• Is it good or bad for distributed systems to use gateways?


    Soul torture Do distributed systems need a unified gateway? What are the advantages of the gateway? Will the introduction of gateway bring disaster? The design of distributed system is generally divided into centralization and decentralization. Like the popular micro service model, it essentially splits various businesses into independent processes to achieve business scalability. With the […]

  • Leader education micro service system solar bullet 3: Nacos enterprise level falling to the ground


    Co author: Xie Lu, Xie Qingfang, Yi Anna, Ren HaojunSolemn thanks: Nacos – Yanlin, spring cloud Alibaba – Xiao Ma Ge, Luo ye, Nacos community – pader, chuntaojun Recommended articles: Leader education micro service system solar | Alibaba Nacos enterprise level landing part I Leader education micro service system solar | Alibaba Nacos enterprise class […]

  • Open trial, come on!


    Boyun beyond microservice microservice governance products Beyondapi enterprise capability open platform, Since its release, it has attracted much attention and praise, In order to make more users Learn more about cloud products, Truly experience the functions of Boyun products, From now on, Beyond microservice microservice governance products Beyondapi enterprise capability open platform Start trial! Trial […]

  • Use Alibaba series as cloud gateway 4


    What is a gateway In the microservice architecture, the granularity of services is further subdivided, and each business service can be designed, developed, tested, deployed and managed independently. At this time, each independent deployment unit can be maintained by different development and testing teams and designed with different programming languages and technical platforms, which requires […]

  • Configuring static IP for Ubuntu 16.04


    View network card information command $ vim sudo vim /etc/network/interfaces #Network card name auto eno2 #Set to static IP iface eno2 inet static #IP address address #Subnet mask netmask #Gateway gateway #DNS server dns-nameserver Configure DNS server $ sudo vim /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base nameserver nameserver Refresh profile $ sudo resolvconf -u […]

  • Learn a Linux command every day (63): route


    Recommended reading:Learn a Linux command every day (62): Ping Command introduction The route command is used to display and set the routing table (static routing table) of the Linux system. The route command is used to display and set the network routing table in the Linux kernel. The routes set by the route command are […]

  • (1) I. teach you how to configure. Net core microservices, and separate the front and back end projects – cross domain and gateway (Ocelot)


    ​1. First, create three API projects under. Net core 3.1Apigetway: it will be used as a gateway. You can delete unnecessary controller folders and entity classes Apiserviceone: service one, which will be used as API Apiservicetwo: service 2, used as API   2. Configure cross domainAdd cross domain configuration in startup.cs of three projects, and […]

  • Practice and thinking of flying pig’s cloud + end based on serverless


    By Wang Hengfei (Cheng Yin) This article summarizes the sharing of Wang Hengfei (Chengyin), a front-end technology expert of zifeizhu travel, on [Alibaba cloud serverless developer meetup Shanghai station]. Live playback:https://developer.aliyun.com/live/246653。​In the past two years, the front end of flying pig has been actively building and practicing serverless. From 2019 to 2020, we completed the […]

  • Linux network card configuration


      1. Network card settings 1.1 bridge mode 1.2. NAT mode 2. Configure DNS 3. Test network   1. Network card settings 1.1 bridge mode (1) Input command: VI / etc / sysconfig / network scripts / ifcfg-eth0 Centos7 does not have ifcfg-eth0 file, but uses ifcfg-ens33 file (2) Enter edit mode (press I key) […]

  • Is there a difference between proxy and gateway?


    There is a difference between proxy and gateway, but the difference is vague. If you have to, you can understand it as follows: A proxy connects two or more applications that use the same protocol. The gateway connects two or more endpoints using different protocols and acts as a “protocol converter”

  • Registry and API gateway are not used in this way!


    When I was doing consulting and consulting projects, I saw a very classic misuse of API gateway and registry. This case is inMy planetI’ve shared it with you, but I didn’t expect to encounter two similar gestures recently. Maybe this problem still exists in many team applications, so take it out and share it again, […]

  • Microservice technology stack: API gateway center, implementation scheme


    Source code:GitHub. Click here || Gitee. Click here 1、 Introduction to service gateway 1. Appearance mode The communication between the client and each business subsystem must be carried out through a unified appearance object. The appearance mode provides a high-level interface to make the subsystem easier to use Let’s briefly talk about the appearance pattern. […]