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  • Crawler crawls JSON HTML data


    In the past two weeks, I have been busy climbing some data for the company, and the speed of writing has declined a little. I am expected to finish climbing today and sum up my experience. In fact, our company used to specialize in crawlers, so we don’t need to work on the front side. […]

  • Re-learning Front-end Learning Notes (24) — Link Elements in HTML


    Note Notes The front-end of re-learning is a column run by Cheng Shaofi [former head of mobile phone Taobao front-end] in Geek time, 10 minutes a day, to reconstruct your front-end knowledge system. The author mainly collates some key notes and insights of the learning process, and can complete the column study of Winter [original […]

  • Summary of Vue.js SSR Contents


    This article is just a summary of official SSR documents of Vue.js and personal learning of official Hacker News demo. Please forgive me for not being complete enough. This paper mainly analyses and summarizes the contents of Vue.js SSR from the following aspects Reasons for SSR Overall Principle of Vue.js SSR Data Prefetching in SSR […]

  • Gson and List Objects’Matching Tour


    With the improvement of people’s living standard, the channel of matchmaking between people has been further improved. Recently, I occasionally saw several variety shows of dating, whether civilians or stars. It can be seen that the tide of matchmaking is coming. That’s not why two old guys, Google and Java, can’t sit still, thinking that […]

  • Reconstruction of Old Multi-page Application Projects


    Some sighs Using a scaffold recently written for multi-page applications, reconstruct your first project. Haha, at that time, I just got to the front end of the introduction, and I didn’t know about webpack. I wrote about the oldest Bootstrap + jQuery project, and I didn’t know what packaging was at that time. After six […]

  • [Step-By-Step] Weekly Interview Question & Answer Summary / 01


    About [Step-By-Step] There are no miles without cumulative steps. Step-By-Step (click to enter the project) is my2019-05-20Initial project, project vision: step by step, quantitative change causes qualitative change. Step-By-Step only publishes interview questions on weekdays, mainly considering that some small partners are busy at work or have travel plans on weekends. Every weekend, I will […]

  • WebSocket Reality: Real-time Communication between Node and React


    Translator: Crazy Technology House Original: https://blog.logrocket.com/we… Wechat Public Number: Front-end PioneerWelcome to pay attention and push you fresh front-end technology articles every day The Web has come a long way to support full-duplex (or two-way) communication between clients and servers. This is the main purpose of WebSocket protocol: to provide persistent real-time communication between client […]

  • Summary of Regular Formulas in Common Use


    I. Check the Expressions of Numbers Numbers:^[0-9]\*$ N-bit digits:^\d{n}$ At least n digits:^\d{n,}$ M-N digits:^\d{m,n}$ Numbers with zero and non-zero beginnings:^(0|[1-9][0-9]\*)$ Numbers with up to two decimal digits at non-zero beginning:^([1-9][0-9]\*)+(\.[0-9]{1,2})?$ Positive or negative numbers with 1-2 decimal digits:^(\-)?\d+(\.\d{1,2})$ Positive, negative, and decimal numbers:^(\-|\+)?\d+(\.\d+)?$ There are two decimal positive real numbers:^[0-9]+(\.[0-9]{2})?$ Positive real numbers with […]

  • Gossip Three and Four: Using Technology to Search for the Firm Answer of the World


    In 2015, he launched the Ali Weex project to achieve “one-time writing, three-end operation”. He is known as “the father of Weex”. In 2016, Ali announced the Open Source Weex project and donated it to the Apache Foundation at the end of the year. In 2017, he announced his withdrawal from Weex on Weibo. Weex’s […]

  • JQuery selector


    Link: jQuery selector Basic selector *Select all elements .classChoiceclassFor example:$(‘.mybox’) elementChoiceelementFor example:$(‘p’) #idChoiceidFor example:$(‘#box’) selector1,selectorNMultiple elements can be selected at the same time, such as:$(‘div, p.box, #phone’) Hierarchy Hierarchy parent > childSelect the specified child element under the specified element, such as:$(‘ul.tonav > li’) ancestor descendantSelect all descendant elements in an element, such as:$(‘form input’) […]

  • Accessing the same store using hooks and connect


    React Hooks has been released several months ago. Reux and mobx also support the use of Hooks. Is it possible to use React Context API & Hooks to implement a store that supports both class component and functional component access? The answer issure. Now that we are based on Context Api, let’s create a context […]

  • Front-end plug-in library


    Original Link: Front-end Plug-in LibrarySite: Front-end development documentationBlog: Front-end Plug-in Library Front-end plug-in library DataTables Official website: https://www.datatables.net/ DataTables is jQuery’s JavaScript library, which aims to enhance table operations (such as search, sorting), and automatically add components to tables. It is very flexible and easy to use. LazyLoad Official website: Lazy LoadExtension: Vanilla JavaScript Lazy […]