• Python crawling: crawler


    The text and pictures of this article are from the Internet, only for learning and communication, and do not have any commercial use. The copyright belongs to the original author. If you have any questions, please contact us in time This article from Tencent cloud Author: lonely moon Objective: to simply obtain the fund data […]

  • Managing money is managing life


    Lesson 5: the principal is not enough, open source to solve Open source goose raising method In the previous course, we learned about five kinds of investment products. If you want to make money by investment, increasing the principal is essential. Increasing the principal is the process of “raising geese”. The fatter the geese are, […]

  • Fixed six years, ended in a loss. What did she do wrong?


    story I heard a tragic story today. A classmate of Qiu Zai started to invest in a certain fund since 2010. On the 8th of every month, I put in 300 yuan for six years. Yesterday, it was fully redeemed and ended with a net loss of more than 200. She felt very happy. She […]

  • The multimillionaire


    Today, let’s talk about the investment artifact that ordinary people can learn — fixed investment of funds. In 2005, Mr. Buffett wrote a letter to all active equity fund managers. Within 10 years, no active fund could beat the S & P 500 Index Fund. The bet was $500000. As soon as the gamble started, […]

  • Vscode plug-in development (leek box), do the best stock and fund plug-in


    leek-fund Vscode plug-in, pay attention to real-time stock & fund data at any time when coding. Fund data delay due to interface2 minutesAround, the stock data is real-time In fact, investment is a mental cultivation, steady state of mind, long-term investment will have benefits!! Installing plug-ins: Visual Studio | marketplace,Vscode minimum version requirements:v1.40.0+ The main […]

  • Implementation of vs Code fund plug-in from scratch


    Write it at the front With the bull market in July, more and more people join the A-share market, but the risk of the stock market is huge, some people become rich overnight, and some people lose their money. Therefore, for ordinary people, the fixed investment of fund is a good choice, and I am […]

  • Use Python to analyze funds! Make money to win in the starting line!


    You don’t manage money, money doesn’t care about you! Can Python help you with your finances? Effect preview Trend chart of cumulative yield Basic information results How to use: Python 3 + some third-party libraries import requests import pandas import numpy import matplotlib import lxml to configureconfig.json 。codeAllocation fund code,useCacheWhether to use cache. { “code”:[ […]