• Electronic chat room | Vue + electronic Vue imitating wechat client | electronic desktop chat


    1、 Project overview Based on the technology of electron + Vue + electron Vue + vuex + nodejs + vuevideoplayer + electron builder, the example of chat room with wechat computer interface is imitated to realize the functions of message sending / dynamic expression, picture / video preview, dragging picture / pasting screenshot sending, friend […]

  • Hands on Web Framework


    In back-end development, we often use web framework to implement various applications, such as flask in Python, Django, and gin in go. Web framework provides many ready-made tools, which greatly speeds up the development speed. This time, we will implement our own web framework. What happens when we open a link in the browser and […]

  • Global filter isolation using modelconvention in ASP. Net core


    Where to begin? This comes from a problem I encountered during the migration of my project to the ASP. Net core. MVC and webapi are included in a web program. Now we need to add a separate interface validation filter to the webapi partIActionFilterThe general practice is to write a filter and then attach this […]

  • Example of electronic Vue chat


    Project Description: Electronic VChat chat is a high imitation wechat PC client interface chat room project based on electronic + electronic Vue + Vue + vuex + nodejs + Vue router and other technologies, which realizes message sending / expression, picture / video preview, drag upload / paste screenshot sending / wechat DLL screenshot, right-click […]

  • Promising, hypertextview (v3.2.1)


    Hi, developer, to see the newSuperTextViewNow! 💡 all of the above demonstrations were conducted bySuperTextViewStrong drive support. SuperTextViewThe difference is that it’s just a simple control element, but not just a control. It is flexible and changeable, with powerful embedded logic, providing you with rich and colorful but extremely simple development support. SuperTextViewSave you from […]

  • Talk about spark integrating ray


    What is Ray? It took about two to three days to read Ray’s relevant papers and documents on the official website, and at the same time, I went to some Chinese materials specially to see Ray’s current development in China (as well as most people’s cognition of ray at present). Let’s briefly introduce my understanding […]

  • How to use spring cloud correctly? [upper]


    How to deliver software faster and release new features to users every week, every day or even every hour? How can new employees deploy code after they are hired? How to guarantee the quality at such a fast pace? Fast, the main challenge we face in application development, the faster we deliver, the more closely […]

  • JS prompt typeerror: e.indexof is not a function


    Recently, I found that the jQuery version of our company’s underlying framework is too low, so I downloaded the latest jQuery 3.4.1 on the Internet to replace our underlying framework’s jQuery. After replacing it, I found that there was a problem with iframe after logging in to the underlying background. After clicking the menu, I […]

  • How to use spring cloud correctly? [China]


    3. What common components does spring integrate? Since the release of version 1.0 in 2004, spring has evolved to version 5. X, which provides strong support for application development in different periods. Now we are facing new challenges such as microservices, Devops and cloud computing. What support will spring cloud, the new force of spring […]

  • How to design a Dubbo like RPC framework from 0 to 1


    RPC and RPC framework 1.RPC(Remote Procedure Call) That is, remote procedure call, which mainly solves the problem of remote communication, without understanding the communication mechanism of the underlying network. 2.RPC framework The RPC framework is responsible for shielding the underlying transport mode (TCP or UDP), serialization mode, and communication details. In practice, we don’t need […]

  • Dubbo interview 28 questions answer details: core function + service governance + architecture design, etc


    1. What is Dubbo? Dubbo is a distributed, high-performance and transparent RPC service framework. It provides efficient service governance solutions such as automatic service registration and automatic discovery, which can be seamlessly integrated with spring framework. RPC refers to the remote call protocol, that is, the interaction data between two servers. 2. The origin of […]

  • SharpC: A C Interpreter In C# – 1010


    In expression parsing, it is more important to insert operators in the expression tree. You need to compare the priority: private bool AddOperatorNode(ref Expression.ExpressionNode expTree, Expression.Operator.Operator op) { Expression.ExpressionNode node = new Expression.ExpressionNode() { Token = op }; if (expTree != null && expTree.Token is Expression.Operand.Operand) { node.LeftNode = expTree; expTree = node; } else […]