• Application of AI in travel scenarios: route planning, ETA, dynamic event mining


    Introduction:This article is the first in the series of “spring recruitment column”. It is based on the content of “application practice of AI in the field of travel” shared by Damon, head of Gaode machine learning R & D department, in the at technology forum. Preface: it’s spring recruitment season again! As a national travel […]

  • Recommend 6 wechat app weather interfaces API


    A few days ago, in the process of developing weather applet, I found some weather API service providers on the Internet and commented on them by the way; It is found that both Gaode and Baidu provide relevant interfaces. No1, Gaode map Gaode map has been providing map services to small programs since January 17, […]

  • Recommend three wechat app map interfaces API


    No1, Tencent map ][2] Tencent map’s interface is limited daily adjustment amount: 10000 times / key, concurrent number: 5 times / key / second. However, the official did not provide a demo NO2, Gaode map Gaode map tutorial is good, the official demo and demo small procedures No3, baidu map Baidu is the same as […]

  • The practice of continuous delivery system in Gaode


    1. Preface For the engineering team, the construction of a sustainable and multi-faceted quality assurance delivery system can not only build a highway for the rapid delivery of business value, but also protect the quality of the delivery process. This paper introduces the evolution and implementation of continuous delivery system in Gaode. 2. Continuous delivery […]

  • Principle and practice of memory optimization for driving navigation of Gaode map


    Brief introduction: General apps only need to focus on the system with too high memory in the foreground to kill foom. Many users of Gaode map use background navigation, so they also need to focus on the system with too high memory in the background to kill boom, and the background killing is more serious […]

  • Notes on the first use of Gaode map


    preface As the author of this paperDevelopment of map requirements for beginnersMy notes,There is no in-depth discussion, including onlyRecords of some primary API usageWith someSummary of Mengxin’s stepping on the pit。 Demand Brief There is a demand for the product. We need to use the Gaode map component to depict one or more groups of […]

  • Uniapp packing app pit filling guide


    Working in a company recentlyCrmeb project, just use this to send out for your reference, you are welcome to correct App packaging (using hbuilder for app packaging) 1、 Modify interface address 1. Open config under uni app/ app.js Modify the interface address and change the two addresses in the figure below to your domain name […]

  • JS Gaode map API obtains the latitude and longitude of the address according to the address


    var location = []; function getAddrGeo(addr) { //Get the latitude and longitude of an address, which can be used for mobile terminal to jump app navigation $.ajax({ type: “GET”, url: ” http://restapi.amap.com/v3/geocode/geo?key= Your key & S = rsv3 & address = “+ addr.trim(), success: function (response) { location = response.geocodes[0] && response.geocodes[0].location.split(“,”); }, error: function […]

  • Gaode best practice: what is the value of large-scale implementation of serverless?


    The author: why Reading guide: serverless, which used to look beautiful and has been watched all the time, has gradually entered the stage of landing. In this year’s “11 Travel Festival”, Gaode launched the large-scale implementation of serverless in its core business, and the business supported by serverless performed very well in the peak traffic […]

  • Developing weather query tool through Cobra


    Introducing Cobra cobraIt’s aGolangPackage, which provides a simple interface to create command line programs. At the same time, it is also an application, which is used to generate the application framework, so as to develop the application frameworkcobraBased on the application. stayGitHubOn the Internet, there’s more about itcobraThe introduction of the project. There are also […]

  • Automatic generation of electronic fence from Gaode map


    Automatic drawing of electronic fence by using JS API of Gaode mapBecause it is not accurate to draw polygon directly, we need to draw fence along the road E-fence idea: 1. Find the origin latitude and longitude X const CENTER = [116.397504,39.89619] Const distance = 300 // unit M const map = new AMap.Map(“container”, { […]

  • Amap draws 1000 + aircraft without jamming


    stayGaud mapIt is believed that many people use marker to draw aircraft marks on the map. But if there is a lot of data, there will be some cards on the map, which will seriously affect the use of users. So how can we not use the card in the case of big data? If […]