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  • Video playback of popular plug-ins in Vue (RTMP m3u8)


    vue-video–player(5.0.2) Recently, my project has made a monitor video display. The video format provided by the background is RTMPLater, it was changed to m3u8, which was unsuccessful, because it occupied too much memory, so this method was canceled I. installation npm i vue-video-player -SNPM I videojs flash – s play RTMPNPM I videojs contrib HLS […]

  • Only fullscreen opaque activities can request orientation


    Today, I met a wonderful problem on Samsung‘s S8Only fullscreen opaque activities can request orientation 1、 Scene appears Samsung mobile S8 Android 8.0 targetSdkVersion 27 Transparent activity 2、 Solutions Remove from manifestandroid:screenOrientation=”portrait” 3、 Reason (found in source code) Check Android 8.0 source code 3.1、ActivityRecord#setRequestedOrientation There are several conditions: Non full screen!fullscreen Targetsdkversion is set to […]

  • Vue uses Vue video player to play HLS video


    install Vue video player in“ devDependencies In install Video JS contrib HLS in“ dependencies In   Introduced in main.js import hls from ‘videojs-contrib-hls’ import VideoPlayer from ‘vue-video-player’; import “video.js/dist/video-js.css” import “vue-video-player/src/custom-theme.css” Vue.use(hls) Vue.use(VideoPlayer)     Use the first method in the page import “video.js/dist/video-js.css”; import videojs from “video.js”; import “videojs-contrib-hls”; mounted(){ videojs( “my-video”, { bigPlayButton: […]

  • http://javaexception.com/archives/203


    Copyright notice: This is the original article of xing’star. Please indicate the source for reprint! This article is synchronized from http://javaexception.com/archives/203 Perfect solution to crash problem of full screen theme of Google nexus device There is a previous article, which records the bugs in my app upgrade to targetsdk 27. The article is located at […]

  • Full screen of Youku video in the article and removing online conversion of advertisement


    Recently, looking through the blog of many friends, we found that many good-looking Youku videos can’t be full screen, or a little full screen jumps to the official network again, and the results have to be re buffered. So I found some information to spell out an online conversion. (it’s not a plug-in, it’s a […]

  • The Mac screenshots you don’t know about


    Today’s introduction to the Mac screenshot function, if you thinkShift + Command + 3 / 4If it’s all the screenshots on the Mac, you’re undervaluing the Mac. It’s more powerful than you think. Shift + Cmd + 3 – capture full screen 2.Shift + Cmd + 4 — visually drag the mouse screen shot: — -press the space bar: The following […]

  • Realization of Zone Screening Function of Cocos Creator Small Game


    Screenshot is a very common function in the game. In cocos, a screenshot function can be implemented quickly through cameras and RenderTexture. The specific API can be referred to: https://docs.cocos.com/creator/manual/zh/render/camera.html? H=% E6%88%AA%E5%9B%BE. The official also provides a more complete example. In fact, without the full-screen screenshots provided by the official website, we can generally save […]

  • How to browse MAC pages in full screen? Four methods of MAC full screen browsing


    If Mac wants to browse the web page in full screen, how can it browse in full screen? Let’s share four ways, as follows. Method 1:clickGreen Application IconCanFull screen. Method two:Shortcut key for full screen of web page, presscontrol+cmmand+fCan be realFull screen of current web page。 Method three:Move the arrow to the green position and […]