• Collection! 17 programmer specific Wallpapers (frequently used)


    1. Think twice before writing code!!! 2. Search for people who like you from the world!!! 3. The code is not finished, where have the face to sleep!!! 4. Programmer’s home key!!! 5. Programming is an art!!! 6. Cloud ~ ~ ~ rain!!! 7. Program life!!! 8. Only geeks understand!!! 9. Hacker world!!! 10. Black […]

  • The third Apache Flink geek challenge and aaig cup registration begins!


    Introduction:The third geek challenge, which is widely expected, is in progress ~ With the impact of massive data, the value of data processing and analysis ability in business is increasing day by day. The exploration of data processing timeliness in all walks of life is also deepening. Apache Flink, as a computing engine focusing on […]

  • Twelve pictures, kick open the door of the message queue | geek share issue 38


    What is “geek sharing weekly collection” Geek share is a bookmark sharing website(hackershare.dev)”Weekly selection” is a column for the website to summarize selected bookmarks. Text of this issue Original link: https://hackershare.dev/weekly\_selections/cn/38 1. Twelve pictures, kick open the door of message queue Message queue, widely used, interview must ask. With an article and twelve pictures, we […]

  • Open source requires thorough understanding of tdengine from technical innovation and design ideas


    From obscurity to brilliance on GitHub, how did tdengine come to this stage today? How does tdengine achieve the super performance of storage and query? Why choose open source and open source all the “housekeeping skills”? How to practice the principle of “only believe in code” in practice? What trends and entry points can developers […]

  • Brush algorithm, these APIs can not be known| Geek sharing issue 39


    What is “geek sharing weekly collection” Geek share is a bookmark sharing website(hackershare.dev)”Weekly selection” is a column for the website to summarize selected bookmarks. Text of this issue Original link: https://hackershare.dev/weekly\_selections/54 1. Brush algorithm, these APIs must be known! Recently, I sorted out a wave of frequently used APIs in the brush algorithm, which is […]

  • I’m going to learn node.js for Java backend


    You have a thought, I have a thought, after we exchange, a person has two thoughts If you can NOT explain it simply, you do NOT understand it well enough Now the demo code and technical articles are sorted together in succession. GitHub practice selection is convenient for you to read and view. This article […]

  • Super detailed! Common operations of string in Python


    There are four ways to express strings in Python A pair of single quotation marks A pair of double quotation marks A pair of three single quotation marks A pair of three double quotation marks a = ‘abc’ b= “abc” c = ”’abc”’ d = “””abc””” print(type(a)) # <class ‘str’> print(type(b)) # <class ‘str’> print(type(c)) […]

  • Web3 geek daily 2


    Basic knowledge: stream explanation used in metamask https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/… @Harry: there are many places in the code of metamask where stream is used. This article introduces what stream is and explains the power of stream through an example of memory footprint optimization Summary of zero knowledge proof learning resources https://github.com/sec-bit/le… @Shooter: zero knowledge proof technology is […]

  • Arts Week 12 | leetcode 54 rotary printing matrix | go benchmark


    ARTS Arts is an activity launched by Chen Hao in the geek time column. The purpose is to keep learning through sharing. Each person writes an arts every week: algorithm is an algorithm problem, review is to read an English article, technology / tips is to share a small technology, share is to share a […]

  • You are only one less than the 30W bonus for the Apache Flink geek challenge


    The second Apache Flink geek challenge is coming! Last year, the first Apache Flink geek challenge brought together11 countries in the worldAnd regions,233 Universities,397 Enterprises,4393 top playersEnter! In the whole process of the competition, through the super combination of theory and actual combat, everyone has gained a lot, gradually improved the actual business ability, refreshed […]

  • Python crawling novel


    That’s how geeks read novels Code for my original, and only for learning exchange, do not use for any commercial purposes! I do not bear any legal liability, if it involves infringement, please leave a message. import requests from bs4 import BeautifulSoup class downloader(object): def __init__(self): self.base = ‘http://m.yruan.com’ self.article = ‘/article/53567/’ self.page = ‘31977800_3.html’ […]

  • Baidu super chain and BSN launch blockchain developer competition


    Baidu Super Chain & BSN developer competition From ideal to reality, there is only one smart contract between you and geek world~ Come to pick xuperchain and start the through train of ten thousand Yuan grand prize! Registration address: xchain.baidu.com/n/chain/com …