• One click script for backing up website data to FTP under Linux VPS


    Copy code The code is as follows: #! /bin/bashcd /home/www/deepvpsmysqldump –all-databases -uroot -ppass |gzip > mysql_backup.tartar -zcvf files_backup.tar.gz /home/www/deepvps/* –exclude=*.tar.gzftp -vn x.x.x.x << autoftpuser name passtype binaryput mysql_backup.tar mysql_backup.tarput files_backup.tar.gz files_backup.tar.gzclosequitautoftp

  • FTP password cracking using Ruby


    In this article, I will take you to build our own FTP password cracker using ruby. I hope that through this example, we can understand the concept and importance of violent attack. Well, don’t say much. Let’s start now! What is a violent attack? In fact, the word violent attack is not strange to many […]

  • Detailed explanation of ruby FTP encapsulation example


    Detailed explanation of ruby FTP encapsulation example Recently, I encapsulated a net:: FTP tool class in ruby ? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 class FtpTool    def initialize()     @current_ftp = create_ftp    end #Gets a list of file names in the specified format #For example: source = “test / *. […]

  • Solution to FTP 500 oops: cannot change directory


    cannot change directory:/home/*** FTP server connection failed, error prompt:500 OOPS: cannot change directory:/home/******* 500 OOPS: child died resolvent:Enter the command at the terminal: Copy code The code is as follows: setsebool -P ftpd_disable_trans 1 service vsftpd restart OK!Reason: This is because SELinux is enabled on the server, which limits FTP login.

  • Basic installation and use of pureftpd under Linux and solution of timeout problem


    Basic installation and use method Before installation, it is better to use netstat – NTL to check whether the default port 21 of FTP is occupied. At the same time, you can also use the PS – EF command to check which services are opened and whether there are services similar to SFTP or vsftp. […]

  • Collation of common configuration items in configuration files of pureptp under CentOS


    RPM uses another configuration file by default: /etc/sysconfig/pure-ftpd Please don’t forget to browse http://www.pureftpd.org/documentation.html To view the full list of options. Restrict all users to their home directory Copy code The code is as follows: ChrootEveryone yes If the previous instruction is set to “no”, the members of the following group (GID) are not restricted […]

  • Method of setting up FTP server vsftpd under CentOS system


    Vsftpd is one of the most popular FTP server programs in Linux distribution. It is small and light, safe and easy to use.In the open source operating system, the commonly used ftpd suite mainly includes proftpd, pureftpd and wuftpd, while vsftpd supports many features that other FTP servers do not support. For example: very high […]

  • How to add common servers to Apple Mac system?


    How to add common servers to your Mac 1. From OS X finder or desktop, click the go menu and choose connect to server (or you can use the shortcut command + k) 2. Enter the server address 3. Before clicking connect, click the [+] button to add the target server to the favorite list […]

  • Explain the process of installing and configuring the FTP server software vsftp in CentOS


    Install vsftp Copy code The code is as follows: yum -y install vsftpd Create FTP log file path Copy code The code is as follows: touch /var/log/vsftpd.log Start configuration Copy code The code is as follows: chkconfig –list vsftpd If it is all off, set 0: off 1: off 2: off 3: off 4: off […]

  • CentOS installation using FTP server-side program proftpd tutorial


    Installation: Installing the EPEL package Copy code The code is as follows: rpm -Uvh http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/epel/5/i386/epel-release-5-4.noarch.rpm Yum installing proftpd Copy code The code is as follows: yum install proftpd PS: method of compiling and installing proftpd Copy code The code is as follows: wget ftp://ftp-stud.fht-esslingen.de/pub/Mirrors/ftp.proftpd.net/distrib/source/proftpd-1.3.1.tar.gztar xzvf proftpd-1.3.1.tar.gzcd proftpd-1.3.1./configure –with-modules=mod_sql:mod_sql_mysql:mod_quotatab:mod_quotatab_sql \–with-includes=/usr/include/mysql \–with-libraries=/usr/lib/mysqlmake && make install Set boot […]

  • Example of FTP image upload function implemented by ThinkPHP framework


    The example of this paper describes the function of FTP image upload implemented by ThinkPHP framework. To share with you for your reference, as follows: Background: The image upload function should be very common. In this paper, I refer to the integration method in ThinkPHP framework to sort out the FTP image upload function, so […]

  • Front end interview 3 + 1-day 153


    Today’s knowledge (September 16, 2019) – day 153 How does [HTML] use tags to abbreviate a word? [CSS] for example, how to implement background clipping in CSS3? [JS] do you know the difference between 1 and number (1)? [soft skills] have you ever used Ftp? Do you know what FTP does? In the Analects of […]