• Unity GC optimization


    preface When the game is running, the data is mainly stored in memory. When the game data is not needed, the memory storing the current data can be recycled for reuse. Memory garbage refers to the memory occupied by the current discarded data. Garbage collection (GC) refers to the process of recycling and reusing the […]

  • Garbage collection mechanism


      Reference count import sys #Please run under Python interpreter to create one call for 2 str1 = ‘hello world’ print(sys.getrefcount(str1)) Generational Technology Python defines three generations of object sets by default. The larger the index number is, the longer the object will live Some heuristics are used in Python to speed up garbage collection. […]

  • JVM garbage collection algorithm


    What is garbage collection It is necessary to apply for memory resources when the program is running. If the invalid object resources are not handled in time, they will always occupy memory resources, which will eventually lead to memory overflow, so the management of memory resources is very important.In order to make programmers focus more […]

  • Echarts dynamically obtains JSON data from the background to display multiple broken line graphs, and the broken line data is transmitted from the background


    Echarts dynamically obtains JSON data from the background to display multiple broken line graphs, and the broken line data is transmitted from the background Dynamic acquisition of JSON data from multiple broken line graphs of echarts The renderings are as follows:      JS part: function mychart1(datetime,dateNums1,dateNums2,dateNums3,dateNums4) { myChart1 = echarts.init(document.getElementById(‘main1’)); option = { title: […]

  • Implementation of C ා background asynchronous message queue


    brief introduction Based on the producer consumer model, we can develop thread safe asynchronous message queues. Knowledge reserve What is the producer consumer model? For the convenience of understanding, we temporarily understand it as the process from the generation to the end of garbage. In short, multiple households generate garbage (producers) and deliver the garbage […]

  • Garbage classification system based on HTML5 webgl


    Preface Garbage classification generally refers to a series of activities of classified storage, classified delivery and classified handling of garbage according to certain regulations or standards, thus transforming into public resources. The purpose of classification is to improve the resource value and economic value of garbage, and strive to make the best of it. Garbage […]

  • Introduction to WordPress comment management function


    Keyword Description: introduction function management comments spam audit can be edited by Akismet Now let’s look at the comment management function. Comments are an important way for readers to communicate with you. Comments management function is also very important. In particular, because some websites abuse the function of comment to publicize websites, spam comment can’t […]

  • Week 1: good articles worth reading


    SF product news Noodles “segment fault hot content optimization” Serial articles Neu “the first article of gradle for Android (from gradle and as)” and a series of articlesMuxi morning, GC Expert Series 1: understanding Java garbage collectionMuxi morning: GC Expert Series 2: Java garbage collection monitoring CSS Edward up coordinate space and position of 3D […]

  • ValueError: Unable to determine SOCKS version


    Try   export all_proxy=”socks5://″     if you want to use socks proxy. Else   export all_proxy=””       for no proxy. Hope This works. 😀 Domestic tutorials are really rubbish

  • Beige Dahua yii2 cache mechanism – dbcache


    The database cache is not troublesome. The basic usage still conforms to the unified interface of yii2 cache. The specific method can be viewed in http://nai8.me/sapper-view.ht. If you want to start the database cache, you must have a database and data table, which can be done through the cache configuration file ‘cache’ => [ ‘class’ […]

  • See how mybatis designs the cache


    See how mybatis designsCache Why is pattern designCache, becauseMybatisJust rightMapThe encapsulation of data structure, however, has realized a lot of useful capabilities. If only from the perspective of design pattern, it is actually a typical decorator pattern, which is not difficult, so we will not talk about design pattern. Let’s take a look at this […]

  • Secret of node.js memory leak


    By giovanny Gongora Crazy technology house Original: https://nodesource.com/blog/m No reprint without permission For a long time, tracking the memory leak of node.js is a recurring topic, and people always want to know more about its complexity and reasons. Not all memory leaks are obvious. However, once we determine its pattern, we must look for correlations […]