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  • Can you answer seven questions about “this”?


    Author: ShadeedTranslator: XiaozhiSource: Dmitri pavlutin Like again, search wechat【Great Migrations 】, B station attention【Front end tips】This person has no background of a big factory, but has a positive attitude. this paperGitHub https://github.com/qq44924588…It has been included in the book, the articles have been classified, and a lot of my documents and tutorial materials have been sorted […]

  • [Python 1-13] Python hands on tutorial (Part 1) — explain functions and the use of functions in detail


    Author: VladSource Vlad (official account: fulade_ me) Define function Here’s a simple function to print greetings, called greet_ user(): def greet_user(): “Show simple greetings” print(“Hello!”) greet_user() This example demonstrates the simplest function structure. Use keywordsdefTo tell python that you want to define aFunction. Here, the function is calledgreet_user()It doesn’t need any information to do its […]

  • Explain the definition and call of shell function in detail


    1、 Shell function definition format Shell function definition format, each part is described as follows: [function] and other parts enclosed in brackets indicate optional your_ function_ The name part is the function name your_ shell_ The commands part is function code; the shell generally takes the unit of behavior, but can use “\” to wrap […]

  • Programming code: C + + function overload – source code sharing


    ————Resume content———— There is an essence behind every phenomenon, and the key is whether to excavate it or not preface:     The importance of function overloading is not clear, but do you know how to implement function overloading in C + + (although this article is about the implementation of function overloading in C […]

  • Recursive function


    1. What is a recursive function? Recursive function is to call itself to solve a problem in a function. 2. How to use recursive function and when to use it? When we decompose the problem, we find that the subproblem to be solved after decomposition has the same characteristics and solution as the original problem, […]

  • Thinkphpp6 core analysis (9): send response and close out


    explain Update to 6.0 official version on October 31, 2019 All the previous analysis is based on$response = $http->run();It has been a long way,runMethod is finally run and returns aResponseObject, the program returns to the entry file . . . $response = $http->run(); $response->send(); $http->end($response); The next step is execution$response->send();。sendmethod: public function send(): void The […]

  • This is this


    The pointing of this is a popular problem in JavaScript, and the pointing rules are different in different scenarios. This paper summarizes the pointing rules of this in different scenarios and the direction of this in the new arrow function in ES6. About this This provides a more elegant way to implicitly “pass” an object […]

  • Goroutine in go language learning


    Coroutine characteristic Lightweight “thread” Non preemptive multi task processing, in which coprocessor takes the initiative to hand over control Compiler / interpreter / virtual machine level multitasking, non operating system Multiple coroutines can be executed on one or more threads Go keyword opens a coroutine func main() { for i := 0; i < 10; […]

  • Vs code debugging complete strategy (2): step by step debugging


    Author: Charles szilagyi Crazy technology house Original text: https://charlesagile.com/debu… No reprint without permission It is important to navigate between the code to be checked. It would be tedious and unnecessary to traverse every line of code. The debugger provides a convenient way to see what’s important and jump out of unimportant blocks of code. Let’s […]

  • C practical exercise topic 34


    Title:Practice function calls. Program analysis:None. example: #include void hello_world(void) { printf(“Hello, world!\n”); } void three_hellos(void) { int counter; for (counter = 1; counter <= 3; counter++) hello_ World(); / * calls this function*/ } int main(void) { three_ Hellos(); / * calls this function*/ } The output results of the above examples are as follows: […]

  • JS advanced traversing DOM tree


    Traversing DOM tree   The first function: give me the root node, and I’ll find all the child nodes: for DOM Gets the child nodes of this root node Var children = children of the root node Call the second function The second function: give me all the child nodes, I will display the name […]

  • The whole process of u-boot NAND SPL code


    /*SPL stage function call procedure*/ u-boot-spl.lds(arch/arm/cpu/arm/u-boot-spl.lds) |–> vectors.S(arch/arm/lib/vectors.S) |–> start.S(arch/arm/cpu/arm926ejs/start.S) |–> /*set SVC mode .. disable FIQ and IRQ*/ |–> cpu_init_crit(arch/arm/cpu/armv7/start.S) |–> /* flush D cache before disabling it*/ |–> /* disable MMU and D cache it, enable I cache if SYS_ICACHE_OFF is not defined*/ |–> lowlevel_ init(arch/arm/cpu/arm926ejs/nuc970/lowlevel_ Init. S) / * board level initialization […]