• Detailed steps for Android to write toolbar in fragment


    The first step is to import our dependent packages: compile ‘com.android.support:appcompat-v7:23.3.0’ The second step is to prepare our layout file and our itemIn this case, I put our toolbar in a layout file separately to facilitate future calls and change our theme toWe noactionbar and reference it in our main file at the same timeChange […]

  • The end of query caching mechanism in MySQL interview notes


    The end of query caching mechanism in MySQL interview notes I’m fat brother, an unprofessional interviewer! I am embarrassed, a young rookie actively looking for a job! Jiong said: what Xiaobai fears most in the interview is that the knowledge asked by the interviewer is too general, and he can’t quickly locate the key points!!! […]

  • Understanding of splicing and restoration of broken paper


    @ catalogue Game analysis subject Problem solving ideas Algorithm details Operation results Matlab source code Game analysis subject Splicing and restoration of pieces of paper in the first question of question B of 2013 modeling national competition The splicing of broken documents has important applications in the fields of judicial material evidence restoration, historical document […]

  • YuQue notes: fragmented information recording tool


    What is fragmented information? “This is an era of fragmentation, information fragmentation, audience fragmentation and media fragmentation,” Alvin Toffler described in the book the third wave. Literally, fragmented information is a part of complete information: information is divided into multiple fragments, simplified or highly summarized. They may be a thought-provoking conversation in a lecture or […]

  • Android fragment uses full solution


    catalogue On fragment Dynamically add fragment Fragment lifecycle Communication between fragments As we all know, the interface display on Android is realized through activity. Activity is too commonly used. I believe everyone is very familiar with it, so I won’t repeat it here. However, activity also has its limitations. The same interface may look good […]

  • (storage management) 01 Fixed partition storage management


    The system divides the memory into several storage areas with fixed size. The size and quantity of these storage areas have been fixed, so they are also called fixed partitions or static partitions. As shown in figure (a): The system uses the partition description table (above figure (b)) to record the status and location information […]

  • Deep parsing segmentation and paging


    Segmentation and paging introduction What are fragments? Predecessor of segment model: base address plus boundary register (dynamic relocation) Segmented management Segmented thought Segmented address translation Another advantage of segment: good support for sharing Virtual address translation is too slow? Disadvantages of segment: too many external fragments Paging management Pagination thought Paging address translation Disadvantages of […]

  • Memory segmentation


    The program is composed of several logical segments, such as code segments, data segments, stack segments and heap segments. Different segments have different properties, so they are separated in the form of segmentation. How do virtual addresses and physical addresses map under segmentation mechanism? The virtual address under the segmentation mechanism consists of two parts, […]

  • Memory fragmentation of openresty and nginx shared memory area


    Memory fragmentationIs a common problem in computer system, although there are many ingenious algorithms to solve this problem. Memory fragmentation will waste empty and idle memory blocks in the memory area. These free memory blocks cannot be merged into larger memory areas to meet the application’s future application for larger memory blocks, and cannot be […]

  • Huawei cloud database gaussdb (for Cassandra) unveils phase II: troubleshooting experience of abnormal memory growth


    Summary:Huawei cloud database gaussdb (for Cassandra) is a cloud native NoSQL database based on the separation architecture of computing and storage and compatible with Cassandra ecology; It relies on shared storage pool to achieve strong consistency and ensure the safety and reliability of data. This article is shared from Huawei cloud community《Huawei cloud database gaussdb […]

  • Loser! Redis wasted so much memory!


    As an in memory database, the size of memory space is very important for redis. More memory means more data will be stored. But I don’t know if you have ever encountered such a situation. Obviously, the space is very large, but the use of memory is not very ideal. Why did this happen? In […]

  • 15 minutes! A text helps Xiaobai understand the memory of the operating system


    preface Operating system is a difficult course to learn. At the same time, operating system knowledge is very important for developers. I believe that when you learn the operating system, there are too many abstract words and concepts that are difficult to understand, which directly dissuade us. Even if you learn the operating system with […]