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  • Swiftui Foundation: how to make pictures spread all over the screen


    Suppose we have a picture that we want to spread all over the screen? Set the background first import SwiftUI struct ContentView: View { var body: some View { VStack{ CircleImage(imageName: “lilly”) .frame(width:160,height:160) .padding(.top,89) .padding(.bottom,20) } .background( Image(“lotus”) .resizable() .scaledToFill() ) } } The effect is not satisfactory, not spread out Then fill the container […]

  • Bootstrap column offset


    Sometimes, we don’t want two adjacent columns to be close to each other, but we don’t want to use margin or other technical means. At this time, you can use the column offset function to achieve. Using column offset is also very simple. Just add the class name “col MD offset – *” to the […]

  • [electron playground series] window


    Author:Kurosaki This article mainly explainsElectronWindowsAPIAnd some problems encountered in the development. Official documentsAlthough more comprehensive, but in order to develop a commercial level of desktop applications must be on the wholeElectron API  Have a deeper understanding, in order to respond to various needs. 1. Create a window adoptBrowserWindowCome onestablishperhapsAdministrationNew browser window, each browser window has […]

  • [electron playground] summary of electron window problems


    Author:Kurosaki The purpose of this section is to summarize the problems that may be encountered in the development of the electron window, and make a summary, which will be updated continuously in the future. 1. The window flickers. const { BrowserWindow } = require(‘electron’); const win = new BrowserWindow(); win.loadURL(‘https://github.com’); Use new browserwindow() to create […]

  • Learn Vue, learn Vue JSX


    Only inrenderFunctionJSXIs that right Of course not. You can define itmethod, and thenmethodBack insideJSX, and thenrenderThis method is called in the function, not only that,JSXYou can also assign values to variables directly, such as the following code methods: { $_renderFooter() { return ( determine cancel ) } }, render() { const buttons = this.$_renderFooter() return […]

  • Solve the problem that Ubuntu can’t be full screen


    problem   when opening the Linux operation interface in VM VirtualBox, click the full screen mode in the view, but the actual interface size does not change. As shown in the figure below: solve Search settings in the interface to find the settings Open the settings and find the display options Change the resolution After […]

  • Vue full screen plug in


    Installation: npm install –save screenfull Application: import screenfull from ‘screenfull’ export default { name: ‘test’, data() { return { Screenfullbut: false, // full screen button } }, methods: { //Full screen function fullscreen() { if (!screenfull.isEnabled) { this.$notification.open({ Message: ‘warm tips’, description: ‘your browser can’t use full screen function, please change Google browser or manually […]

  • Uniapp love to play small gray video player usage process


    General use process of native plug-ins: Purchase a plug-in and select the project that the plug-in is bound to. Find the project in hbuilderx, check the module in app native plug-in configuration of manifest, if you need to fill in parameters, please refer to the plug-in author’s document to add. Develop the code according to […]

  • Electronic development from scratch – main process – window closing and tray handling


    Window closing and tray handling This issue mainly deals with the closing of windows and the simple handling of pallets.Let’s talk about the realization of a target function in this issue: take Netease cloud music as an example. In the windows environment, we click Close in the upper right corner. At this time, a pop-up […]

  • Alertdialog utility API and its examples


    This article will introduce the common methodsAlertDialog ApiAnd its common useAlertDialog Examples Common API common method Method definition Method statement setIcon(int iconId) Set the icon for the dialog box setCancelable(boolean cancelable) Set whether the dialog box can be cancelled setTitle(CharSequence title) Set the title of the dialog box setMessage(CharSequence message) Set the main content of […]

  • Video compatibility in wechat


    1. In line properties of video tag SRC: URL of video Poster: Video cover, no picture displayed when playing Preload: preload Autoplay: autoplay Loop: loop playback Controls: browser’s own control bar Width: video width Height: video height style=”object-fit:fill” /Adding this style will make the Android / Web video full screen in wechat. If it is […]

  • Swiftui tips: text background full screen background


    In the process of using swiftui, we often encounter the problem of setting the background, especially we need to set the global background. What should we do at this time. The value and harvest of this paper After reading this article, you will be able to make the following interface After reading this article, you […]