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  • JavaScript anti HTTP hijacking and XSS for front end security


    catalogue HTTP hijacking, DNS hijacking and XSS HTTP hijacking DNS hijacking XSS cross site scripting The page is embedded in the iframe and the iframe is redirected Use white list to release normal iframe nesting Change URL parameters to bypass operator logo Inline event and inline script interception Browser event model Static script interception Using […]

  • Mobile front end adaptation scheme (summary)


    After searching on the Internet, many interviewees will be asked about the method of mobile terminal adaptation. Recently, I read some articles. Here’s a summary. First of all, let’s talk about some technical solutions for mobile terminal adaptation (1) Through the way of media query, that is CSS3 Meida queries (2) Flex flexible layout represented […]

  • Python implementation of flash in the return of image stream to the front-end display


    Scenario requirements:You need to find a picture in the local flash server and return it to the front end for display. Questions:Usually, the front-end < img > tag will only accept the form of URL to display the image, and never try to return a local image of the server to the front-end. So write […]

  • Devops Practice Guide – Devops Introduction (1-4)


    The first part introduces Devops   Chapter 1 agile, continuous delivery, three steps Technology value stream – (transform business vision into value delivering services – process driven by technology) Lead time – the time from work creation to work processing to work completion (work creation does not necessarily need to be processed immediately). The lead time […]

  • React + koa + mongodb + docker development environment


    preface This blog post is still rightmulti-spa-webpack-cliTo expand and improve. integratemongoose。 integrateDockerDevelopment environment. multi-spa-webpack-cliIt has been published to NPM, and only needs to be installed in node environment. npm install multi-spa-webpack-cli -g The operation steps are as follows: #1. Initialization project multi-spa-webpack-cli init spa-project #2. Enter the file directory cd spa-project #Docker not used #3. […]

  • Using kubernetes to deploy a notepad project


    Kubernetes, or k8s for short, is an open source project released by Google in 2014. What problems did kubernetes solve? A real production environment application will contain multiple containers, which are likely to be deployed across multiple server hosts. Kubernetes provides the ability to choreograph and manage containers for large-scale deployment of those workloads. Kubernetes […]

  • Solve blank line breaking in front end of golang in Web Development


    Question: When using golang for web development, sometimes the rendered template will appear some strange blank line wrapping when it is displayed in the foreground. The specific feature is to check the blank part of CSS style sheet that has no relevant definition. analysis: Check the source code of the page in question, copy the […]

  • Disable the pop-up box when H5 page in IOS system long presses a label


    Use scenario <a href=”javascript:void(0)” >Link</a> In the process of web page development, this method is often used to prevent the jump behavior of a tag link,But in IOS system, long press a label and a prompt box “JavaScript” will pop up. At this time, add CSS to a tag to solve the problem -webkit-touch-callout:none; -webkit-touch-callout […]

  • Git pull remote branch to local


    Git pull remote branch to local Pull branch First, you need to check whether you have a connection with the remote warehouse. git remote -v If not, add it yourself Git remote add origin xxxx (GIT warehouse address of your remote branch) If you want to commit code every day, you can bypass the above […]

  • Front end interview 3 + 1 per day (weekly total on September 29, 2019)


    In the Analects of Confucius, Zeng Zi said:“Three times a day, three times a day”I reflect on myself many times a day.Front end interview questions 3 + 1 a day, with interview questions to drive learning, make progress every day!Let effort become a habit, let struggle become a enjoyment!believeInsistPower of!!! Learning is not closed, charging […]

  • About CSS margin, some points that make you fuzzy


    Original: https://www.smashingmagazineTranslator: front-end wit In order to ensure readability, this paper adopts free translation instead of literal translation. In order to give back to the readers, Daqian world is held irregularly (once or three times a month), with a cash lottery, a minimum of 200, and users’ appreciation. I hope you can become the little […]

  • Environment construction of flutter (2)


    In the next period, I will update some column flutter text tutorials Update progress:At least two articles per week; Update location:The first time is in the official account, and the second day is updated in nuggets and places of thought. More communication:You can add my wechat 372623326 and follow my micro blog: Code why I […]