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  • How to read Chinese Pinyin using Java?


    <dependency> <groupId>com.belerweb</groupId> <artifactId>pinyin4j</artifactId> <version>2.5.1</version> </dependency> package org.fh.util;import net.sourceforge.pinyin4j.PinyinHelper;import net.sourceforge.pinyin4j.format.HanyuPinyinCaseType;import net.sourceforge.pinyin4j.format.HanyuPinyinOutputFormat;import net.sourceforge.pinyin4j.format.HanyuPinyinToneType;import net.sourceforge.pinyin4j.format.HanyuPinyinVCharType;import net.sourceforge.pinyin4j.format.exception.BadHanyuPinyinOutputFormatCombination;/**Chinese character parsing and Pinyin processing Description: FreeMarkerWebpage GameTemplate engine class Author: FH admin from:fhadmin.org */ public class GetPinyin { /** *Get the whole spell * @param src * @return */ public staticwww.cungun.com String getPingYin(String src) { char[] t1 = null; t1 = […]

  • Introduction of Django basic course


    Statement: the following is my personal understanding. If you find any mistakes or questions, you can contact me for discussion This tutorial is the first in Django basic tutorial series preface Why is there a lot of learning materials about Django on the Internet? I also want to write a Django tutorial myself. First, I […]

  • C # Gets the Pinyin and initials of the string


    In C, it is not so difficult for us to acquire the Pinyin of strings. Many of the ways we see on the Internet are very clumsy. In fact, each has its own advantages. If we use the following ways, it does not know the polyphonic characters, which is a problem. /// <summary> /// Get […]