• Understanding and rapid construction of SSM framework


    Understanding the SSM framework Click the link (jar package already contains): Spring MVC Mybatis Spring Integrated SSM framework Integrate Spring + mybatis + spring MVC

  • Parsing Android project loading fillet image and slideapp loading network image


      Demonstration effect      Core code Ordinary picture GlideApp.with(this) .load(“https://www.baidu.com/img/bd_logo.png”) .into(mImageView);  Circular picture GlideApp.with(this) .load(“https://www.baidu.com/img/bd_logo.png”) .circleCrop() .into(mImageView); Fillet picture GlideApp.with(this) .load(“https://www.baidu.com/img/bd_logo.png”) .transform(new RoundedCorners((int) TypedValue.applyDimension(TypedValue.COMPLEX_UNIT_DIP, 20, getResources().getDisplayMetrics()))) .into(mImageView);   Reference dependency    build.gradle //Picture loading frame: https://github.com/bumptech/glide //Official documents: https://muyangmin.github.io/glide-docs-cn/ implementation ‘com.github.bumptech.glide:glide:4.12.0’ annotationProcessor ‘com.github.bumptech.glide:compiler:4.12.0’ ⭐ Since the above loaded pictures are network pictures, the network request […]

  • Have you ever learned the source code of your common framework?


    Write in front First of all, this is not a tutorial on how to use the sharing framework, nor is it a tutorial taught as a preacher. This is just a record of learning as a learning developer, but I share this record. If you see it or have different opinions, please put it forward […]

  • Introduction to mybatis source code analysis series


    1. A quick overview of this article This article is a guide for the next mybatis source code analysis series. This article explains and demonstrates mybatis from three perspectives: what, why and how. Due to the large length of the article, a chapter is specially taken out to introduce the structure and content of this […]

  • Django elasticsearch ionic creates GIS mobile application — Architecture Design


    Search engine is a good thing, and GIS is also a good thing. Currently, there are Django and ionic. Final rendering architecture design After a brief reflection on our requirements, we designed some simple architectures below. GIS architecture description – server Brief description: Users create data in the foreground or background. When the model saves […]

  • Initialization process of SAP ui5


    Start the initialization process after loading the sapui5 runtime. The initialization of sapui5 runtime includes the following steps: (1) JQuery plug-in is mainly located in the jquery.sap namespace and provides the basic functions of sapui5, such as modular concept, logging framework, performance measurement, etc. As shown in the figure below: (2) Defines the global object […]

  • Sprng MVC + mybatis fully annotated configuration, zero XML file


    Write in front Since the spring boot, a web project has become very simple, This article mainly explains how to use spring MVC to build a web project without using the automatic configuration of spring boot Web.xml can be discarded after servlet 3.0, so this article will not have any XML files, all in the […]

  • What problems can spring solve with the framework?


    Spring is a one-stop lightweight java development framework. Its core is control inversion (IOC) and aspect oriented (AOP). It provides a variety of configuration solutions for the web layer (springmvc), business layer (IOC) and persistence layer (JDBC template); Springmvc is an MVC framework based on spring, which mainly deals with path mapping and view rendering […]

  • Distributed transaction framework dtm1.3.1 is released and Postgres support is added


    Update log Support for Postgres Add dtmgrpc independent package and examples Refactor the default docker compose configuration for faster startup Go distributed transaction management service DTM is the first cross language distributed transaction manager developed by golang, which elegantly solves the distributed transaction problems such as idempotent, null compensation and suspension. It provides a simple, […]

  • What’s better about laravel than ThinkPHP? Why do many people “despise” ThinkPHP?


    Series articles: What’s better about laravel than ThinkPHP? Why do many people “despise” ThinkPHP? At 16:48 pm yesterday, I deleted 280 million data, which scared me to death. Now I’m replying Do you know whether the following views are correct? 1. Laravel ecology is better than ThinkPHP. Many excellent third-party packages match laravel, and the […]

  • Solution: disable the symbol with the mouse. The red disable symbol is not displayed


    Usually, cursor: no drop or cursor: not allowed is used. I checked a lot of information and said that it will automatically give the disabled symbol set as the red border. Later, I did my own experiments and found that all the disabled icons are gray and white, including JD: What should I do if […]