• C / C + + Programming Notes: C language to see the game, Xiaobai practice project (source sharing)


    This article share to see the title is written for beginners, learn better small partners can also add some knowledge such as automatic algorithm, hope to help you! Well, when all our preparations are done, we can write our c language and watch the game again and again! In fact, this game design is really […]

  • You think that in the white whoring King glory, is actually Tencent white whoring you


    Recently, I have been writing a series of Java dry goods because I have made an outline and have been carrying out in a planned way. What’s more gratifying is that it has gained some people’s recognition and encouragement, but abandoned the game series that I have always wanted to write, because in the game […]

  • If you want to use artificial intelligence, you must know these (1)


    Sometimes I talk to my friends about AI. I find that many people overestimate or underestimate AI. Some problems don’t need AI at all, and some problems can’t be solved even with AI. So I’m going to write a series to evaluate a question from various angles: “do you want to use AI? Can AI […]

  • Rookie live challenge: creating multiplayer games in one hour


    Rookie live challenge: creating multiplayer games in one hour Playing games is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Some people pass time by playing games, while others pursue competitive stimulation through games. What you can’t imagine is that there is a rookie player who has no code experience and does not understand art […]

  • MFC realizes map display of liankan game


    MFC implementation in the early stage of the game to see how to show the map, and finally look at the source code of others to do. The first is the generation of map array. There are many kinds of maps found on the Internet. I use the types of randomly generated maps, and then […]

  • MFC implementation of the elimination of sub algorithm of liankan game


    The example of this paper shares the specific code of MFC to realize the algorithm of eliminating sub game in the game of continuous watching for your reference. The specific content is as follows There are three situations whether the two position pictures can be eliminated: 1. A straight line connection, which is also the […]

  • Award winning Q & A: how to get started quickly with Amazon sagemaker? (welfare at the end of the article ~)


    Since the launch of Amazon sagemaker in 2017, we have made great progress, as evidenced by the growing number of customers using the service. However, due to the relative immaturity of ML tools, ML development workflow is still very repetitive, and for developers, management is challenging. Many tools (debugger, project management, collaboration, monitoring, etc.) that […]

  • Should I use artificial intelligence for my business? What you need to evaluate before introducing AI (2)


    This is a series of articles that evaluate a question from various perspectives: “should I use AI for my business? Can I use AI? “ Current evaluation perspective – data. Underlying logic: data driven The old era based on Rules Before the popularization of artificial intelligence, the products used by everyone were “rule-based”. We summarize […]

  • Statistical analysis of game log (2)


    Next to the previous article [Kafka ksql] game log statistical analysis (1), show the use of ksql window function. Test log data: {“cost”:7, “epoch”:1512342568296,”gameId”:”2017-12-04_ 07:09:28_ Zone 2_ 500_ 015_ 185175″,”gameType”:”situan”,”gamers”: [{“balance”:4405682,”delta”:-60,”username”:”lza”}, {“balance”:69532,”delta”:-60,”username”:”lzb”}, {“balance”:972120,”delta”:-60,”username”:”lzc”}, {“balance”:23129,”delta”:180,”username”:”lze”}],”reason”:”game”} Ksql three kinds of windows Count players who complete 3 or more games every 2 minutes Based on the tumbling windowtable: […]

  • Unity GC optimization


    preface When the game is running, the data is mainly stored in memory. When the game data is not needed, the memory storing the current data can be recycled for reuse. Memory garbage refers to the memory occupied by the current discarded data. Garbage collection (GC) refers to the process of recycling and reusing the […]

  • C language to realize cat fishing game


    In this paper, we share the specific code of cat fishing game in C language for your reference. The specific content is as follows #include<stdio.h> #include<time.h> #include<string.h> #include<stdlib.h> #include<windows.h> typedef struct { int data[3600]; int col[3600]; int top; } stack; typedef struct { int data[3600]; int col[3600]; int head; int tail; } queue; queue p1, […]

  • Script killing, the next outlet after werewolf killing


    Introduction to “script killing”In the first half of 2018, with the launch of several Lianmai reasoning social games, the word “script killing” began to become popular rapidly and is expected to become the next outlet level game after werewolf killing.“Script killing” originated from the offline game “mystery of murder”, which is a LARP (real-time role-playing) […]