• Primary analog circuit: 10-1 logarithmic diagram and decibel


    Back to directory 1. Logarithmic coordinate diagram (1) Concept derivation To study the frequency, we must use the logarithmic coordinate diagram. The logarithmic diagram can show the impact of the relative change of frequency on the circuit performance in a wide range, and this effect can not be achieved by the ordinary linear coordinate diagram. […]

  • Explain in detail behind webrtc’s high sound quality and low delay – AGC


    Introduction:This paper will comprehensively analyze the basic framework of webrtc AGC with examples, and explore its basic principle, mode differences, existing problems and optimization direction. Earlier, we introduced the in webrtc audio 3aAcoustic echo cancellation (AEC)In this chapter, we will talk about another “a”–   Automatic gain control (AGC). This paper will comprehensively analyze the […]

  • Primary analog circuit: an overview of 8-1 operational amplifier


    Back to the catalog       Operational amplifier(operational amplifier)Operational amplifier(OP AMP) is an integrated amplifier, which is characterized by a very large voltage gain (usually more than tens of thousands), high input impedance and low output impedance. The reason why the word “operation” should be added before its name is that the device was […]

  • Hand in hand teaching you to understand decision tree: from concept to application


    The full text is 2.5k words, and the recommended reading time is 5 minutes. Although decision tree has been used in machine learning for some time, the technology is still powerful and popular. This guide first provides an introduction to the method, and then shows you how to build a decision tree, calculate important analysis […]

  • 5. Cart tree


    Cart tree Cart tree (classification and regression tree) classifies regression trees, which can be used to create classification trees and regression trees. Classification tree: Taking C4.5 as an example, each branch is exhaustiveFeaturesAccording to $featur {E_ i} The threshold value of “threshold + threshold”. Regression tree: the overall process is similar, the difference is that […]

  • [open source] using angular9 and typescript to develop RPG Games (complementing buffer skills)


    RPG system construction Through the game process of Douluo mainland novels, I am familiar with the structure of angular and the object-oriented development method using typescript.GitHub project source code address RPG system construction ver0.02 2020/03/31 character Similar to other RPG Games, the characters in the game have the following attributes: HP, mana, attack, defense and […]

  • Popular explanation of decision tree: how to use effective features for decision classification?


    Decision tree is a supervised learning method, which constructs a decision tree through features and labels to learn the rules between features to solve classification and regression problems. The process of using decision tree to make decision is to start from the root node, test the corresponding feature attributes of the items to be classified, […]

  • Analysis of decision tree and its pruning and integration method


    catalog Guide reading brief introduction information details entropy information gain information gain-ratio gini impurity MSE/LSD pruning pre-pruning post-pruning value processing continuous value$[4][9]$ missing value$[3][9]$ ensemble model bagging boosting #reference links Guide reading As one of the top ten algorithms of machine learning, decision tree is easy to understand and explainable. It uses many scenes (including […]

  • Detailed explanation of decision tree


    1、 Background There are a lot of summaries of sorting algorithms on the Internet, which are clear and likeable at a glance. However, the following problems are common in the related blogs about decision tree 1) Insufficient induction and depth 2) There are not enough summary points. Some questions cannot be answered 3) Copying formulas […]

  • [machine learning summary] – decision tree


    The structure of decision tree Each internal node represents a feature or attribute, each edge represents a value of a feature or attribute, and each leaf node represents a category. The construction process of decision tree Decision tree is divided into classification tree and regression tree. First, classification tree: The construction process of classification decision […]

  • Review of machine learning (7): decision tree algorithm (ID3, C4.5)


          Note: all blogs in this series will be continuously updated and published on GitHub. You can download all article note files in this series through GitHub.   1 algorithm overview   Every day, we make all kinds of decisions – how to say hi on weekends, whether to buy clothes, which means […]