • Go 1.18 beta 1 is available with generics


    Go 1.18 beta 1 is now available, which is the first preview of go 1.18; The official release of go 1.18 will take several months. Interested users can visit the download page to get go 1.18 beta 1. Go 1.18 beta 1 is the first preview version to include go’s new support for generic code […]

  • A large company in Shanghai: you know redis, don’t you?


    The online interviewer series has been serialized26Article!Deep and funnyNew series! [Online interviewer] Java notes [Online interviewer] Java generic [Online interviewer] Java NiO [Online interviewer] java reflection && dynamic agent [Online interviewer] multithreading Foundation [Online interviewer] CAS [Online interviewer] synchronized [Online interviewer] AQS & & reentrantlock [Online interviewer] thread pool [Online interviewer] ThreadLocal [Online interviewers] countdownlatch […]

  • C#/. Net to convert a collection of generic objects (list ) into a static extension method of a two-dimensional array object (lambda parameter supports any attribute of the object)


    In daily c# / Net development, we may encounter such a demand, that is, the title of this article describes the static extension method of converting a collection of generic objects (list < T >) into a two-dimensional array object (lambda parameter supports any attribute of the object). If I have the following entities: /// […]

  • Go generics: master the basic use of go generics in advance


    Generics is one of the most exciting and fundamental changes in the go language over the years. Without generics, many people “despise” the go language. Of course, some people feel that generics are not needed at all. Having generics doesn’t mean you have to use them. To be fair, generics are necessary and helpful in […]

  • Definition and application of TS in front-end development technology


    Vscode promptFor example, the definer specifies a method:export function foo(name: string): number { return name.length}Then, as a user, you will clearly understand the parameters and return value information of the function through the prompt of vscode: You don’t need to look at the source code. You know, for some complex methods, if there are no […]

  • Detailed explanation of type erasure examples of Java generics


    catalogue preface The type erasure principle of generics is: 1 erase the type parameters in the class definition 1.1 unlimited type erasure 1.2 restricted type erasure 2 type parameters in erase method definition 3 bridging methods and polymorphism of generics summary reference material preface The feature of Java generics was added from JDK 1.5. Therefore, […]

  • Swift advanced (XV) extension


    The extension in swift is somewhat similar to the category in OC Extension can beenumeration、structural morphology、class、agreementAdd new features□ you can add methods, calculation attributes, subscripts, (convenient) initializers, nested types, protocols, etc What extensions can’t do:□ original functions cannot be overwritten□ you cannot add storage attributes or add attribute observers to existing attributes□ cannot add parent […]

  • What about the API after generics? Go developers should pay attention


    Hello, I’m fried fish. Some time ago, the community suddenly exploded, mainly quoted by major mediaGoGo: don’t change the libraries in 1.18 proposed by Rob pike, the father of language. Many social media have followed up and believe that rob pike is hard against gogeneric paradigmofAPIreform! If readers only read the title, there may be […]

  • @Component details


    javaAnnotations, like reflection and generics, belong to metaprogramming. Compared with reflective class objects, generics live in the journey of parameter typing, and annotation is hardly too comfortable, which starts from its birth (definition),@interfaceIt is a tightly coupled, declarative programming method that can not survive independently and is always with the annotated object. This paper aims […]

  • Interface, class and generic type of “quick start typescript”


    Series articles: “Quick start typescript” typescript basic syntax “Quick start typescript” typescript advanced “object” “Quick start typescript” typescript functional programming Promise of “top speed typescript” Interface, class and generic type of “quick start typescript” [TOC] 1、 Interface 1. Definition of interface In other languages, such as C + +, Java, Python and other language interfaces, […]

  • “Technology column” Objective-C we love all these years


    Text / Tang Tianyong, leancloud Engineer Objective-C is a standard language for developing OS X and IOS applications. Even developers who deal with it every day will mistakenly think that Objective-C is apple   The language created by the company, but in fact it is not apple   But a child passed on from someone […]