• Six single line functions of Oracle Database


    Vi. single line function 6.1 Understanding single line function The function is the same as the function of the method in Java language, which is to complete the function support of some specific operations, and there are a large number of single line functions in Oracle database. After mastering these functions, they can facilitate the […]

  • Problems and solutions in machine learning of function computing deployment


    Abstract:With the popularity of serverless, it has become an inevitable trend to migrate applications to the cloud. Let’s take a look today at how to migrate machine learning applications to function computing. 1. For local development, let’s take a look at the steps of local development of machine learning application. We can roughly summarize the […]

  • Windows cannot install. Net Framework 3.5 solution


      Windows Server 12r2 or win10 installation. Netframework 3.5 method: First, It can be enabled directly in “enable or disable windows functions”, and networking is required.However, there are often errors. It may be necessary to restart during the installation process, but the machine restart in real-world applications is limited. 2. You can use PowerShell (administrator) […]

  • Array method details


    There are many methods of JS array. In normal use, it’s easy to forget some uncommon array methods, and the length of time confuses two similar methods. Moreover, ES6 has added some new methods on the basis of Es5. In order to facilitate memory, write a blog to facilitate memory, and take a look when […]

  • CNN popular analysis


    Abstract:CNN basic knowledge introduction and tensorflow specific implementation is a rare material for beginners or job seekers. Definition: In short, convolutional neural networks is a kind of deep learning model or multilayer perceptron similar to artificial neural networks, which is often used to analyze visual images. The founder of convolutional neural network is Yann Lecun, […]

  • Optimizing in-depth learning: batch normalization


    Abstract:A technique for optimizing neural networks, check it in? Do you know these people in the picture above? These people call themselves “The Myth Busters.” Why? They inspired us to do something similar in Paperspace. The question we need to address is whether Batch Normalization (BN) actually solves the problem of International Covariate Shift. Although […]

  • In depth analysis of php7 kernel source code (I) – PHP architecture and life cycle


    Why is PHP7 so fast? New zval saves more space, allocating memory on the stack Zend_string stores the Hash value of a string and does not require Hash calculation when querying an array Direct storage of data in HashTable bucket reduces the number of memory applications and improves cache hit rate and memory access speed. […]

  • Python serializes 37-multi-processes, process subclasses, process parent-child IDS


    I. Thread Substitution Scheme 1.subprocess (1) Skip threads completely and use processes (2) Is the main alternative to the derivative process (3) introduction of Python 2.4 2.multiprocessing (1) Derived using threading interface, using subprocesses (2) Allow for multi-core or multi-CPU derived processes with very similar threading interfaces (3)python2.6 3.concurrent.futures (1) New asynchronous execution module (2) […]

  • Hand-in-Hand Teaching You to Learn Deep Learning Framework-PyTorch


    Abstract:PyTorch is a deep learning framework based on Python language. It specializes in the development of GPU-accelerated deep neural network (DNN) programs. Basically, all its programs are written in python, which makes its source code look concise and has a wide range of applications in the field of machine learning. PyTorch is a flexible in-depth […]

  • Data Structure of Java Programming Skills


    Guide reading Ouyang Xiu, one of the Eight Great Masters of Tang and Song Dynasty, wrote in The Oil Seller: Weng takes a gourd and puts it on the ground. He covers his mouth with money. Xu drinks it with dippers and drinks it with oil. He enters it through the hole of money, but […]

  • Python basic notes


    First, inheritance ”’ 1. What is inheritance Inheritance is a way of creating new classes. New classes are called subclasses and inherited classes are called base classes, parent classes and superclasses. Inheritance describes a “hereditary” relationship: subclasses can reuse attributes of the parent class Inheritance in Python pays attention to two points: 1. Supporting a […]

  • MySql Learning Notes 1


    MySql Learning Notes 1 1.SQL classification DDL (Data Definition Language) Data Definition Language DML (Data Manipulation Language) Data Operating Language DQL (Data Query Language) Data Query Language DCL (Data Control Language) Data Control Language TCL (Transaction Control Language) Transaction Control Language 2. Common instructions View all current databases: show databases Open the specified library: use […]