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  • Random name generation method


     Transferred from: http://www.maomao365.com/?p=10025 Abstract:The method of generating Chinese names using SQL script is as follows:Experiment environment: SQL Server 2008 R2 In our work, we sometimes need to generate random names in batches. The following describes how to use SQL scripts to generate random “names”, as shown below:Realization idea:1. Define a family name database2. Define a […]

  • What is the difference between call, apply and bind in JS?


    introduce In JS, the prototype of each function points to Function.prototype Object (JS is based on the inheritance of the prototype chain). Therefore, each function has apply, call, and bind methods, which inherit from the function.They have the same function, they are used to change the direction of this in the function. usage method The […]

  • Function application: student management system


    1、 System function Add students Delete student Modify student information Query student information Display college information Exit the system 2、 Step analysis 1. Display function interface 2. User input function serial number 3. Perform different function functions according to the input serial number while True: #1. Display the function interface info_print() #2. User input function […]

  • C / C + + Programming Notes: C language score management system! Source sharing of management system based on chain structure


    Recently, many students need to complete their own C language course design because of the requirements of the school, so many people have private letters or added me to chat with me. The most frequently asked question is “student achievement management system“. In fact, when you write too many projects, you will find that: in […]

  • [pl / SQL] basic exercises 1-8 (1)


    1. Query the information of the employee whose third letter of ename is a (using two methods). analysis:Either fuzzy query, or accurately locate the location and then judge SELECT * FROM EMP WHERE ENAME LIKE ‘__A%’; SELECT * FROM EMP WHERE SUBSTR(ENAME,3,1) = ‘A’; 2. Inquire how many months the employees of department 10 and […]

  • Comprehensive practice of MySQL


    Title Description There is a database with four tables in it Student form Course Score Teacher information table The table structure is as follows: Table 1_ Student form Property name data type meaning sno int Student number (primary key) sname varchar Student name ssex varchar Student gender sbirthday date Date of birth classid varchar Students’ […]

  • Mybatis cache structure


    When users access the cache a little, we can put the results of the next query in the container. Level 1 query cache The first level cache is based onOf the instance object of the same sqlsession class。 The data regions of instance objects of different sqlsession classes are not affected by each other. Mybatis […]

  • JS form verification source code (with error prompt and password level)


    Print first index.html Index XX high speed rail customer service center| customer service Feedback [email protected] Hello, please log in to register My XX Outstanding orders Completed order (change / return) My insurance Survey personal information Account security Top contacts Key passenger booking Lost items search Service inquiry complaint proposal Mobile version Your current position: Passenger […]

  • Promise and Reduce


    Promise organization code Promise Ajax version promise, to solve the problem of asynchronous. ajax1().then(ajax2).then(ajax3).then(()=>{}) Comments: it always makes people feel that promise exists for Ajax Some people cleverly encapsulate promise on the pop-up components. //Callback mode Alert (‘are you sure you want to delete this data ‘, () = >{ console.log (‘deleted successfully’) },()=>{ console.log […]

  • JS foundation — regular correlation functions match, exec, test, replace, search


    match str.match (string | regexp) // if a string is passed in, it will be converted to a positive expression implicitly through ‘new regexp (obj)’ If it is not a global match, what is returned isfirstA complete match level whose associatedCapture group information (a group wrapped in parentheses in a regular)。 If it is a […]

  • Java distributed session sharing solution


    Distributed session solution CopyAuthor:SimpleWu Distributed session consistency? To put it bluntly, it is the problem of session sharing in the server cluster The role of session? Session is a session tracking technology for communication between client and server. The server and client keep the basic information of the whole communication session. When the client visits […]

  • Python twist Drawing Library & drawing name example


    *****Take a look at the change() and run() functions I defined****** Drawing coordinate system: Function: set the size and position of the main form turtle.setup(width, height, startx, starty) #Width: the width of the window. If the value is an integer, it means the pixel value; if it is a decimal, it means the ratio of […]