• play a guessing game


    Fishing is boring, so I made a small guessing game. Everyone must be familiar with this game, “rock-paper-scissors”. The idea is as follows: We simply arrange the ideas as follows: Gamers are users and opponents are our computers.The user comes out first, the computer comes out last, and then compares the results, outputs the answer, […]

  • How to develop 3D web games? Tutorial from scratch


    javascript framework for 3D games:3D game engines on the web have been nothing for a long time, but now they are mushrooming. Unity (Unity 2018.2 has completely deprecated js, using C#)Three.js (a relatively low-level framework, just a renderer, complex game interactions need to find a suitable plug-in)PlayCanvas (visual editor, walk-through design workflow)babylon.js (Babylon js, a […]

  • Why does the computer always win in the game of matching matches?


    There is a game, there are 21 matches, you and the computer take it in turn (you take priority), you can only take 1 to 4 matches at a time, you can’t take more, you can’t take it, whoever gets the last match loses. However, in the end, it was found that the computer always […]

  • The timing of unity game data persistence


    When will data be written to the file?Some games have auto-save points, where the data is stored, or when the player presses a button, the data is archived, and every time the game is entered, it starts from the save point.A game I recently wrote doesn’t have this setup. There are no autosave points, or […]

  • Overwhelming liver for two weeks, rewriting the code of the 1978 version of “Super Star Trek”


    The big IP “Star Trek” has spawned many movies, novels and games over the decades, blooming in various fields. Since the launch of the “Star Trek” series of games, there have been several series, attracting many loyal fans. Emanuele Bolognesi is a big fan of retro games and retro programming. For the past time he […]

  • An overview of Cinemachine implemented by mainstream game cameras


    “Mainstream Game Camera Implementation” uses the Unity 3D engine and Cinemachine components to implement the concepts, habits, basic principles, experience parameters, etc. of camera settings, switching and management of mainstream games. The implementation content is mainly based on action game cameras, but it is not limited to action games. It can also be used for […]