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  • PHP regular expression library (two sets)


    There are two sets of regular expression function libraries in PHP, which have similar functions, but slightly different execution efficiencyOne is provided by PCRE (Perl compatible regular expression) library. Using “preg” Functions named for prefixes;One set is provided by POSIX (portable operating system interface of Unix) extension (PHP default). Use to “ereg” Functions named for […]

  • Too many open files and process network connection data view


    First, take redis as an example to explain the network data of a process when it is running What is a redis server file 2. Function libraries that can be called by redis server runtime 3. When redis server starts 4. Run redis servrer and call the execve function 5 load the function library file […]

  • JQuery — Introduction and use


    JQuery — Introduction and use Blog description The information involved in this article comes from Internet collation and personal summary, which means personal learning and experience summary. If there is any infringement, please contact me to delete it. Thank you! introduce JQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript framework, which is another excellent JavaScript code […]

  • How to install Python 3 independently under CentOS 7


    1、 Deployment preparation Inspection and installation of deployment environment tools 1) Install the EPEL release Library in case the DB4 devel dependency installation fails   yum -y install epel-release       2)Install external function library(libffi) yum -y install libffi-devel       3)Install compile environment dependencies(all must be installed successfully, otherwise compilation will fail) […]

  • Post calculation script of SQL


    In most cases, we can complete the database calculation with SQL (stored procedure), but if we encounter some complex operations that SQL is not good at, we can only read the data out of the database with other programming languages, and then complete the calculation outside the database. Such programming languages often appear in the […]

  • For PHP to go friends recommend a artifact


    Friends who know PHP should be impressed by two features of PHP:1. Powerful array;2. Powerful function library.Most data can be represented by an array;Similarly, most functions can be done with one function. For example, Java calculates the MD5 of a string import java.math.BigInteger; import java.security.MessageDigest; import java.security.NoSuchAlgorithmException; public class MD5Utils { public static String stringToMD5(String […]

  • Common sense literacy


    Include < File > compiler will first find the file in the standard function library Include “file” the compiler will first find the file from the current directory Include < File > compiler will first find the file in the standard function library Include “file” the compiler will first find the file from the current […]

  • Cygwin: Linux development environment under Windows system


    What is cygwin? Cygwin is a posxi compatible environment that can run on Windows system. Yes, I have a new album, learning notes on zero basis. It’s not that I’m too greedy, but I’ve been developing with swote with my friends in the last six months. In order to let these pits play their waste […]

  • Canvas 2D non zero sum and parity wrapping rules


    The left is odd and even, and the right is non-zero Environmental Science 2D graphics different systems, different browsers may use different graphics library. chromeUsingskiaGraphic function library firefoxUsingcairoGraphic function library skiaAndcairoIt encapsulates the back end, so it can cross platformchromeThe graphics library used isskiaHowever, the underlying graphics library may be different on different systems, such […]

  • App slimming is enough


    catalog 1. Why is the app overstaffed? In the first few years of Android, there were few tens of megabytes of apps, but now we find that tens of megabytes of apps are everywhere. There are three main reasons for this situation: The development of Android fragmentation makes the classification of DPI more and more, […]

  • Git submodule: a powerful tool for collaborative development


    Git For our developers,GitWe’re really familiar with the operation of, but we’ve really made good use of itGitDid you? Or,GitWhat better functions and more abundant functions are provided to help us better manage the code and complete the construction of the project? Today, I would like to introduce a team that is very helpfulGitFunction of——Git […]

  • Introduction to ECMAScript 6


    ECMAScript 6 is the next standard of JavaScript, which is under rapid development. Most of it has been completed and is expected to be officially released in 2014. Mozilla will launch JavaScript 2.0 based on this standard. The goal of ECMAScript 6 is to enable JavaScript to be used to write complex applications, function libraries, […]