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  • SharpC: A C Interpreter In C# – 0111


    Expression, the simplest and the most difficult. All kinds of arithmetic, logic and assignment are embedded in the same function calls. Think of them as big as the Big Dipper, moving mountains, filling seas, and withering rocks.There is a cloud of nonsense. According to yacc rules, expressions are composed of operands and operators. Operands are […]

  • ES6 Asynchronous Programming II: promise


    The quagmire of asynchronous callback Asynchronous callback is the most direct asynchronous result processing mode, which is called a callback functioncallbackThrow it into the asynchronous processing function, and call the callback function after the asynchronous processing gets the result to continue the subsequent processing, but if thecallbackIs it another asynchronous call? As we all know, […]

  • [JS pocket book] Chapter 3: Javascript functions


    Alibaba cloud has been doing activities recently, with a discount of 20%. If you are interested, please take a look at:https://promotion.aliyun.com/… What is a function A function is a set of statements that perform a specific function. Without a function, it might take five, ten, or even more lines of code to complete the task. […]

  • Functions of the introductory course of go language (10)


    Hello, everyone. I’m xiaozhanjun. The vacation is over in a blink of an eye. I don’t know if you have a good time? Last time we talked about the process control of go language, xiaotanjun also hopes that his friends will follow him step by step to tap the code and make progress with each […]

  • Introduction to go language (XI)


    Original: it dry warehouse Hello, everyone, I’m xiaotanjun. I talked about the definition of go language function and some kinds of self-defined function yesterday. We will continue to share what we said in the last issue today. 1. Return value of function without parameter Functions with return values must have explicit termination statements, otherwise compilation […]

  • How to gracefully handle Async/Await anomalies?


    Translator:Use.catch()To capture all exceptions Original: Async Await Error Handling in JavaScript Translator: Fundebug This article adopts free translation and the copyright belongs to the original author. Exception handling in async / await is confusing. Although there are many ways to deal with exceptions to async functions, even experienced developers sometimes get it wrong. Suppose you […]

  • Explain the call of main function in Android application


    Start the App process The first part of the activity startup process is to call ActivityStackSupervisor. startSpecificActivityLocked. If the App process does not exist, first call AMS startProcessLocked: void startSpecificActivityLocked(ActivityRecord r, boolean andResume, boolean checkConfig) { // Is this activity’s application already running? ProcessRecord app = mService.getProcessRecordLocked(r.processName, r.info.applicationInfo.uid, true); r.task.stack.setLaunchTime(r); if (app != null && […]

  • Method of Enabling 3D Acceleration in FreeBSD


    First, the principle of realizing 3D under FreeBSD.In fact, this is not only the principle of FreeBSD, but also the whole * Nix family. The implementation of 3D function is also layered, which is similar to OSI’s layered model. (1) At the top, the application layer is the application layer, which is the application for […]