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  • How to gracefully handle Async/Await anomalies?


    Translator:Use.catch()To capture all exceptions Original: Async Await Error Handling in JavaScript Translator: Fundebug This article adopts free translation and the copyright belongs to the original author. Exception handling in async / await is confusing. Although there are many ways to deal with exceptions to async functions, even experienced developers sometimes get it wrong. Suppose you […]

  • Explain the call of main function in Android application


    Start the App process The first part of the activity startup process is to call ActivityStackSupervisor. startSpecificActivityLocked. If the App process does not exist, first call AMS startProcessLocked: void startSpecificActivityLocked(ActivityRecord r, boolean andResume, boolean checkConfig) { // Is this activity’s application already running? ProcessRecord app = mService.getProcessRecordLocked(r.processName, r.info.applicationInfo.uid, true); r.task.stack.setLaunchTime(r); if (app != null && […]

  • Method of Enabling 3D Acceleration in FreeBSD


    First, the principle of realizing 3D under FreeBSD.In fact, this is not only the principle of FreeBSD, but also the whole * Nix family. The implementation of 3D function is also layered, which is similar to OSI’s layered model. (1) At the top, the application layer is the application layer, which is the application for […]