• How Google solves the long tail delay problem


    The tail at scale is a paper published by Google in 2013 on the long tail delay of large-scale online services. To know how to solve the long tail problem, we must first understand what the long tail delay is. When developing online services, we all know to pay attention to the p99/p999 delay of […]

  • After thoroughly understanding the 2020 Alibaba, meituan, ByteDance Java interview questions, are you still far from bat?


    preface Recently, the golden nine silver ten is around the corner, and many people are preparing for the interview, especially summarizing the necessary questions for Java programmers,I have collected this interview list since last year. On the one hand, it is for company recruitment, on the other hand, I want to use it to mine […]

  • In simple terms, talk about rust webassembly (I)


    What is webassembly Before December 2019, if you want to write a web page, you must rely on three good brothers: HTML, CSS and JS. After December 2019, W3C announced that webassembly had joined them. Why join webassembly after the three brothers? Is there any difference between it and the previous one? Taking JS as […]

  • JVM – some parameter configurations that we have to know from Xiaobai to Dasheng


    preface Today, let’s introduce some parameter configurations that the JVM has to know from Xiaobai to Dashen JVM parameter details Generic JVM parameters -server If this parameter is not configured, the JVM will automatically select different modes according to the hardware configuration of the application server. The server mode starts slowly, but the runtime speed […]

  • JVM Tri Color marking and read write barrier


    Trichromatic marking The main purpose of GC garbage collector is to realize memory recycling. There are two main steps in this process: memory marking and memory recycling. Introduction to tricolor marking method Three color marking method is mainly used to mark memory blocks that can be recycled efficiently. image.png Tri Color marking is used as […]

  • Sort out the unfamiliar and familiar “JS to avoid memory leakage”


    preface Hello, I’m Lin Sanxin. I told you about the last articleHere are 13 pictures to help you defeat the “V8 garbage collection mechanism” in 20 minutesHowever, we know that the recycling mechanism is not good. The V8 garbage recycling mechanism is very strong, but we can’t just create a lot of garbage for recycling. […]

  • JVM learning 4 · memory overflow


    Memory overflow, that is, out of memory, should be a common problem. In this article, we will analyze several cases of memory overflow 1. stack overflow (java.lang.stackoverflowerror) 1.1 example of method self invocation Stack overflow occurs when the memory space of the stack overflows. The following example can well simulate such an environment The method […]

  • Design principle of vue3 responsive mode


    Design principle of vue3 responsive mode Why the design principle of relationship vue3? Understanding the construction principle of vue3 will help developers get started with vue3 more quickly; At the same time, it can improve Vue debugging skills and quickly locate errors 1. Vue3 vs. vue2 The principle of vue2 is throughObject.defineProperty()To hijack each attribute, […]

  • You have to know about JVM garbage collection


    catalogue 1、 Four citation methods1.1 strong reference1.2 soft reference1.3 weak reference1.4 phantom reference 2、 How to judge whether the object is garbage2.1 reference counting method2.2 root accessibility analysis 3、 Garbage collection algorithm3.1 mark sweep3.2 mark compact3.3 mark copy 4、 Garbage collector4.1 classification and characteristics4.1.1 serial4.1.2 throughput priority4.1.3 priority of response time4.2 serial garbage collector details […]

  • JVM + GC parsing (premise knowledge concatenation)


    Premise preparation JVM GC garbage collection JVM virtual machine monitoring, tuning and troubleshooting Tomcat and microservice optimization 1. Premise review 1.1. JVM memory structure 1.1.1、 JVM Architecture Overview The gray part in the figure isThread private, there is almost no garbage collectionOrange partThread sharing, the main place where garbage recycling occurs What is the class […]

  • JVM three color marking method and read-write barrier


    Trichromatic marking The main purpose of GC garbage collector is to realize memory recycling. In this process, the main two steps are: memory marking and memory recycling. Introduction to trichromatic marking method The three color marking method is mainly to mark the recyclable memory blocks efficiently. image.png Tri Color marking is used as a tool […]