• String Interning


    The string is immutable and cannot be modified once it is declared. Each modification is to create a new string object, which means that if a large number of string operations are performed, a large number of string objects will be created on the heap, causing more frequent garbage collection and damaging the performance of […]

  • JavaScript garbage collection mechanism


    First of all, we need to know what happens to our code without a garbage collection mechanism… answer… Memory leak! So what is itMemory leakWhat about it? We know that the program needs memory to run, and the operating system or runtime must provide memory. For continuous running programs or services, it is necessary to […]

  • 30 interesting JVM interview questions


    catalog 1. JVN memory structure 2. Object assignment rules 3. Explains the usage of stack, heap, and static area in memory 4. What data is stored in Perm space? Will it cause OUTOFMEMORY? 5. What is class loading 6. How to define class loaders? Do you have any defined class loaders or scenarios that you […]

  • Introduction to JAVA memory leak


    Memory management is one of the most important advantages of Java. You just need to create objects, and the Java garbage collector will automatically allocate and release memory. However, the situation is not so simple because memory leaks often occur in Java applications. This chapter explains what memory leaks are, why they occur, and how […]

  • How to develop an app


    I was busy with a project late last year, and I was always struggling with how to better describe the project premise in the form of app. My idea is to give people an easier way to collaborate on ideas. Innovating or slowly falling into madness At first, as a small app, its starting point […]

  • Have you really learned how to tune the performance of Tomcat and JVM? 》Conclusion


    Tomcat performance tuning: Find the conf directory under the Tomcat root directory and modify it server.xml The content of the document. For this part of the tuning, what I have learned is to set the maximum number of concurrent Tomcat server and the number of threads created during Tomcat initialization. Of course, there are also […]

  • The window / tray that solved the electronic application disappeared in a few minutes.


    This happens when variables used to store windows / trays are garbage collected. If you encounter this problem, the following articles may be helpful: memory management Variable range(https://msdn.microsoft.com/library/bzt2dkta(v = vs.94%29.aspx) If you want to fix it quickly, you can change your code to make the variable global const {app, Tray} \= require(‘electron’) app.on(‘ready’, () \=> […]

  • Pronto move shard — flash game created with database


    Abstract: as a tribute to the era of junk games, Andreas streichardt created a flash game using the arangodb database to commemorate the era. Come and have a look! In July, Adobe announced that they planned to end flash around 2020. With the progress of HTML5, and due to the long-standing existence of key security […]

  • Java virtual machine (JVM) interview questions (2020 latest edition)


    I collated advanced Java materials free of charge, covering Java, redis, mongodb, mysql, zookeeper, spring cloud, Dubbo high concurrency distributed course, a total of 30g, you need to get it yourself.Portal:https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/osB-BOl6W-ZLTSttTkqMPQ JAVA memory area What are the main components of the JVM and their roles?   The JVM consists of two subsystems and two components: […]

  • High quality AI articles collected in the first half of 2020 – AI + and + AI direction


    High quality AI articles collected in the first half of 2020 – AI + and + AI direction     When AI hits the supply chain Seven questions about how to use machine learning to do anomaly detection AI application in medical industry should avoid “garbage in and garbage out” Academician Ge Junbo: there are […]

  • V8 memory management and garbage collection mechanism


    Due to the V8 engine, node has some limitations when operating large memory objects. On 64 bit machines, the default maximum operation object size is about 1.4g, and on 32-bit machines, the default maximum operation object size is about 0.7G.If our node program often operates on objects with large memory, you can modify this default […]

  • Starting from 10 questions, I will show you all aspects of the JVM


    Every java development student will encounter JDK, JVM and GC problems in daily work or interview. This article will take the following 10 questions as the breakthrough point, and take you to have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the JVM. The difference and relation of JVM, JRE and JDK What is a JVM? […]