• Week 12 of Arts | leetcode 54 rotating printing matrix | go benchmark


    ARTS Arts is an activity launched by Chen Hao in the geek time column. The aim is to keep learning through sharing. Each person writes arts once a week: algorithm is an algorithm problem, review is to read an English article, technique / tips is to share a small technology, share is to share a […]

  • Solve the problem of vuecli3 project package online refresh 404


    Recently, the geek rebate platform I created adopts the method of separating front and back. The front-end framework is mainly built by vuecli. However, after the project package went online, there was a problem with the secondary page 404. For example, the / about page. When you refresh, 404 appears. Or directly copy the secondary […]

  • From eclipse to idea


    cause Recently, I changed my job, and the new company used idea for development. Before using Win + eclipse, I suddenly switched to MBP + idea. I didn’t know what key my finger was on. I would like to make a record in the process of transformation. Some good learning articles are collectedMigrating idea official […]

  • Weekly geek sharing October 2019 – week 5


    Weekly geek sharing October 2019 – week 5 1. Mr. Zhang Xiaoyu has a feeling. He said: in almost any field, the level gap between top players and excellent players is actually greater than that between excellent players and ordinary players, and it is much larger.What do you mean? For example, a Nobel Prize winner […]

  • Geek love: Valentine’s Day gift fight


    It’s time to fight back When I saw the stories of geek love @ phodal written by Yan de yuancao, I found that I was speechless. Perhaps, as programmers, we all have more or less the same thing. The technology house does not understand the amorous feelings Fall in love with someone who can’t talk […]

  • Recommendation and sharing of geek time excellent courses


    Geek time is a learning app that many programmers usually use. Most of the courses above are of high quality. Here are a few examples“The beauty of data structure and algorithm”, the course design is reasonable, and easy to understand, data structure and algorithm as well as many programming ideas are very good. It’s worth […]

  • Vscode utility plug in


    Https://geek-docs.com/vscode/vscode-tutorials/vscode-classic-plug-in-is-recommended.html geek vscode tutorial 1、 Plug in installation mode File preference extension I. plug-ins 1. File Icon: vscode icons Vscode icons plug-in can optimize the display of icons in front of various file types 2. Implied theme: one dark Pro After the one dark Pro plug-in is installed, you can adjust the color of vscode […]

  • A command line tool to view the real-time prices of BTC bitcoin trading stations


    SegmentFault user, independent developer, former Alipay front-end development engineer Guo Yu, is a command line tool for geeks to help you see the real-time price of BTC trading stations: install $ [sudo] npm install btc -g Command line interface Just runbtc, real time price will be displayed automatically $ btc Shortcut keys BTC cli provides […]

  • Column preferential purchase, one-stop solution


    What is geek time? A good helper for programmers to improve their learning, I believe you have improved in it! Almost all columns in Geek time app can be found here. The difference is:The price here is much cheaper than the official price。 Here, I simply sort out and classify different columns to try to […]