• Compilation and Deployment of Netfox Glory 6701/6801 Service Terminal Game


    1. Preface Work needs, contact the code of the net fox, because no contact with VC and cocos after a period of time to build up, record for your reference.Server includes system module (coordination server, chat server, login server, game server), website (front desk, back desk, room card background). 2. Environmental preparation The author here […]

  • C Guess & Guess & #128512; Text Game


    Preface-randomness Random Number Generation – https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E9%9A%8F%E6%9C%BA%E6%95%B0%E7%94%9F%E6%88%90% Nothing much. Write a guess (guess numbers) game. When you meet the guess part, you will definitely use random functions. We will unify the behavior of multiple platforms. Integrate a pseudo-random function implementation scheme to make randomness more random. Look at the interface design at the beginning.rand.h #ifndef _RAND_H […]

  • 201803-1 Jump-Jump CCF (C Language)


    Problem Description   Recently, jump this small game is popular all over the country, and is loved by many players.The simplified jump rule is as follows: players jump from the current box to the next one at a time, and if they do not jump to the next box, the game ends.If you jump to the […]

  • How to speed up computer games?


    But as we all know, playing games, hand games will flip away, and the PC side is more problematic. What to solve. DLL file missing, flower screen, Carton are compulsory courses, all is to install the necessary runtime of the game, update the motherboard, graphics card driver, etc., but if you want to speed up […]

  • JavaScript implementation of fruit ninja game, support mouse operation


    When smartphones were just becoming popular, fruit ninja was a popular little game. Years later, now let’s use pure JavaScript to implement the fruit ninja game, even to hone our JavaScript development skills. You can play online through this link (the link is my GitHub address): http://i042416.github.io/Fior… Start a new game with the fruit of […]

  • PHP + lottery. JS making Nine-palace lottery


    PHP + lottery. JS make nine palace lottery drawing examples, this lottery function performance is good, customization is convenient and simple, novice learning and direct use are very good, compatible with IE, Firefox, Google and other browsers. Introduction of lottery.js <script type=”text/javascript” src=”js/lottery.js”></script> Start_lottery() function start_lottery(){ if(flag){ // alert (‘Drawing, please wait for the result! […]

  • Realization of Gobang Game by MATLAB (Two-man War, Regrettable Chess)


    In this paper, we share the specific code of Gobang game implemented by MATLAB for your reference. The specific contents are as follows. Procedure introduction: 1. This game can only be used for two-person combat. 2. The parameters of chessboard color, chessboard grid number and chessboard color can be set freely. 3. Click the mouse […]

  • Single page applications are becoming more and more like games. Do we have a good architecture to deal with them?


    I once watched my roommate play games in my junior year. I forgot the name of the 3D game. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter here.At that time, I thought, clearly now the computer can handle such a complex 3D scene, animation is very good.But the pages we browse every day are so crude that there are […]

  • Introduction to MongoDB Database of Wechat Game Blockbusters


    Welcome to Tencent Cloud + Community to get more Tencent Massive Technology Practice Dry Goods~ This article is published in cloud + community column by TencentDB, Tencent cloud database With the outbreak of Wechat games, more and more developers pay attention to the compatibility of MongoDB and small game business. Tencent Cloud has provided services […]

  • Learning PixiJS – Elf State


    Elvish state If you have complex game characters or interactive objects, you may want the characters to run in different ways depending on what happens in the game environment. Each individual action is called a state. If you define states on the elves, they can be triggered as long as events corresponding to that state […]

  • Learning PixiJS-Particle Effect


    How do you create the effects of fire, smoke, magic and explosion? You made many elves, dozens, hundreds, even thousands. Then apply some physical effects to these elves so that they behave like the elements you’re trying to simulate. You also have to give them some rules about how they should appear and disappear and […]

  • Learning PixiJS – Visual Effects


    Tiled Sprites The tiling elf is a special kind of elf, which can repeat a texture within a certain range. You can use them to create infinite scrolling background effects. To create a tiling sprite, you need to use the TilingSprite class (PIXI. extras. TilingSprite) with three parameters. Usage: let tilingSprite = new PIXI.extras.TilingSprite(texture, width, […]