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  • Front-end architects break the game skills, NodeJS landing WebSocket practice


    The source of this article is the public account:programmer success This article introduces in detail the implementation of WebSocket in Node.js from the perspective of network protocol, technical background, security and production application. outline preview The content introduced in this article includes the following aspects: Network Protocol Evolution Socket.IO? ws module implementation Express integration WebSocket […]

  • Vscode analysis – how to maintain massive module dependencies (1)


    hide implementation Last time (link: Preliminary study of vscode) we analyzed the basic structure of vscode and the functions of the main modules. If some students have read its source code, they will find that it is not easy to locate the specific implementation of a certain module. This is because vscode adopts a low-coupling […]

  • Taro source code-cli project creation process


    Based on Taro3.5.5find createtaroThe entry file of the project (packages/taro-cli/bin/taro) // packages/taro-cli/bin/taro require(‘../dist/util’).printPkgVersion() const CLI = require(‘../dist/cli’).default new CLI().run() Cli packages/taro-cli/src/cli.tsWhat this file does isaccept builtin commands、Breaking down builtins、Register corresponding command plugins for different built-in commands。 Get our project path when initializing // packages/taro-cli/src/cli.ts constructor (appPath) { this.appPath = appPath || process.cwd() } Execute in […]

  • Analysis of a specific example of timeout in Spartacus server-side rendering


    Node Express server listening on http://localhost:4200 SSR rendering exceeded timeout 2000, fallbacking to CSR for /SSR rendering exceeded timeout 2000, fallbacking to CSR for /xyzSSR rendering exceeded timeout 2000, fallbacking to CSR for /p/xyz Rendering of / was not able to complete. This might cause memory leaks!SSR rendering exceeded timeout 2000, fallbacking to CSR for […]

  • Main functions of multi-user online shopping system_Process steps of free construction_OctShop


    At present, most Internet users usually go to large online shopping platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, JD.com, and Pinduoduo for their online shopping. The model of this platform is: a multi-user online shopping system. Merchants or brands can enter the online shopping platform, and merchants, stores, and platforms all have their own management systems. Merchants […]

  • Talk about the Canvas event mechanism (non-API layer, partial framework design)


    The following analysis usesSigmajsThe source code of the framework is analyzed, and interested students can check it out. This article mainly introduces the event mechanism of Canvas and some design ideas. Graphic events, design ideas and implementation introduction. Graphics events need to support the following: Support various event types event trigger mechanism event collision problem […]

  • When calling the constructor of sap.ui.base.ManagedObject, how to pass the binding path into it


    We learn through a concrete example. Consider the following code: new Dialog({ title: “{/title}”, // embedded binding expression, points to a string property in the data model … content: { // binding info object path : “/inputItems”, // points to a collection in the data model template : new Input(…) } }); Note that when […]

  • Make good use of git bisect to help you quickly locate difficult bugs


    Basic steps to locate problems using git bisect dichotomy: git bisect start [recent error commitid] [further correct commitid] Test the corresponding function git bisect good marks correct Mark errors until something goes wrong git bisect bad The suggested commitid is the commit that caused the problem Problem Description we takeVue DevUIAn example of a bug […]

  • 15 jQuery tips for front-end development


    back to top button You can use animate and scrollTop to animate back to top without using other plugins.Changing the value of scrollTop can adjust the distance between the return and the top, and the second parameter of animate is the time required to perform the return actionFront-end training(unit: milliseconds). preload images If your page […]

  • Xiumi typesetting × ModStart, improving the efficiency of rich text typesetting


    Xiumi is a WeChat official account graphic editor and H5 online production tool. It has a large number of template materials and layout styles, and powerful layout editing functions. It can quickly and easily create official account graphic and H5.ModStart is a modular development framework with an original modular architecture, which can integrate a large […]

  • As a front end, do you know the data structure of linked list?


    During the interview, only when askedReact Hooksis often asked whyHooksIt cannot be used in nested functions of loops and conditional judgments; I believe many people know the standard answer, [because the declaredHooksstored in the linked list], but do you really know the linked list? What is a linked list Let’s take a look at a […]

  • 5 Common Mistakes When Using Promises, and You’ve Got Several!


    Author: Ravidu PereraTranslator: Frontend XiaozhiSource: medium Search [Great Move to the World] on WeChat, and I will share with you the front-end industry trends, learning paths, etc. as soon as possible.This articleGitHubhttps://github.com/qq449245884/xiaozhiIt has been included, and there are complete test sites, materials and my series of articles for interviews with first-line manufacturers. Promises provide an […]