• 2.1 CentOS 6.5 installation


    At present, CentOS 6.5 and CentOS 7 are widely used, but they are quite different in various aspects. Therefore, CentOS 6.5 and CentOS 7 are introduced separately.This section introduces the installation of CentOS 6.5. If you are using CentOS 7, you do not need to see this section. If you have no requirements for the […]

  • Quick tutorial of spring cloud microservices (5) zuul API gateway Center


    0-preface We have built microservices one by one. How can external applications access all kinds of microservices? In the microservice architecture, the back-end service is often not directly open to the caller, but through an API gateway according to the URL of the request, it is routed to the corresponding service. When the API gateway […]

  • How to decompose a single application into a microservice? [first]


    reminder:How to design a beautiful web API? Up to now, the number of readers has exceeded 2030 and won many favorable comments. Please don’t miss the small partners you need. Thank you for your support! Segment fault address: how to design a beautiful web API? Microservice is the most popular application architecture technology at present. […]

  • The most powerful open source traffic gateway for microservices, Kong


    preface In the microservice architecture, due to the subdivision of system and service, the system structure becomes very complex. In order to cross platform, to unify the centralized management API, and to not expose the post service. Even sometimes it is necessary to perform some intermediate operations such as security, load balancing, current limiting, fusing, […]

  • Thinking and practice of API gateway mesh


    This paper is organized and shared by Jia Dao, a senior technical expert of ant financial services, at the service mesh meetup Hangzhou station on December 28. Mosn completes incubation and enables independent group On December 18, 2019, Han Chang, the project leader of mosn and the application network group leader of ant Financial Services […]

  • WSGI learning


    Reference: WSGI specification Original reasons and objectives: Python currently has a variety of web application frameworks, such as Django, flask, twisted, tornado, etc. This may be a problem for new users entering Python web pit, because generally, their choice of web framework will limit their choice of available web servers, and vice versa for web […]

  • Some ideas about routing in openresty


    The concept of routing is not new in the back end. In most back-end frameworks, routing is supported and processed, such as Django, flask, and Yii. However, the concept of routing is not mentioned in the openresty technology. Generally speaking, the rough business route writing method is to directly configure or (openresty abbreviation, hereinafter replaced […]

  • API gateway provides powerful access capability for k8s container application cluster


    Absrtact: we can see that kubernetes cluster has enough reasons to be the first choice of application services, but kubernetes cluster does not have enough access capacity, especially in large-scale applications, it can not directly provide services to users, otherwise there will be a very large security risk. As a mature cloud product, API gateway […]

  • Knowledge accumulation of IP address, subnet mask, gateway, router, etc


    (1) Problem analysis Q: what’s the difference between IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS server? I know that I can’t access the Internet without IP address, and I know that I can’t access the Internet without DNS, but what are their functions and differences? What’s more, it’s really strange that my computer doesn’t […]

  • Compilation of community server


    1. Introduction Community ServerIs a free, open source collaboration system for managing documents, projects, customer relationships, and e-mail communications, which can be installed and configured on a private server. It consists of:   1. OnlyOfficeJabber – Instant messaging service;   2. OnlyOfficeNotify – Mail notification service;   3. OnlyOfficeIndex – Full text search related services;   4. OnlyOfficeFeed – Portal news seed analysis […]

  • Why does microservice start from the separation of the front and back ends?


    We should not only look down to the road, but also look up to the sky. Science and technology serve people. There are deeper considerations behind any technology. In the first article of this series, we talked about the essence of microservice, which is a new cooperation mechanism that can accelerate division of labor and […]

  • List of common network status codes on the front end of web page


    Network request coding representationWe will start with whether you pay attention to the content of the request head. Generally, it’s enough to focus on the statuscode and method, with a focus of 200304. At the same time, we have mastered the content of file upload that we want to pay attention to after the foundation […]