• Get to know the core idea of DDD and what pain points to solve


    introduction The concept of domain driven design is Domain Driven Design (DDD) proposed by EVIC Evans in 2004. With the development of software technology and the rise of microservice technology architecture, people gradually realize the importance of domain driven design. I have also searched and viewed many articles and videos on the Internet. After reading […]

  • Senior architects talk about the rise of DDD, solving problems and implementation steps


    Foreword- Why can DDD catch fire? Let’s not discuss the definition of DDD, but sort out the background of the popularity of DDD. According to the routine I learned, it is always why first, then what problems to solve, what things to use, and finally how to use. We all know that in recent years, […]

  • Sorting out design concepts in DDD field


    Tools and Resource CenterHelp developers work more efficiently and provide tools and resources around the whole life cycle of developershttps://developer.aliyun.com/… Understanding of concept and description field The domain has nothing to do with the specific development technology. It’s a collection of everything related to the actual problems your software system wants to solve.Understanding by problem […]

  • DDD actual combat sharing – Message Center


    What problem does DDD solve / why use DDD You can write your answers in the comments area DDD overall process (source: ThoughtWorks) v1 v2 The biggest difference is that the event storm in the first step is replaced by the identification core domain of strategic design. Personally, I don’t think it’s suitable to discuss […]

  • JD platform R & D – Domain Driven Design (DDD) practice


    [1. DDD value] [1.1 dealing with complex business] [1.2 rapid response to business changes] [2. DDD process] [2.1 strategic design] [2.2 architecture design] [2.3 tactical design] [3. Final] picture In the past few years, Tongtian tower has been in the stage of rapid business capacity-building and structure improvement to meet the growing business demand, capacity, […]

  • Practice of Domain Driven Design (DDD) in Baidu aifanfan


    *Reading guide: Domain Driven Design (DDD) originated from Domain Driven Design Published by Eric Evans in 2004. Compared with its reputation and effectiveness in foreign it circles, few people in domestic it circles understand DDD and practice it. In recent years, with the popularity of micro service architecture and the rise of China’s DDD, WeChat […]

  • Analysis of DDD – a PHP Programmer’s Readme


    What is DDD (first of all, it’s not what) DDD is the abbreviation of domain driven design, which is often translated into Domain Driven Design in Chinese. Before we know what DDD is, let’s first discuss what it is not. DDD is not a software framework. However, there are frameworks based on DDD, such as […]

  • DDD practice (1) – event storm landing process


    Event storm is a team activity. Domain experts and project team members list all domain events in the field in the form of brainstorming. At this time, we get a collection of domain events, mark the command leading to the event for each event, and then mark the role of the initiator of the command […]