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  • Understanding of recursive functions


    PHP recursive function Recursive function is a self calling function, which directly or indirectly calls itself within the function body, that is, the nested call of the function is the function itself. Usually, there is an additional condition judgment in this type of function body to judge whether recursive call is required, and terminate the […]

  • Study day 13


    C language Basic concepts of functions A main function and several other functions form a C program Functions can call each other Declare before function call void shengmingdehansu();// This is the declaration of the function { Printf (“this declared function is printed / 0”); } Int main() // this is the main function, the beginning […]

  • Study day 14


    C language General forms of function calls Method of function call Treat function as a statement2. The function appears in the expression – expression function, – requiring the function to bring back a determined value to participate in the operation of the expression3. Function call can be used as the function’s argument Nested calls to […]

  • iOS block


    Block is also an OC object in essence. It also has an ISA pointer insideBlock is an OC object that encapsulates the function call and the function call environment B8C55828-A391-4CB5-B16B-C089478505A8.png Isa represents the type of blockFuncptr points to the address of future function callsDes represents the size of the calculated blcok 3D78659A-B793-4D23-ACB1-8DE20339C18A.png Next, let’s look […]

  • Introduction to Python decorator


    Universal formula of decorator When Xiaobai is learning decorators, he will encounter some places that he doesn’t understand or know very well. This is because you directly roll the decorators at the beginning. So how can you understand and understand the decorators?Therefore, before learning decorators, you must understand the nesting and closure of functions. Next, […]

  • Study day 15


    C language recursive call 1. Call yourself 2. “`c void digui();//—— statement Int main() // — main function { digui();// Call recursion } Void digui() // recursive function { Printf (“recursive function \ n”)// content digui();// Call yourself } ——- finally, the program crashes, causes, dead loops, recursive functions call themselves all the time, and […]

  • Will there be performance problems if there are too many function calls?


    Function overhead confusion In modern development work, I believe that most of the students’ projects are not built from the zero line of code. Each language has its own popular code framework, such as laravel, CodeIgniter, ThinkPHP and so on. Everyone adds their own business code logic on the basis of their own framework to […]

  • Source code analysis of QT update refresh (3)


    Hello, I’m an it literary man, a front-line programmer from a large front-line factory The last video analyzed the QT refresh event from the source level(QEvent::UpdateRequest)This video mainly analyzes the further processing of refresh events from the source level, that is, the process of drawing and outputting the screen go back toQWidgetPrivate::drawWidget(QPaintDevice *pdev, const QRegion […]

  • Study day 19


    C language Macro definition without parameters Used to replace — string replacement identifier Identifiers are also called macro names # define a 78 int main() { printf(“%d\n”, a); } # define a 78 int main() { int b; b = 3 * a; printf(“%d\n”,b); } The process of replacing a string with a macro name […]

  • How to view overdraw under URP pipeline


    1) How to view overdraw under URP pipeline2) Lua local function call recycling mechanism3) How does AssetBundle use the secondary compression algorithm to reduce the enclosure4) The number of triangular patches of URP is not accurate This is the 262nd UWA technical knowledge sharing push. Today, we continue to select a number of issues related […]

  • [xv6 source code snooping (3)] cow fork


    preface This article is about MIT 6 S081-2020-lab6 (copy on write fork for xv6); If you find any problems in the content, please don’t be stingy with your keyboard. preparation First, make a general list of the work to be done to implement cow fork: Modify uvmcopy() function; 【√】 Modify the copyout() function because it […]

  • Why doesn’t KVO circular reference


    Because nskeyvalueobserving in foundation is not open source, and we can’t see the specific logic inside KVO through C + + code and assembly code, we can’t study whether the target of KVO will cause circular reference. Therefore, with our new exploration below →GNUStep base function callanObserverWill eventually passThe addobserver method of gkskvoinfo is added […]