• “Quick start typescript” typescript basic syntax


    1、 Typescript Introduction: Typescript is a programming language (TS) developed by Microsoft and a superset of JavaScript. Typescript extends the syntax of JavaScript, adds some new syntax following ES6 specification, and has the characteristics of class based object-oriented programming. Any existing JavaScript program can run in typescript running environment without any changes. Advantages of typescript […]

  • Rust programming video tutorial (Advanced) – 004_ 2 life cycle in functions and structures


    Video address Headline address:https://www.ixigua.com/i677586170644791348…Station B address:https://www.bilibili.com/video/av81202308/ Explanation content 1. Generic lifecycles in functions Error example: fn longest(x: &str, y: &str) -> &str { if x.len() > y.len() { x } else { y } } fn main() { let s1 = String::from(“abcd”); let s2 = String::from(“ad”); let r = longest(s1.as_str(), s2.as_str()); } Error reason: the […]

  • System programming – process – exec series function super detailed explanation (with various practical codes)


    My related blog posts: System programming process close on exec mechanism PART1 Introduction to exec series functions Exec series function debut The routine operation is to first fork a sub process, and then to call the exec series function in the sub process to execute the new target program. Although the exec series of functions […]

  • Manual golang basic data structure and algorithm insertion sorting


    origin Recently read < < my first algorithm book > > ([Japan] Ishida Baohui; Miyazaki Xiuyi)This series of notes is intended to use golang exercises Insert sort Insertion sort is an algorithm to sort data from the left end of the sequence. In the sorting process, the data on the left is returned one after […]

  • About ES6 tail call optimization


    ES6 contains a special requirement in the field of performance. This is related to a specific form of optimization involving function calls: tail call optimization (TCO). Simply put, a tail call is a function call that appears at the “end” of another function. After this call, there is nothing else to do (except that the […]

  • File system functions in PHP (2)


    This time we will learn some functions that are not very commonly used, but are also very useful. Some of them may have been seen or used, and some may really have no impression. They are all part of the file system related operating functions in PHP. Existence is reasonable. Maybe it’s just that we […]

  • Tour UNIX – APUE course notes [2]


    Preface In the last article, we implemented the simplest shell, and this shell only executes bash instructions. What should we do if we want to implement all the commands? Like ls. First, we should think of parsing parameters, because as long as we parse the parameters, we can call the exec function to execute the […]

  • Redux notes


    React state management tool Redux 1. Redux core 1.1 introduction to Redux JavaScript state container, providing predictable state management 1.2 core concepts and processes of Redux Store: container for storing state, JavaScript objectView: view, HTML pageActions: object that describes how to operate the stateReducers: function, operation status and return a new status 1.3 Redux usage: […]

  • Reading papers on fairness of recommendation system (4)


    Next, it took me nearly four days to complete my thesis “towards long term fairness in recommendation”[1]Well understood. Because this paper uses reinforcement learning, which is not as concise and clear as the previous generation confrontation network (GAN), and involves a lot of mathematical knowledge.Before reading the paper, I spent a lot of time to […]

  • React source code analysis 8. Render phase


    React source code analysis 8. Render phase Video course (efficient learning): enter the course Course Directory: 1. Introduction and interview questions 2. Design concept of react 3. React source code architecture 4. Source directory structure and debugging 5. JSX & Core API 6. Legacy and concurrent mode entry functions 7. Fiber architecture 8. Render stage […]

  • File system functions in PHP (3)


    Finally, we come to the part we are most concerned about, that is, the operation of f-related functions. Basically, most of the file operations are based on the contents learned today. Let’s learn one by one. File reading The file reading is actually very simple. Fopen () opens the handle, FREAD () reads the content, […]

  • A thorough understanding of the hystrix go source code


    Series articles: Usage and principle of hystrix go A thorough understanding of the hystrix go source code Opening The last article mainly introducedhystrix-goIn this article, let’s comprehensively analyze the source code. This article is very long. Please read it patiently. In addition, because the direct release of the source code affects the mobile phone reading […]