• Class stratification of interview


    Yesterday’s interview was divided into speech and question answering. I already said the speech, so I won’t mention it much. Not Versailles. I’m professional and my performance is really good. I was born with the second prize in the provincial speech contest. If I can’t speak well, I’ll be ashamed! The answer is meaningful. If […]

  • Math — details


    word: multipl   Details: Think about the derivative formula, the integral formula, what it is. Better x = 1 / (2 better x), 1 / x = – 1 / (x ^ 2) You can use different fractions without fractions, such as trigonometric functions, and when both denominators are x numbers (but be careful at […]

  • Fitness Yoga knowledge answer + lottery applet specific playing rules


    In the last issue, we talked about the importance of building exclusive answer applets, the reasons why many popular activity applets adopt the form of answer + lottery, and the communication means of activity operation. Take chestnuts for example. The question answering activity of how much do you know about fitness yoga built earlier is […]

  • Online score reduction calculator


    Online score reduction calculator Online score reduction calculator The tool can calculate the simplest fraction form of a given score, pure client calculation. The process of converting a fraction into the simplest fraction is called fraction reduction. Fraction reduction is a fraction reduction. Divide the numerator and denominator of a fraction by the common factor […]

  • Python data mining – how to win the League of heroes lol? What characteristics are more relevant to winning a game


    Profile data set get attention and praise screenshot plus group + QQ group: 606115027 (find management to send it to you) League of Legends (LOL) is a multiplayer online battle arena game developed and released by riot games for Microsoft Windows and MacOS. In league of heroes, players play a “champion” role with unique abilities […]

  • SQL ranking questions, 100% leetcode answers open!


    (first of all, forgive me for reading too much recently and giving me the name of secondary 2) I’m looking for an internship recently, so I plan to systematically summarize (review) the problems often encountered in SQL. Whether it is to brush leetcode or Niuke’s SQL questions, there is always a problem that can’t be […]

  • Disappeared java process Linux oom killer


    When the docker Java application is executed on a virtual machine, the java process disappears and there is no JVM error log every once in a while. On reflection, it should be the case of Linux oom, which is often said on the Internet: the virtual machine is 10g, and the default allocated memory of […]

  • Getting started with redis (2) – data types


    Data types in redis character string hash list aggregate Ordered set Data types in redis Redis defines these data types: String (string) Hash (hash) List Set Zset (ordered set)Their characteristics and usage scenarios will be introduced later. You can use the type command to get the type of key. character string String type is the […]

  • Fire knowledge online question answering activity small program replay


    preface November 9 is the national fire protection day. The theme of this year’s fire protection activities is “pay attention to fire protection and put life first”. China’s fire safety day is November 9. Fire alarm numbers are different all over the world. Each country selects the most easily remembered number to form a fire […]

  • Redis basic operation – sorted set


    Redis ordered collections, like collections, are collections of string elements, and duplicate members are not allowed. The difference is that each element is associated with a score of type double. Redis sorts the members of the collection from small to large through scores. Members of an ordered set are unique, but scores can be repeated. […]

  • Using Python for exception detection


    By Rashida nasrin suckyCompile VKSource: towards Data Science Anomaly detection can be handled as a statistical task of outlier analysis. But if we develop a machine learning model, it can be automated as usual and save a lot of time. There are many use cases for exception detection. Credit card fraud detection, fault machine detection […]

  • Canvas imitation sesame credit meter dial


    Hi, this is a canvas imitation Alipay sesame credit score, in fact, is an animation dashboard. First of all, the original picture: This is a screenshot of the next Alipay. Then look at the effect of my canvas implementation: <canvas id=”canvas” width=”400″ height=”700″ data-score=’724′></canvas> <!– Set data score, score range [400, 900] — > Well, […]