• The secret of electron architecture


    Perception: Taste: spicy fried tripe Cooking time: 10min This article has been included in GitHub, a warehouse with the same name in the front-end canteengithub.com/GeekhytWelcome to the canteen. If you think the food and wine are delicious, a star is a great encouragement to the canteen owner. Colored eggs Last night when I moved the […]

  • It is too difficult to manage online service? One stop service management platform is coming!


    Course summary Nowadays, microservice has become the dominant mode of building modern cloud applications. It decomposes individual components into independent services around specific business functions. But then there are other problems: more and more systems have been disassembled into many cell like microservices. How to manage the microservices has become a headache for many engineers. […]

  • Introduction to Android jetpack architecture components


    summary Android has been with us for 12 years since Google released Android 1.0 on September 22, 2008 to Android 12. It can be said that after 12 years of polishing and precipitation, Android technology system has been very mature. For example, at the beginning, there were few frameworks and no specifications. All the code […]

  • Document coding


    The document is coded, which is written in the domain specific language of class code, and managed by using the methods of software development (such as source code management and deployment). It can be edited, previewed, viewed with the help of specific tools, or deployed to the server through a dedicated system. A common architecture […]

  • Object storage paper


    Facebook Haystack is a system designed by Facebook to store its small files (pictures). The design idea of the system is to merge small files into a large file for storage, reducing the number of files and IO times when accessing files. Beaver, Doug, et al. “Finding a Needle in Haystack: Facebook’s PhotoStorage.” OSDI. Vol. […]

  • Exploration of microservice business architecture


    Original text: Exploration of microservice business architecture Tips To read this article, you need to have the following preparation: Struggling with micro service Need to understand DDD and cola architecture This article discusses business architecture preface When the company began to explore the microservice architecture, it used a three-tier architecture (Controller / service / model). […]

  • Development history of front end architecture


    At first, there was no architecture for the front end, because there was no architecture for simple code. Through a simple jQuery library to operate DOM can complete the work, there is no need for complex design patterns and code management mechanism, also do not need architecture to support the application. The development history of […]

  • The design philosophy of pulsar


    The development of distributed technology has profoundly changed the mode of our programming and the mode of thinking about software. At the end of 2019, pingcap and InfoQ jointly planned and produced the topic “cutting edge technology of distributed system“, and invited many technical teams to participate and explore the new vitality of this ancient […]

  • Mecha: carry mesh to the end


    Content abstract: service mesh has been practiced for three years, but the effect has not been ideal. It’s time to reflect. As a service-oriented distributed capability abstraction layer, mecha is the natural evolution version of service mesh mode. It is expected that it will also be the inevitable trend of cloud proto biochemistry and meshing. […]

  • Talking about Dubbo (1): why choose


    1. Preface ========= With the development of the Internet industry, more and more open source technologies such as frameworks, middleware, containers and so on are emerging to better serve the business, realize the business and solve problems. However, in the face of numerous technology choices, how do we identify the technologies that are suitable for […]

  • Four master slave replication architectures commonly used in MySQL


    catalog One master multi slave replication architecture Multi level replication architecture Dual master replication architecture Multi source replication architecture How to optimize the master-slave delay problem? The four common architectures replicated areOne master multi slave replication architecture、Multi level replication architecture、Dual master replication architectureandMulti source replication architecture。 One master multi slave replication architecture In the scenario […]

  • How to install openeuler


    [introduction to openeuler] Openeuler [1] is an open source, free Linux distribution platform, through the form of an open community with global developers to build an open, diverse and architecture inclusive software ecosystem. At the same time, openeuler is also an innovative platform to encourage anyone to put forward new ideas, develop new ideas and […]