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  • MySQL multi table query


    Query syntax: selectList of column names fromTable name list where…. Prepare SQL Create department table CREATE TABLE dept( id INT PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT, NAME VARCHAR(20) );Insert into Dept (name) values (‘development department ‘), (‘marketing department’), (‘finance department ‘); Create employee table CREATE TABLE emp ( id INT PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT, NAME VARCHAR(10),Gender char (1), — […]

  • Common basic statements of MySQL 2


    Subquery exercise db40 List all employees whose salary is higher than Wang Haitao’s, and display their name and salary Select name, Sal from EMP where Sal > (select Sal from EMP where name = “Wang Haitao”); List all employees in the same position as Liu peixia, showing their names and positions. Select name, job from […]

  • SQL interview dictionary with answers


    1、 SQL query is used to express the following queries for the three basic tables s, SC and C in the teaching database S (SnO, sname, sage, ssex) fields indicate student number, name, age and gender Each field of SC (SnO, CNO, grade) represents student number, course number, grade Each field of C (CNO, CNAME, […]

  • Django — Python captcha generation tool: gvcode and captcha


    The verification code generation tool used in Python projects:gvcodeAndcaptcha gvcode Full name: Graphic verification code Installation: pip install gvcode use: import gvcode s, v = gvcode.generate () sequence unpacking s. Show() ාdisplays the generated captcha image Print (V) ා print captcha string   effect: captcha Installation: pip install captcha   use: from captcha.image import ImageCaptcha […]

  • Learning SQL Server (7): stored procedures


    ——————System stored procedure——————-–The stored procedure defined by Microsoft and can be used directly is called system stored procedure–System procedure_ XXXexec sp_helpdb master exec sp_bindrule   —————–Custom stored procedure——————-–Stored procedures defined by programmers –Extended stored procedure   —-==================The creation of stored procedure has no parameters===============——Definitioncreate procedure proasbegin declare @x int set @x=1 while @x<10 begin print […]

  • Review of MySQL 6: subquery (inner query)


    Where is the Northwest Wangxiang, Southeast see the moon several times round. The moon is slowly hanging up in the sky, and I will lead you lovely readers to explore the last subquery part of MySQL. Note: some query results come out, the result screenshot and title requirements are different, there will be redundant fields […]

  • vue.js The same element implements click and dblclick to perform different functions


    When doing a project, there will always be an element or button, which needs to be processed in different functions under different requirements. Here we take the table table as an example, which I use here vue.js And element   As shown in the figure: (you can click the name or double-click the name)  Functional […]

  • Automatic generation of component documents using react docgen


    Author: attapulgite Zhu Feifei background Recently, I received a request to develop the react component library. During the development process of the component library, I just finished writing a component to be used by my colleagues. My colleague immediately asked me, “ah? How to use this component. Emmm, I thought I’d just tell it I’d […]

  • Oracle Database Foundation


    Introduction to Oracle Oracle database, also known as Oracle RDBMS, referred to as Oracle. It is a relational database management system launched by Oracle.Oracle database system is a popular relational database management system in the world. It has the advantages of good portability, easy to use and strong function. It is suitable for all kinds […]

  • Flink’s dataset operator


    Flink provides the corresponding dataset API and datastream API in order to process bounded and unbounded datasets. We can develop corresponding Java programs or Scala programs to complete the corresponding functions. Here are some examples of the basic operators in the dataset API. Next, we will demonstrate the role of each operator through specific code. […]

  • Python Beginners – getting information from the keyboard


    Name = input (“> > > Name:) QQ = input(“>>>QQ: “) phone_ Num = input (“> > > mobile number:) com_ Addr = input (“> > > Company Address”)) print(“=” * 30) Print (“\ nname: S / N / NQQ: S / N / n mobile number: S / N / N company address: S […]

  • ASP.NET Open source import and export Library Magicodes.IE Multi sheet import tutorial


    Multi sheet import tutorial explain This tutorial explains how to use it Magicodes.IE.Excel Complete the excel import of multiple sheet data. main points Importing multiple sheet data of the same format Multiple sheet data import with different formats Main steps 1. Import multiple sheet data with the same format 1.1 create dto to import sheet […]