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  • Angular form validation 2


    preface In previous articles《Angular form validation》This paper mainly introduces some basic knowledge about angular form verification. This article will focus on expanding the relevant content of angular form verification and the application in actual development. Form validation scenario 1 In the actual development, we may have such a situation. We want to be able to […]

  • Personal learning series – spring boot integrates mongodb to add, delete, modify and query data


    Mongodb is a product between relational database and non relational database, which has the most abundant functions and is most like relational database. Mongodb installation Because I’m simply integrating, I’m installing mongodb into windows. 1. Official websiteDownload installation package After entering the download page, you can see the download link directly on the right, select […]

  • 50 SQL interview questions


    This blog SQL script address: gitee preparation There are four tables as follows: Student form: student (student number, student name, date of birth, gender) Grade: score (student number, course number, grade) Curriculum: Course (course number, course name, teacher number) Teacher table: Teacher 1、 Create databases and tables In order to demonstrate the running process of […]

  • SQL basic note 3 normal form key


    SQL basic note 3 normal form key What is paradigm? Ha, I can design and use it, but I can’t say it. Then the concept of less clear as a whole   What is & classification Normal form (NF) is a kind of specification. When designing a database model, it has different levels of specification […]

  • Database experiment series 3 stored procedure and trigger experiment (stored procedure and trigger)


    catalog Experiment 9: stored procedure experiment Experiment 10: trigger experiment Experiment 9: stored procedure experiment Write and debug 8 stored procedures, master the use of stored procedures. You can also use the assignment in the figure below. SQL statement code –1. Example 1 Use student homework management database; Select * from student table; Select * […]

  • Summary of common SQL statements in MySQL foundation 1


    Database and table operation Create, delete and view databases create database mysql1 charset utf8; drop database mysql1; show databases; use mysql1; Create, delete and view tables create table mytab( id int primary key auto_increment, name varchar(50), gender varchar(10) not null, date date, ); //View table structure desc mytab; drop table mytab; Add, update and delete […]

  • Address book management system


    //Clear screen center function#include#include#include#include#define N 10Int t = 0, a = 0, q = 1, m; / / T is the number of people deleted, a is the serial numberint flag=0;struct Person{Char number [20]; / / student numberChar name [20]; / / nameChar mail [20]; / / emailChar address [20]; / / addressChar Tel [15]; […]

  • 50 classic SQL questions


    There are four tables as follows: Student form: student (student number, student name, date of birth, gender) Grade: score (student number, course number, grade) Curriculum: Course (course number, course name, teacher number) Teacher table: Teacher According to the above information, write the corresponding SQL statement according to the following requirements. PS: these questions examine the […]

  • MySQL multi table query


    Query syntax: selectList of column names fromTable name list where…. Prepare SQL Create department table CREATE TABLE dept( id INT PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT, NAME VARCHAR(20) );Insert into Dept (name) values (‘development department ‘), (‘marketing department’), (‘finance department ‘); Create employee table CREATE TABLE emp ( id INT PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT, NAME VARCHAR(10),Gender char (1), — […]

  • Common basic statements of MySQL 2


    Subquery exercise db40 List all employees whose salary is higher than Wang Haitao’s, and display their name and salary Select name, Sal from EMP where Sal > (select Sal from EMP where name = “Wang Haitao”); List all employees in the same position as Liu peixia, showing their names and positions. Select name, job from […]

  • SQL interview dictionary with answers


    1、 SQL query is used to express the following queries for the three basic tables s, SC and C in the teaching database S (SnO, sname, sage, ssex) fields indicate student number, name, age and gender Each field of SC (SnO, CNO, grade) represents student number, course number, grade Each field of C (CNO, CNAME, […]

  • Django — Python captcha generation tool: gvcode and captcha


    The verification code generation tool used in Python projects:gvcodeAndcaptcha gvcode Full name: Graphic verification code Installation: pip install gvcode use: import gvcode s, v = gvcode.generate () sequence unpacking s. Show() ාdisplays the generated captcha image Print (V) ා print captcha string   effect: captcha Installation: pip install captcha   use: from captcha.image import ImageCaptcha […]