• Installing the Adobe Flash Plug-in for FreeBSD


    Refer to the official FreeBSD manual browser chapter. pkg install nspluginwrappernspluginwrapperIs a tool to assist in the installation and configuration of Netscape plugin.You can install plug-ins built on other systems for netscape family browsers, such as Flash plugin compiled on Linux. Install via portslinux-f10-flashplugin11。 F10 represents Fedora 10.cd /usr/ports/www/linux-f10-flashplugin11sudo make installsudo make clean Install Flash […]

  • How to Run Windows Software on FreeBSD


    FreeBSD‘s greatest advantage is that it can access data in other operating system partitions without exiting FreeBSD on a dual-boot computer. After installing other partitions in FreeBSD, it is fairly simple to read, write, or delete files in that partition. Perhaps some readers will ask, is it possible to execute executable files in other partitions […]

  • Solution to Error of “incorrect super block” FreeBSD when mounting CDROM


    When you want to install vmware-tools for FreeBSD in VMware, look at the / etc/fstab file to get the following information: /dev/acd0               /cdrom          cd9660  ro,noauto       0       0   So mount/dev/acd0/cdrom is used to mount CDROM as usual under liunx. The following error occurs: mount: /dev/acd0 on /cdrom : incorrect super block   The default file […]

  • Design and Implementation of Golang Failpoint


    Author: Long Heng For a large and complex system, it usually consists of multiple modules or components. It is necessary to simulate the faults of each subsystem in the test. These faults must be integrated into the automated test system without intrusion, and these faults can be activated automatically in the automated test. Simulate the […]

  • Solutions for switching from FreeBSD to root su: Sorry


    Under FreeBSD, connect to FreeBSD through SSH client, log in with ordinary user, and execute the following commands to report errors: $ su root su: Sorry $ su su: Sorry $ In order to use Su command to become root user on FreeBSD, you need to know the password of root, but also need special […]

  • FreeBSD5.1 Diagram of Newbie School Attire


     Yesterday I fought for a day, and finally I was there.VMwareChina has done it.FreeBSD5.1Write down your experience, so that the vast number of rookies like me can play together.Free Unix。     FreeBSDaboutLinuxIt’s more like a free one.UnixSystem,LinuxaboutUnixFor example, it has changed so much that many of them have become quite different.LinuxCome on.FreeBSDIt’s cleaner and simpler. […]

  • FreeBSD File and Directory Finding


    0. PrefaceArchives search may not be very useful for a new system. But for an old system, there are more and more archives and documents. At this time, it is necessary to search for archives.   1.which instructions : which ( locate a program file in the user’s path )   Grammar: whichprogram   purposeFind […]

  • FreeBSD Software Installation


    0. PrefaceAfter the installation of our system, only a few services are being implemented. Of course, under FreeBSD, there are a lot of software available. I’m afraid you won’t use it. 1. Common Software Installation Ways1. Make: You need to grab the source / tar ball and decompress it by yourself, then configure, make and […]

  • FreeBSD privilege operation


    0. Preface Because FreeBSD belongs to multi-person and multi-task system, it is important to understand the requirements of permission and related knowledge of setting. There are three commonly used permissions: su, chown and chmod. 1. Changing User IdentityDirective: Su (substitute user identity)Grammar: Su [-]login_name   Parameter: If – parameter is added, it means to simulate […]

  • FreeBSD Switches User Identity


    As shown in the picture: ◎     ◎Possible condition of handover failure1. You do not have the password for this account.2. You do not have the right to switch this account. ◎Identity after leaving handoverYou can leave through exit command or logout.

  • FreeBSD File Operation


    0.        PrefaceThe operation of files is the most commonly used instruction. It includes switching directories, listing files, establishing files, deleting files, copying files, renaming files, file permissions, file links, etc. 1. Toggle directoryDirective: CD (change diretory changes directory location of account)Syntax: CDdirectory_name   Parameter:. Represents the current directory. Represents the upper directory ~Represents the user’s […]

  • How to Use FreeBSD Editor VI


    vi Two command modes;Command (command) mode for input commands;Insert mode for inserting text;Visual (Visual) mode for visualizing highlights and selecting text; Command mode is the default mode of VI or vim. If we are in other command mode, we need to switch through ESC key.When we press the ESC key, and then enter: number, VI […]