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  • Automatic deployment of front-end projects based on node.js (Gospel of lazy people)


    Why write this? There is only one truth = > lazy!!! If you want to use it directly, you don’t need to look at the one behind the GitHub Portal — — remember to leave a star, pen heart At present, IOT project is mainly being done. Due to historical reasons, there are many pure […]

  • [solved] failed solution when using Vue electron scaffold to assign value to vuex.


    1. Preliminary attempt I’ll try it firstmutation(COMMIT) pass parameters. Results the console reported an error: [Vuex Electron] Please, don’t use direct commit’s, use dispatch instead of this. Good and good. Then I’ll use it again.actionPass on the ginseng. Although the console did not report an error, it has been unable to assign a value! 2. […]

  • Front end interview 3 + 1 Daily – 159th day


    Today’s knowledge (September 22, 2019) – day 159 [HTML] for example, how to use pure HTML to realize the function of drop-down prompt? How to use CSS to achieve alignment? [JS] what is the difference between attribute and property in JS? [soft skills] did your last company write a daily, weekly or monthly newspaper? Talk […]

  • [react series] implement a react Redux


    What is react Redux react-reduxyesreduxOfficialReactBinding library. It helps us connect the UI layer to the data layer. The purpose of this article is not to introducereact-reduxBut to realize a simplereact-redux, hope it can help you. Think about it first, if you don’t use itreact-reduxOurreactHow to combine in the projectreduxDevelopment. Each need is associated withreduxIn combination […]

  • IView publishes the background management system iView admin, which is exactly what you want


    brief introduction IView admin is a set of background integration solution based on vue.js and using iView UI component library. It is developed and maintained by some members of talkingdata front-end visualization team. IView admin abides by the iView design and development conventions, with uniform style, elegant design, and more functions in continuous development. That’s […]

  • JavaScript (JS) commonly used skill


    Source: GitHub warehouse: https://github.com/tigerhee/s Decimal rounding: 1.234 | 0 ~~1.234 1.234 >> 0 Subtle transformation: Number string to number: +’123′ New date to timestamp: +new Date() Array / multidimensional array to comma separated string: “”+[1, 2 , 3, 3, [2, 3, 4]] Deconstruction: Exchange the values of a, B: var a=1; var b=2; [a, b] […]

  • Using rust + electron to develop cross platform desktop applications (1)


    Preface In recent years, I’ve studied rust and always wanted to do something in-depth study. Because I’m just learning, I’m not familiar with many places, so I can’t use it as a compiler. As for web development, actually I don’t recommend using it to learn a language. There are probably several aspects. First, there are […]

  • Step by step to teach you to use HTML5 SVG to achieve animation effect


    Crazy technology houseOriginal: https://www.smashingmagazine The first WeChat public address is jingchengyideng.Welcome to pay attention and push you fresh front-end technical articles every day abstractIn this article, you will learn how the awwwards net implements animation. This article introduces the circle element in HTML5 SVG, its stroke attribute, and how to use CSS variables and animate […]

  • Animation.css super CSS3 animation library, three lines of code to do H5 page animation effects!


    1、 Basic usage Introduce CSS dependency <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”https://cdn.bootcss.com/animate.css/3.7.0/animate.min.css”> Add the following to the class of the element animated (Mandatory) Infinite (optional) infinite repetition bounce (Mandatory)Animation styleRefer to the table below Delay-2s (optional) delay appears <div class=”animated infinite bounce delay-2s”><h1>Example</h1></div> Class Name bounce flash pulse rubberBand shake headShake swing tada wobble jello bounceIn bounceInDown bounceInLeft […]

  • ES6 essence: regular extension


    This article summarizesES6The essence of the new part of the regular expression is best.ES5The foundation of). 1 u logo Make regular inUnicodePattern.aboutES6The extended knowledge of characters can be found here. 1.1 four byte characters Be inUnicodeRegular in the mode can correctly recognize 32-bit (four byte) characters. Let C = ‘\ ud83d \ udc2a’; // 32-bit […]

  • Let’s learn the principle of vuerouter


    Blog original Basic principles of two routing modes After using Vue router, we know that it provides two modes,hashandhistory, build option mode through router)Configurable.A simple understanding of the front-end routing in spa is as follows: Using some existing APIs to change the URL, but not triggering the browser to actively load the new URL, the […]

  • Tools for efficient front-end development


    I’ve always wanted to make a summary record of my useful tools, frameworks, technical articles, etc., but I haven’t had the time to do so. Today, I’m free. First, I’ll sort out the tools and software, and the article will keep updating. IDE Visual Studio A rich integrated development environment for creating excellent applications for […]