• In-depth understanding of JavaScript – array


    In our previous series, we used the built-in constructorObjectStart to talk about it, and derive various knowledge points from it. Then we talk about another big constructorFunction, which also leads to knowledge points comparable to Object. After these two, the author thinks that the building of JavaScript has been built, but there are still two […]

  • ajax – Final jsonp, anti-shake throttling


    Today is our last day of ajax learning. After this time, we can go to vue. I don’t believe there are any obstacles in the way. Let’s take a look at today’s content without talking about other things. 1. The first is the same-origin policy, what is the same-origin? If the protocol, domain name, and […]

  • gets function, convenience makes it popular, security makes it eventually abandoned


    Preface: You can’t have both, the gets function was finally discarded by the c11 standard committee. I think it’s the safety of the function itself. As Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory mentioned, safety is human At the bottom level of requirements, security is more important than the convenience of function calls. At the beginning of […]

  • Indie Product Inspiration Weekly DecoHack #036 – A useful tool for podcasting


    This magazine records interesting and interesting content related to independent product design and development, which is released every week. The content of previous issues is also exciting. Interested partners canClick to subscribemy weekly. In order to ensure that every issue can be received, it is recommended to subscribe by email. welcome throughTwitter Recommend or contribute […]

  • node.js-package, express


    First of all, I want to share my joy here. I have been in joy since yesterday. I received my first offer. Haven’t received the first pot of gold yet haha, but it should be soon after the offers are all obtained. Today’s content is a bit small, let me take it slowly 1. First […]

  • Review – es6 grammar


    There is a problem with the computer these days, I have been working on it, and the thesis is approaching, and it is time to get it. There is a big project in the previous node, which has been completed. Now I am going to continue the review from the last review until this project. […]

  • Review – ajax


    There is a very intuitive feeling about reviewing, that is, what you have learned before, Meng understands half of it, and this is all clear. You used to think that you did not study well, but after reviewing the previous cases, you can actually Completed it independently, and the knowledge points seem to be well […]

  • [C Programming] 07 – Functions


    If the program has many functions and a large scale, write all the programs in onemainIn the main function, it will make the main function complex and difficult to read and maintain. So put forwardmodular programming: When designing a larger program, it is often divided into several program modules, each module includes one or more […]

  • Do you know how to implement multiprocessing with PHP?


    This article will explain the following: 1. Introduction to PHP native process functions 2. PHP implements multi-process code 1. PHP native process functionAlthough PHP is the best language in the world, for PHPers, multi-process and process management are still relatively unfamiliar. This article will explain how to implement multi-process using PHP native code. First we […]

  • How to judge whether the system is 64-bit or 32-bit in c++


    Speaking of this topic, if I change the title to “How do you judge whether the system is 32-bit or 64-bit”, it is estimated that many technology enthusiasts will curl their lips and say“Isn’t it just open my computer, find the properties, click in to see if it is 32 or 64?” So in order […]