• GO GC Garbage Recycling Mechanism


    Garbage Collection (GC) is a memory management function provided by programming language. In traditional system-level programming languages (mainly C/C++), programmers define a variable that opens up a corresponding space in memory to store values. Because memory is limited, when a program no longer needs to use a variable, it needs to destroy the object and […]

  • Node – Memory management and garbage collection


    Preface From the front-end thinking to the back-end, there is an important point is thatmemory management。 Previously, writing front-end was only run on browsers, so memory management was generally not very centralized, but on the server side, it required a lot of memory. V8 memory limitation and garbage collection mechanism Memory limit Memory limitIn general, […]

  • Learn to use. Net’s IDisposable interface


    Garbage Collection in the. Net Framework helps programmers automatically recycle managed resources, which is a pleasant experience for callers of class libraries: they can create any object anywhere, anytime, and GC will always end up with the bottom.When you are a library provider, how can you provide such a good experience? First, what are the […]