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  • SQL Server 2005 simple full text retrieval


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: –View the current database status 1 as full-text indexing enabledSelect databaseproperty (‘Database name ‘,’ isfulltextenabled ‘)–Open fulltext functionexecute sp_fulltext_databse ‘enable’ –Turn this feature offexecute sp_fulltext_databse ‘disable’ –Create a full-text index catalog–Drop fulltext directory nameCreate fulltext catalog directory name–Each table can only have one full-text index, which is stored in […]

  • Mongodb Full Text Search Function


    Preface It is well known that in traditional relational databases, we usually structure the data and query the results we need through a series of table Association and aggregation. In unstructured data, there is no such predefined structure, so it is not easy to quickly query and locate the results we need. As a NoSQL […]

  • Laravel’s implementation of full-text search using scout integrated elastic search


    This paper introduces Laravel’s implementation of full-text search using scout integrated elastic search and shares it with you as follows: Install required components composer require tamayo/laravel-scout-elastic composer require laravel/scout If composer requires laravel/score errors occur Using version ^6.1 for laravel/scout ./composer.json has been updated Loading composer repositories with package information Updating dependencies (including require-dev) Your […]

  • Introduction of SQL Server Full Text Search Function


    Full-Text Search of SQL Server is a word-based text retrieval function, which relies on full-text index. Full-text index is different from the traditional B-Tree index and column storage index. It is composed of data tables, called Invert Index, which stores the mapping relationship between word segmentation and the unique key of rows. Inverted index is […]

  • Extensions using Python’s SQLLite JSON1 and FTS5


    As early as September, a file named json1.c appeared in the programming world, which had been in the library of SQLite. In addition, I have also summarized the use of new technologies.json1Extensions to compile pysqlite techniques. But now with the release of SQLite 3.9.0, users don’t have to work that hard anymore. Version 3.9.0 of […]