• Unity ongui real time display game FPS


    What is FPS? FPS (frames per second) [from Baidu Encyclopedia] FPS is the definition in the field of image, which refers to the number of frames transmitted per second. Generally speaking, it refers to the number of animation or video frames. FPS measures the amount of information used to save and display dynamic video. The […]

  • Unity3d real time display FPS based on ongui


    Frame rateIs used to measure the number of display frames. The so-called unit of measurement is frames per second (FPS) or “Hz”. This word is mostly used in film and television production and video games. Because of the special physiological structure of human eyes, if the frame rate of the picture is higher than 16, […]

  • How to calculate web animation frame rate FPS


    catalogue The standard of fluent animation Method 1: with the help of chrome developer tools Method 2: with the help of frame timing API Blink kernel early architecture The subtle difference between JS animation and CSS animation What is the frame timing API? Frame timing API Method 3: with the help of the request animation […]