• CentOS ip_ Conntrack: table full, dropping packet solution


    So why IP_ Conntrack: table full, dropping packet? Iptables uses a connection tracking table to describe the connection status. When the table is full, the information will be written in the log. This may be a little difficult to understand, so under what circumstances do we need to find this record in the log? When […]

  • Background map of CSS novice tutorial full of the whole screen


    To make the whole interface have a background picture, it’s natural to think of adding background to the body. The code is as follows: body { width:100%; height: 100%; /*Load background*/ background: url(“../static/images/index/backImg.jpg”) no-repeat; /*The background image is centered vertically and horizontally*/ background-position: center center; /*When the content height is greater than the image height, […]