• VBS implementation GB2312, UTF-8, Unicode, Big5 code conversion tool


    DemonstrationEcho “ABCDE &! @ # $^ < > ()%% ABCDE test! “> before processing.txt“Gb2ue.vbs “before processing. TXT” “after processing. TXT”Ue2u8.vbs “after processing. TXT”U82gb.vbs “after processing. TXT”Gb2u8.vbs “after processing. TXT”U82ue.vbs “after processing. TXT”Ue2gb.vbs “after processing. TXT”@Echo after 6 times of processing “after processing. TXT” and “before processing. TXT” are still the same codeIf you do not […]

  • Code of converting GB2312 to unicode in vbs


    Today, I wrote a program similar to the following: Copy codeThe code is as follows: Dim http Set http = CreateObject(“msxml2.xmlhttp”) http.open “GET”,”http://www.sina.com.cn/”,False http.send WScript.Echo http.responseText But I found that the returned Chinese was all garbled. After a look, I found that Sina’s code was GB2312, Khan, and now it’s the era of UTF-8 code. […]

  • Introduction to the Differences and Relations between UTF-8 GBK UTF8 GB2312


    UTF-8 contains all the characters that need to be used in all countries of the world. It is an international code with strong universality. UTF-8 coded text can be displayed in browsers that support UTF8 character sets in various countries. For example, if UTF8 is encoded, Chinese can also be displayed on the English IE […]

  • Detailed introduction of GB2312


    Essential information The Chinese Character Coding Set for Information Exchange was issued by the General Administration of National Standards in 1980 and implemented on May 1, 1981.The standard number is GB 2312-1980. It is a computer recognizable encoding, suitable for information exchange between Chinese character processing, Chinese character communication and other systems. The basic set […]

  • Summary of methods for converting encoding from GB2312 to UTF-8 (from the front desk, program, database)


    If a website needs to be internationalized, it needs to convert the coding from GB2312 to UTF-8. There are many problems to be noted. If there is no thorough conversion, there will be many coding problems!There are five main aspects:I. HTML page to UTF-8 encoding problemII. PHP page to UTF-8 encoding problem3. The use of […]