• Kong gateway modify source code to complete custom error return


    background Recently, we are deploying a set ofkongGateway system,kongDefault errors andkongThe prompt return of plug-ins in does not conform to the unified development specification By consulting the official documents and the official GitHub issue, it is found that only by modifying the source code of Kong Lua can the development requirements be met Tips: Response […]

  • Microservice migration from spring cloud to kubernetes


    Write it at the front In order to reduce the coupling of various business modules within the company and improve the efficiency of development, delivery and operation and maintenance, we completed the transformation of the company’s internal business micro service based on spring cloud in 2017, and realized the spring cloud to uk8s in 2019 […]

  • [API advanced road] unimaginable! There are so many treasures in the hard disk of elder code farmer


    Abstract:By making the required tool library as a cloud container application, the CCE engine is used to call the container application in the cloud container engine through the API gateway. It not only conforms to the original development trend of cloud, but also can flexibly expand the capacity at any time to meet the needs […]

  • Open trial, come soon!


    Boyun beyond microservice micro service governance products Beyond API enterprise level capability open platform, Since its release, it has attracted much attention and praise, For more users Further in-depth understanding of Boyun products, Truly experience the functions of Boyun products, From now on, Beyond microservice microservice governance products Beyond API enterprise capability open platform Open […]

  • So many new features! Apache apifix release 1.2


    Apache apifix is a cloud native API gateway, which can not only help you handle the traditional north-south traffic, but also handle the east-west traffic between services. It is based on nginx and etcd. Compared with traditional API gateway, Apache APIs IX has the characteristics of dynamic routing, dynamic upstream and plug-in hot loading, which […]

  • Rewrite micro gateway and add authentication module


    Micro gateway authentication This authentication is nothing more than to control access through middleware, which requires rewriting micro code We only need to register a function in the plugin The code is as follows package main import ( “fmt” “github.com/micro/cli” “github.com/micro/micro/cmd” “github.com/micro/micro/plugin” “net/http” ) func JWTAuthWrapper() plugin.Handler { return func(h http.Handler) http.Handler { return http.HandlerFunc(func(w […]

  • Introduction to spring cloud ribbon components


    Ribbon component |Interface action default|| —- | —- | —- | |Iclientconfig | read configuration | defaultclientconfigmpl||According to ru1e | load balancing rule, select the instance | zonevavoidancerule||Pinging | filtering out instances that cannot be pinged | dumming||Serverlist < server > | list of instances given to ribbon | ribbon: confirmationbasedserverlist spring cloud Alibaba: nacosserverlist||Serverlistfilter […]

  • It is too difficult to manage online service? One stop service management platform is coming!


    Course summary Nowadays, microservice has become the dominant mode of building modern cloud applications. It decomposes individual components into independent services around specific business functions. But then there are other problems: more and more systems have been disassembled into many cell like microservices. How to manage the microservices has become a headache for many engineers. […]

  • North south traffic management of istio gateway


    Author Wang Xining, senior technical expert of Alibaba Participate in Alibaba cloud official account at the end of the message interaction, have the opportunity to get gift benefits! This paper is excerpted from the book “analysis and practice of istio service grid technology” written by Wang Xining, a senior technical expert of Alibaba cloud. It […]

  • Share the command of setting network card, IP, gateway and DNS by using PowerShell


    ————————————————-[system requirements]————————————————- Win7, win2008r2 is not supported Support win8 and above Support win2012 and above. ————————————————-[get network card]————————————————- Get all network cards:Get-NetAdapter     To obtain a single network card:Get netadapter – name “Ethernet 0″ ා or Ethernet,Or:Get-NetAdapter -InterfaceIndex 8================================================================================================================Get physical information of network cardGet-NetAdapterHardwareInfo ————————————————-[get IP, gateway, etc.]————————————————- Get netipconfiguration – interfacealia Ethernet0 – […]

  • Practice and exploration of graffiti intelligent Dubbo go 100 million class traffic


    Author pan Tianying, GitHub ID @ pantianying, an open source enthusiast, works in graffiti intelligence Dubbo is a High-Performance Lightweight RPC framework based on Java. Dubbo provides rich service governance functions and excellent extensibility. Dubbo go provides a unified service capability and standard between Java and golang, which is the main problem that needs to […]

  • Full entry record of. Net core microservices (7) — identityserver4 authorization and authentication


    Tips: This article has been added to the reading list of series articles. You can click to see more related articles. preface In the last article, we used cap to complete a simple eventbus, which realized the decoupling and asynchronous call between services, and achieved the final consistency of data. This article will use identity […]