• Huawei account “No. 1 play” experience helps the growth of game users


    On August 1, Huawei HMS core Sparkle game application innovation salon was successfully held in Shanghai. At the scene, the guests introduced the functions and integration value of Huawei account kit, which attracted the interest of many developers. As one of the basic development service capabilities of HMS core, Huawei account service supports users to […]

  • Tcallusdb Jun · industry news collection (May 20)


    Tcallusdb has been paying close attention to the dynamics of the game industry and database industry. The following is a compilation of the recent news of the game industry and database industry collected by tcallusdb Jun, which is dedicated to you.(part of this article comes from the Internet) The new products of the game made […]

  • Learning Python through game programming (2) – brain teaser


    Learn Python through game programming Learning Python through game programming (2) – brain teaser Learn Python through game programming (1) – guess numbers Article catalogue Learn Python through game programming preface 1、 Knowledge points 2、 The second game – brain twists 1. Introduction to playing method 2. Game flow 3、 Program code 4、 Detailed code […]

  • Qt5 writes Tetris and uses SQLite3 to realize game playback


    background Use Qt5 Qgraphicsitem of 12.9 is used to realize Tetris, and sqlit3 is used to store data for game playback. Since QT has been used, try to use its components to rewrite the original JSON encapsulation and database operation interface. thinking Reuse the implemented code as much as possible, so only the shape and […]

  • Unity game start interface making teaching


    Unity game start interface making teaching Step 1:Create a new sceneStep 2:Add a canvas object in the scene (right click in hierarchy – > UI – > canavas) Start button How to add a start button to:Right click on canvas – > UI – > buttonHow to add text to a button:The text component of […]

  • Everyone can use C language to write a small game of push box! Today you can write your own project~


    C language, as the first programming language of most people, is of self-evident importance. Many programming habits and logical methods have been formed at this time. This is a twitter game I wrote after learning C language in my freshman year. My logic ability has been improved. I share this twitter game with you here. […]

  • On the application of c# programming language in game field


    0x00 Preface: As Microsoft becomes more and more open, c# has become more and more attractive. In the game industry, c# also began to get attention slowly. This is not true. Netease’s unique Shuangjiao mobile game team has been fully used Net core supports front and back-end unified c# development and cross platform deployment.So let’s […]

  • Using SQLite to save configuration table data in unity (for Lua)


    Use in lusqlite Lua version SQLite document:http://lua.sqlite.org/index.cgi/doc/tip/doc/lsqlite3.wiki SQLite official website:https://www.sqlite.org/index.html purpose Store the configuration table data in the game in SQLite Store chat records in the game Advantages of SQLite Improve the startup speed of the game. When the game is started, you do not need to load the configuration file, but read it from […]

  • On Tao independent games, Huawei game center helps developers gain growth


    On January 14, Huawei game industry salon · independent game special session was held in Shanghai. The salon invited Cao Kan, co-founder of cool house game, Tian Haibo, founder of East pole six senses, Guo Liang, CEO of fat pudding game and other guests to have a face-to-face in-depth discussion with many independent game developers […]

  • Unity (12) – scene switching


    Article catalogue preface Other introduction Last note 1、 Project structure 2、 Script [1]. Add scene [2] Binding script [3]. code [4]. Script trigger preface Press the button to switch to the specified scene Other introduction Microsoft official c# function document Official API document of unity (English) Unity official API document (Chinese) Unity official user manual […]

  • Game construction of unity open project


    Game construction Build chop chop! It’s simple, but because the game relies on assetbundles to load scenes and other content, you need to “build content” first. 1. Build content Building content means packaging all game resources in assetbundles, as shown in the addressable group window (Windows / asset management / addressable / groups). When you […]

  • What is the job of a game programmer? Why do you choose a game development engineer!


    Question: 1. Is it the same way to make those games with dozens of G’s now as to make DOS games before? Is the principle different or the principle the same, but the amount of work becomes larger? 2. What are the most appropriate majors in higher education? (for example, which major is the game […]