• [advanced Android] Android uses fluent


    1. Rely on the fluent SDK in other directories plugins { id ‘com.android.library’ id ‘kotlin-android’ } //Rely on the fluent SDK in other directories def localProperties = new Properties() def localPropertiesFile = rootProject.file(‘local.properties’) if (localPropertiesFile.exists()) { localPropertiesFile.withReader(‘UTF-8’) { reader -> localProperties.load(reader) } } def flutterRoot = localProperties.getProperty(‘flutter.sdk’) apply from: “$flutterRoot/packages/flutter_tools/gradle/flutter.gradle” android { compileSdkVersion 29 defaultConfig […]

  • The multi architecture image creation guide has arrived, please check it!


    Summary:Using multi architecture image allows docker to pull the corresponding image according to the system architecture. The deployment script of services can use the same configuration between systems with different architectures, reducing the service configuration and improving the consistency of services between different system architectures. background Because kubernetes cluster supports the system of AMD64 and […]

  • To make good use of microservices, first clarify the relationship between distributed and microservices


    1、 Definition of distributed and microservice architecture Distributed application scenarios cover a wide range of areas. What I understand is: Communication between different processes, Called between distributed objects of different hosts, Distributed file system for big data storage, A naming service for mutual recognition between networks, A centerless peer-to-peer model for computing or storage in […]

  • Senior architects talk about the rise of DDD, solving problems and implementation steps


    Foreword- Why can DDD catch fire? Let’s not discuss the definition of DDD, but sort out the background of the popularity of DDD. According to the routine I learned, it is always why first, then what problems to solve, what things to use, and finally how to use. We all know that in recent years, […]

  • High availability architecture Chapter 17 high availability design: three high availability design architecture schemes


    I learned the replication and optimization of MySQL database and the read-write separation scheme of business layer based on replication technology. These contents are to pave the way for the high availability architecture design of MySQL database. Because replication is the basis of high availability, but it is not enough to only replicate synchronous data. […]

  • Microservice splitting


    Pain points of monomer architecture The number of database connections has become the bottleneck of application server expansionDatabase connection is an important kind of resources. The connection process is not only time-consuming, but also the number of clients is limited. The monomer architecture increases the cost of R & D and inhibits the improvement of […]

  • MySQL advanced statement (I)


    catalogue 1、 SQL advanced statement 1. Import file to database 2. select 3. distinct  4.where   5.and;or 6.in  7.between  8. Like wildcard 9. order by   10.group by 11.having  12. Alias 13. Connection query 14. Sub query 15.EXISTS 1、 SQL advanced statement 1. Import file to database #Import script into source plus file path mysql> source /backup/test.sql; […]

  • Raftmlp do MLP based models dream of winning over CV?


    RaftMLP: Do MLP-based Models Dream of Winning Over Computer Vision? Original document:https://www.yuque.com/lart/pa… Understanding papers from abstracts For the past ten years, CNN has reigned supreme in the world of computer vision, but recently, Transformer is on the rise. However, the quadratic computational cost of self-attention has become a severe problem of practice. It is pointed […]

  • Alibaba cloud serverless helps enterprises fully embrace cloud native


    Introduction:I believe that with the development of cloud computing, serverless will become the default computing paradigm in the cloud era, and more and more enterprise customers will adopt this technology. Author: Luo Hao Video analysis Click here to view relevant live broadcast playback~ Component architecture of serverless application engine In the earliest days, the software […]

  • Laravel content understanding and summary


    theme Introduction to laravel Foundation Looking at the project architecture from the life cycle of laravel Laravel performance optimization method Introduction to laravel’s unique development mode Value, use and modification of key components of laravel Layering of laravel layer C to layer M Laravel’s distributed architecture? Deep laravel component design Common PHP features of laravel […]

  • Using c# and go to do frame synchronization game server program


    Using c# and go to do frame synchronization game server program In terms of high concurrency, my ability to control the device has reached the limit of personal server program development. It is estimated that no one can control a 1-core 1g foreign garbage so easily. My practice proves once again that memory and performance […]

  • Practice of tidb in the core batch scenario of Weizhong bank


    Based on the sharing and sorting of Huang Wei, a senior database architect from Weizhong bank on pingcap DevCon 2021, this paper mainly expounds the application practice of tidb in Weizhong bank, including the background of selecting tidb and the deployment architecture of tidb, as well as the application of tidb in the core batch […]