• C language simulation to realize simple minesweeping game


    This paper refers to the minesweeping game in a simple simulation computer, but at my current level, it can only be realized in a black box test.c #include<stdio.h> #include<stdlib.h> #include<time.h> #include “game2.h” void menu() { printf(“********* welcome ********\n”); printf(“**********1.play**********\n”); printf(“**********0.exit**********\n”); } enum Option { EXIT, PLAY }; void game() { int x = 0; int […]

  • C language to realize simple playing card game


    Divide a deck of playing cards into two parts, one for each. A takes out the first card in his hand and puts it on the table, then B takes out the first card in his hand and puts it on the top of the card a just played, just like this, the two players […]

  • C language to realize 24 point card games


    In this paper, we share the specific implementation code of the 24 point card game in C language for your reference. The specific content is as follows This program refers to C language to achieve the classic 24 point card puzzle game, and make some improvements. 1、 Title Requirements: 24:00 rules of the game: Remove […]

  • Jetpack series: the correct use of in app navigation


    What I want to share today is the basic usage of Android jetpack library. The content of this article is jetpack navigation component. Let’s learn together and work hard to complete the plan made at the beginning of the year! Component introduction Navigation refers to the interactive function that provides users to browse and exit […]

  • Introduction to rust (2)


    I think to learn computer language, we should use it first and then learn it. In this section, we will realize a small game of guessing numbers. First of all, we will briefly introduce the content of this game: Mr. game becomes a number between 1 and 100, and then we input the number we […]

  • Big guy, let’s talk about Lua


    Welcome to Tencent cloud + community to get more Tencent technology practice dry goods~ This article was published in the column of cloud + community by Youwen of goose factory Author: Zheng Xiaohui, senior engineer of Tencent game client development Write in the front: all the words in this article are manually typed by me, […]

  • Building game instant match system based on laravel


    Preface Recently, instant messaging application scenarios have been developed in the project. This time, we will build an instant matching system through laravel, which can be applied to basic instant battle games. The knowledge points needed are as follows: Laravel Redis Laravel-echo VueJs Start the actual operation as follows: Installation project dependency Composer install predis […]

  • What should I do when I play the game and pop up the prompt of missing. Net Framework 3.5?


    Many computer users will encounter a headache when playing some program games, and the prompt of “Net Framework 3.5″ will pop up. Since Windows 8, Microsoft has blocked “. Net 3.5” by default. Users must choose the online installation mode if they need to. However, domestic users always encounter the embarrassment of slow download or […]

  • Core technology of canvas


    Recently, more H5 games need to be written in the project requirements. The size of the game itself is not very complex, mainly bearing more business logic, so we decided to use canvas to complete the game part. Before, I only knew that there was canvas in H5, and I also knew that it was […]

  • Design and implementation of Python Gobang game


    This Python small case is the implementation of the Gobang game. In this case, we can realize that two players of the Gobang game fall at the designated position, draw the board after falling, and judge the winning or losing function according to the function. The idea of this case is as follows: First, draw […]

  • C language learning course: Super Mary game development source sharing


    C language written super Mary game source code, learning can also review the classic childhood. Educational games are widely distributed. Mario is a very popular character at the top of the game world. Mario grew up eating mushrooms. He had a big nose, a hat, a work suit and a beard. Along with his twin […]

  • Python language foundation 04 – construct program logic


    This article is included inPython from introduction to Mastery Series After learning the previous chapters, the blogger thinks it is necessary to take you to do some exercises here to consolidate the previous knowledge. Although the content we have learned so far is just the tip of the iceberg of python, it is enough for […]