• Simple MVC framework abandoned pit


    MVC Model View Controller Model This is the Chinese nameOriginally a framework for desktop applications, it was later transformed into a B/S model.The classic picture is as follows Let’s talk about CGI, which is to use CGI to connect with apache. When a request occurs, enter apache, that is, the web server, the web server […]

  • Design of universal bundler based on esbuild


    – ByteDance front-end ByteFE: Yang Jian background Because the Lynx (company self-developed cross-end framework) compilation tool is quite different from the traditional Web compilation tool chain (if dynamic style and dynamic script are not supported, bundleless and code splitting are basically bid farewell, the module system is based on json rather than js, and there […]

  • BladeDISC 0.2.0 Update Released


    Three months after BladeDISC was officially open sourced, we released version 0.2.0, which contains a lot of performance optimizations and enhancements. BladeDISCIt is the industry-leading deep learning optimizing compiler that supports dynamic shape. The deep learning optimization compiler is responsible for converting the upper-layer neural network calculation graph into a program executable by the underlying […]

  • Seata-php half year plan


    Text| Zhao Xin (flower name: Yu Yu): Ant Group Seata Project Open Source Director, Open Atom Open Source Foundation Code Contribution Star Guo Cheng (flower name: Xingbei): co-sponsor of Seata-php project, technical expert of Ant Group Liu Yuejian: Co-founder of Seata-php project, member of Hyperf development team, senior back-end engineer of Guangdong Quick E-Commerce Co., […]

  • Open Source China Interview: The principle of Chameleon is first released. Are other unified frameworks across multiple terminals fake?


    Open Source China Interview: The principle of Chameleon is first released. Are other unified frameworks across multiple terminals fake? Original: Guest – Zhang Nan Open Source China In the past, when we said that a function spanned multiple terminals, it often meant that it could be implemented between different types of devices such as PCs […]

  • Front-end framework Vue, React, Angular difference


    Currently, the three mainstream front-end frameworks are Vue, React, and Angular. VueIs a library for building data-driven web interfaces, not a framework to be precise, an MVVM framework for building intuitive, fast and componentized interactive interfaces.It has the following features: 1. Lightweight framework, 2. Two-way data binding, 3. Instructions, 4. Plug-inadvantage: Simple: The official documentation […]

  • Publish an own composer package


    Composer Benefits Modular, reduce code reuse cost Unified third-party code organization More scientific version update content My demo implements a routing function similar to tp3. The home directory and code are as follows: <?php namespace martist; /** * Created by PhpStorm. * User: machuang * Date: 2020/5/19 * Time: 18:58 */ class router{ protected $mode […]

  • 4. Object Mapping – Mapping.Mapster


    foreword In the project, we will often encounter object mapping, such as the mapping between Model and Dto, or the deep copy of the object, which all need to be implemented by ourselves. At this point, there will be a lot of code for initializing objects in the project, which is quite boring to write, […]

  • 6. Object Storage


    What is Object Storage At work, we often need to store file content (file or binary stream) in the application, for example you may want to save the cover image of a product. The Masa framework provides the function of object storage for this, and abstracts the functions, and the benefits that abstraction brings us: […]

  • [Course notice] July~September study course “EShop based on MASA Framework”


  • Helping byte reduce costs and increase efficiency, the design practice of Hertz, a large-scale enterprise-level HTTP framework


    A few days ago, the seventh ByteDance Technology Salon held by ByteTech, the ByteDance technology community, came to a successful conclusion. The theme of this salon is “Byte High-Performance Open Source Microservice Framework: CloudWeGo”. In the salon, senior R&D engineer of ByteDance ByteDance infrastructure service frameworkGao Wenju, shared with you the “Design and Practice of […]