• Publishing blazor wasm with docker


    The file compiled by blazor is static, so we only need a web server that supports static pages.According to different projects, different containers will be used. This paper takes the case that there is no gateway as an example to show how to package into docker step by step demand HTTPS Since there is no […]

  • Service gateway – streaming plug in


    The streaming plug-in is very similar to the traffic forwarding function of nginx, or reverse proxy. background Although the traffic forwarding function of nginx is also very powerful, some changes in the business may lead to various configurations of nginx and make it tired of coping. For example, an app evolves with the development of […]

  • I can’t imagine! There are so many treasures in the hard disk of big age code farmer


    Abstract:By making the tool library into cloud container application, the container application in cloud container engine is called by CCE engine and API gateway. It not only conforms to the development trend of cloud origin, but also can flexibly expand capacity at any time to meet the needs of large-scale development of the company. After […]

  • Nginx 502 Bad Gateway


    The way to solve bugs – nginx 502 bad gateway preface It turns out that reading the source code of Linux kernel has great benefits, especially when dealing with problems. When you see the error report, you can flash the phenomenon / cause / solution in your mind. Even the phenomenon of some corners can […]

  • How API gateway carries API economic ecological chain


    Absrtact: about how to carry the existing rapid development of API ecological chain, this paper next introduces the role of API gateway in it. preface API economic ecological chain has covered the whole world, and the vast majority of enterprises have been on the road of digital transformation. API has become the core carrier for […]

  • Microservice · API gateway


    Reading time |3.52 minutes word count |1232 characters API gateway Author | SCscHero Writing time | Thursday, September 3, 2020 Article type |Series Completion |Completed motto Every great cause has a trivial beginning. Hello World! 1、 What is API gatewayCompletion: 100% Broad definition There is no entry of API gateway or API gateway in Wikipedia, […]

  • Analysis of HTTP server 502 in golang


    Problem introduction In the production environment, golang service sometimes generates 502 alarms, which are mostly caused by the following three reasons: http.Server Writetimeout is configured, request processing times out, and golang disconnects; http.Server Idletimeout is configured, and long connection is used between gateway and golang, while golang is disconnected; Panic appeared in golang service. The […]

  • Rust and webassembly function as a service based on Tencent cloud serverless


    Tencent cloud computing is a leading innovator in the field of serverless computing, providing powerful services such as function as a service (FAAS) runtime, trigger, connector and development tools. Tencent serverless cloud function(SCF)More than ten programming languages and runtime frameworks have been supported. The SCF custom runtime recently released by Tencent cloud goes a step […]

  • Computer name DNS gateway IP (you can use to learn)


    @echo off :main cls echo. echo. Generate auto configuration computer name, DNS, gateway, IP script, IPX internal network numberecho. Echo 2. Automatic configuration of web serverecho. Echo 3. Line switch generator of Telecom Netcomecho. Exit scriptecho. Please input 1, 2, 3 or 4, input other characters, at your own risk :restart1 Set / P select […]

  • Interviewer to ask you again HTTP request process, connect back!


    Introduction to http Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is the most widely used network protocol on the Internet. All www files must comply with this standard. HTTP was originally designed to provide a way to publish and receive HTML pages. In 1960, American Ted Nelson conceived a method of processing text information by computer, and called […]

  • [graffiti footprint of Internet of things] graffiti cloud platform interface list – intelligent door lock


    Preface series > > > [graffiti footprint of Internet of things] graffiti cloud platform interface list – universal infrared remote control 1Introduction to intelligent door lock The intelligent door lock is different from the traditional mechanical lock, which is more intelligent and simple in the aspects of user safety, identification and management. Smart door lock […]

  • Micro service and distributed system


    I amAnd earsI haven’t written for a long time. I’d like to talk with you todayDistributed。 The reason why I didn’t write the article a while ago was because I was busy with the interview. Yes, I left my job and changed to another company. The system of the new company is distributed. I dare […]