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  • SQL_ Usage analysis of server full-text index


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: –1. Enable SQL Server full-text indexing for databasesEXEC sp_fulltext_database ‘enable’ –2. Create a full-text catalog–(if there is an error “full text search is not installed or a full-text component cannot be loaded” here, the service may not be started or installed)EXEC sp_fulltext_catalog ‘Ask91Fable’, ‘create’, ‘D:\Data2005\Ask_91_Index’ –3. Specify the table […]

  • SQL_ Demonstration of using server full-text index


    This article demonstrates a complete SQL Server database full-text index, taking pubs database as an exampleFirst, introduce the specific steps of creating full-text index by using system stored procedures:1) Start the full-text processing function of the database (sp_fulltext_database)2) Establish a full-text catalog (sp_fulltext_catalog)3) Register tables that require full-text indexing in the full-text catalog (sp_fulltext_table)4) Indicate […]

  • Elasticsearch use series -es basic operations of adding, deleting, checking and modifying +ik word segmentation


      Elasticsearch use series -es introduction and environment construction Elasticsearch use series -es basic operations of adding, deleting, checking and modifying +ik word segmentation Elasticsearch uses series – basic queries and aggregate queries +sql plug-ins Elasticsearch uses series – Net6 docking elasticsearch Elasticsearch uses series docker to build elasticsearch clusters 1、 Install visualization tool kibana […]

  • SQL Server full-text catalog full-text index use method and difference explanation


    First, let’s introduce the storage class objects in sqlserver. Ha ha, let’s introduce the concepts first, so that novices and veterans can have an understandingSqlserver Management Studio integrates the full text catalog, partition function and partition scheme nodes into the storage node of object explorer, as shown in the following figure: Full text catalog The […]

  • Metadata management – complete implementation of dynamic form designer in crud API system


    Form design In the previous article, we introduced some basic functions of form design through a series of cases. Form design plays a very important role and is also the core of crud API. Therefore, this paper will introduce some other functions in form design in detail. outline Form field column property Column English name […]

  • Various types of indexes in mongodb


    In the previous article, we introduced the simple operations of indexes in mongodb, such as creating, viewing, deleting and other basic operations. However, we only introduced one type of index above. In this article, let’s take a look at other types of indexes. This is the tenth article in mongodb series. Understanding the previous articles […]

  • Advanced MySQL: Information_ Schema introduction


    When using the command line to connect to MySQL, we are executingSHOW DATABASESCommand, you will find that there is another database namedINFORMATION_SCHEMAWhat is this representation used for? In mysql,INFORMATION_SCHEMAIt is used to access the metadata of the database (such as database, table name, column data type or access permission). In each MySQL instance,INFORMATION_SCHEMAIt saves the […]

  • Mongodb (V) advanced_ Indexes


    Indexes Before we know the index, we first create a table and insert 2 million pieces of data into it. // test.js //Generating random numbers function GetRandomNum(min,max){ let range = max-min; // The interval of random number is obtained let rand = Math.random(); // Get the random value return (min + Math.round(rand *range)); // Minimum […]

  • Index types of MySQL and how to create and maintain them


    Index is very important in mysql, which can greatly improve the performance of MySQL. Definition of index It is a kind of data structure that can help MySQL obtain data efficiently, and it can also be said that it is a kind of ordered fast search data structure. There are mainly the following data structures: […]

  • 19 MySQL optimizations commonly used in BTREE projects


    1、 Explain To optimize mysql, we should make good use of itEXPLAINView the SQL execution plan. Let’s take a simple example to annotate (1,2,3,4,5) the data we want to focus on Type column, connection type. A good SQL statement should at least reach the range level. Eliminate all levels Key column, the index name used. […]

  • Mongo index learning notes


    Index usage scenarios Excellent: speed up the query Inferior: the addition, deletion and modification will cause additional expenses and space occupation Tips: returns more than half of the data in the set, and the efficiency of full table scanning is high Index basis Basic operation View index: db.test.getIndexes () Create index: db.test.ensureIndex ({“username”:1},{“background”:true,”name”:”index_ test_ Name […]

  • Talk about mongodb – mongodb index introduction and sharing


    sketch In fact, the indexes in mongodb are similar to relational databases in order to improve the efficiency of query and sorting, and the implementation principle is basically the same. Because the key (field) in the collection can be a normal data type or a subdocument. Mongodb can create indexes on various types of keys. […]