• Community review | 10.26 dbaplus data architecture and optimization salon Beijing station


    On October 26, dbaplus community joined hands with five senior technical experts from Jingdong, AWS, Didi, xinju network and aikesheng in Beijing to share new cases, learn successful experiences and help everyone improve their data architecture and optimization capabilities. In this salon, Yan along, a senior R & D Engineer of akerson, is also the […]

  • Electronic Vue packaged desktop application


    1. Install and initialize electronic Vue 1.1 global installation Vue / Vue cli NPM install @ Vue / cli – G – Global install Vue cli scaffold 1.2 installation of electronic Vue Vue init simulated Greg / electron Vue project name generate electron Vue project CD project name enter the project root directory NPM install? […]

  • Architecture pattern in Android Development — MVC / MVP / MVVM


    Preparatory knowledge Learn about Android basic development How far can I reach after reading this article Learn how to analyze an architecture patternMaster MVC, MVP, MVVM architecture definition and Implementation More interview content, interview topics, full set of flitter video, audio and video from 0 to expert development.followGitHub:https://github.com/xiangjiana/Android-MSFree access to interview PDF collectionFree resume modification […]

  • Gitchat big data step by step learning big data: Hadoop ecosystem and scenarios


    Gitchat by LeeOriginal text: learning big data step by step: Hadoop ecosystem and scenarioPay attention to the official account: GitChat technology talks, poker faced Technology Hadoop overview Whether the business promotes the development of technology or technology promotes the development of business will cause some controversy when the topic is put. With the rapid development […]

  • Electron: PC end multi terminal fusion scheme


    Write the todolist of the next day every day. One day when I was writing, I suddenly thought that in order to let myself know what I need to do, how much I have done and how much I haven’t done yet, I wanted to write a computer-side program, and I chose electron when selecting […]

  • The practice of tidb in Ping + + financial aggregate payment business


    Introduction to Ping + + Ping + + is the leading payment solution SaaS service provider in China. Since 2014, when the aggregation payment product was officially launched, Ping + + has been recognized by the majority of enterprise customers with the ultimate product experience of “7-line code access payment”. Today, Ping + + continues […]

  • Large scale machine learning


    This section mainly discusses some algorithms and strategies for large-scale machine learning, and compares the advantages and disadvantages of gradient descent, random gradient descent and small batch gradient descent. At present, the most commonly used in large-scale machine learning is small batch gradient decline, after all, it achieves a balance between the efficiency and performance. […]

  • Spring MVC quick start


    Chapter 1: three layer architecture and MVC 1.1 three tier architecture The development of server-side program is generally based on two forms, one is C / S architecture program, the other is B / S architecture program; Java language is basically used to develop B / S architecture, which is divided into three layers; Three […]

  • Architect, how to deal with upstream and downstream customers?


    Index of articles in the preface of this series: Why do programmers have to understand Architecture? Do you know what architecture is? What are the architectures? What should I choose? What do architects do, you know? What skills can I develop to be an architect? Architect,In the process of carrying out the work, it is […]

  • How to decompose a single application into a microservice? [first]


    reminder:How to design a beautiful web API? Up to now, the number of readers has exceeded 2030 and won many favorable comments. Please don’t miss the small partners you need. Thank you for your support! Segment fault address: how to design a beautiful web API? Microservice is the most popular application architecture technology at present. […]

  • Cattle! Alicloud ranks first in China’s financial cloud market


    Recently, IDC, a global authoritative market research institution, released the report “China Financial cloud solution market tracking research, 2019h1”:Alibaba cloud ranks first in China’s financial cloud solution market and becomes the only manufacturer with market share exceeding double digits, with a year-on-year growth of more than 90%. According to IDC statistics, Alibaba cloud’s market share […]

  • A glimpse of modern browser architecture (1)


    preface This paper is a translation of the series of inside look at modern web browser written by Mario Kosaka. The translation here does not refer to literal translation, but expresses the author’s intended meaning in combination with personal understanding, and will try to supplement some relevant content to help you better understand. CPU, GPU, […]