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  • Customize react native modal, support full screen pop-up


    background When using react native (hereinafter referred to as RN) to develop mobile apps, you will encounter many pop-up scenarios. Although RN comes with a modal component to achieve this effect, due to the differences between Android and IOS platforms, the effects developed with the same component will be slightly different. For example, for modal […]

  • 10 useful jQuery plug-ins


    ​JQuery is the fastest and most concise JavaScript library that simplifies HTML document traversal, event processing, animation, and Ajax interaction. With the appearance of more and more jQuery plug-ins, developers can easily integrate the required components into their navigation menu, logo, tabular layout, and short text to make them have a specified size or create […]

  • snal-player-native


    Install 1. git clone https://github.com/snail-boy/snail-player-native.git 2. copy the files in the Lib directory to your project Usage Run index html Title #snailPlayId { width: 800px; height: 500px; margin: 0 auto; } h1 { text-align: center; } snail-player import SnailPlayer from “./lib/index.js”; new SnailPlayer({ el: ‘#snailPlayId’, src: ‘https://webrabbit.oss-cn-beijing.aliyuncs.com/drawingbed/video.mp4’, Autoplay: true, // whether to play automatically Loop: […]

  • Webstorm set line break


    Different operating systems use different line breaks. Dos and windows use carriage return + line feed cr/lf to indicate the next line Unix/linux uses line feed LF to indicate the next line Mac OS uses the carriage return character CR to indicate the next line Git file rollback and pull code will modify these line […]

  • Android video player plug-in – mxvideo


    MXVideo introduce Android open source player based on dumpling player and kotlin, out of the box. Welcome to issue and pull requestProject address:MXVideo Small screen Full screen live broadcast Functional characteristics Any player kernel (including open source ijk, Google exo, Alibaba cloud, etc.) For single case playback, only one program can be played at the […]

  • (function test collection) common test points of pop-up window


    Type of pop-up windowPop up window operation setPop up loading and displayPop up elementsProperties of pop-up windowPop up compatibilityRisk of pop-upreference prefaceMobile app pop-up window is a popular form of content display at present. According to the nature of the content, it can be divided into news, notification, advertising, marketing, etc. the display form is […]

  • Journey of the first applet of uni app (2)


    This time, I experienced more comprehensive small program components, such as login, map, address selection, form, etc. then, I will encounter more problems, so I’ll break them one by one. uni-indexed-listDue to the height of components, the full screen is full by default. If there is a search bar above the design, it will be […]

  • Page switching animation effect of fluent fluro routing Library


    fluroPage switching functionRouter.navigateTosupport11There are three kinds of switching animations with different effects, which support delay setting and user-defined switching effects. All effects will be shown below, which can be selected according to actual needs in the future. Switching effect classification Fluro’s built-in switching animation can be divided into three categories: Native effect of each platform […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play with VIM – 64 – # parameter argument


    Parameter argument Recall last time Last time I learned about windowswindow Windows are used for bufferingbufferof bufferIs a hard disk file loaded in memory Window segmentation :sp[lit]horizontal partitioning :vsp[lit]vertical partitioning Window switching ctr-wagainkSwitch to the window above the current window ctrl-wagainjSwitch to the window below the current window ctrl-wagainhSwitch to the window to the left […]

  • Maximize DOS window under windows7 system (full screen)


    When we use windows to open the DOS window to query the database, if there are too many columns in the table, the above situation will occur. Then we can solve it by enlarging the window.First, open the DOS window and enter the command wmic, as shown in the figure:After that, just click the zoom […]

  • Vue custom instruction


    1.v-click-outside-xClick external close 2. Element click range extension instruction v-expandclick Using this instruction can implicitly expand the click range of elements. Since it is implemented by borrowing pseudo elements, it will not affect the arrangement and layout of elements on the page.The parameters that can be passed in are: the range extended from top to […]

  • Use avplayer to customize the player that supports full screen (V) – swift reconstructed version


    preface A simple video player was open-source long ago. Due to its long-term disrepair, the effect is terrible. Recently, it has taken time to deeply reconstruct it. The old version will not be maintained later, and the new version will be usedSwiftAfter implementation, more functions will be added in the future. If you don’t want […]