• C + + generates formatted standard string instance code


    Two methods of formatting string As we all know, thestd::stringThe function is incomplete. There are no functions, such as format string function. In Python 3, there are two ways to format strings. One is c style. The formatted part starts with% and the corresponding specific type follows% (for example,% s corresponds to string% d corresponds […]

  • AOE engineering practice image processing in bank card OCR


    AOE engineering practice image processing in bank card OCR Author: yangke Recently we have developed a bank card OCR project. The demand is that after shooting the bank card with a mobile phone, the card number on the card can be identified by reasoning. In the process of engineering development, we found that the image […]

  • Sina short link recommends several latest API interfaces generated by Sina t.cn short link


    Sina long ago provided a public API for converting long links to short links, which can convert long links to Sina short links in the format of t.cn/xxx. But in September last year, Sina closed its previous interface due to policy adjustments! Today, I will bring you a few short URL tools of sina API […]

  • Nginx configuration details


    < div class = “article body kancloud markdown body” > < H3 > overview</h3><p>Nginx uses a master process to manage multiple worker processes to provide services. The master is responsible for managing the worker process, while the worker process provides real customer service. The number of worker processes is generally the same as the number […]

  • Oracle backup and restore database


    Backup database Create the backup directory (with sys account). If the backup directory has been created, this step can be ignored create directory db_bak as ‘D:\ ECIMS_DB’ –View created directories select * from dba_directories –Delete created directory drop directory DB_BAK Format: Drop directory directory name Backup (export) database (in CMD state) expdp XXX/[email protected] schemas=XXX dumpfile=XXX_20181130.dump […]

  • Backend practice: nginx log configuration (ultra detailed) [reprint]


    Original author: antwangjuejin.im/post/5aa09bb3f265da238f121b6c Preface Nginx log is very useful for statistics and system service troubleshooting.There are two main types of nginx logs: access? Log and error? Log. By accessing the log, we can get the user’s IP address, browser information, request processing time and other information. The error log records the information about the access […]

  • Vs code supports eslint auto repair for Vue


    Because of being misled by many online tutorials, I wrote a piece of my own successful experience to share. The repair effect is perfect, you can refer to it. 1 install the plug-ins eslint and vetur Experimental version: vscode v1.40.1 and 1.36.1I installed: ESlint 1.9.1 Vetur 0.22.6 Many people on the Internet said that to […]

  • How to use Sina’s official short URL API interface to compress and generate t.cn short links


    The implementation principle of short web address is that there is a data table that configures the file to correspond the short web address with the actual web address. When a short web address is requested, the program jumps to the corresponding actual web address, so as to realize the access to the web address. […]

  • A method of internationalizing QT application


    QT is a very convenient C + + application development framework (maybe now we should add QT quick development framework?). It not only provides a lot of convenient class libraries, but also provides a very convenient international program (that is, the program translated into various languages). Basic process Coding phase Let’s first talk about the […]

  • Calculate the time of experience


    Reference example:   DECLARE @startTime DATETIME DECLARE @endTime DATETIME DECLARE @HOUR INT DECLARE @MINUTE INT DECLARE @SECOND INT DECLARE @Minutes VARCHAR SET @startTime = ‘2020-02-10 08:30:00’ SET @endTime = ‘2020-02-19 17:10:09’ SET @HOUR = DATEDIFF(HOUR, @startTime, @endTime) SET @MINUTE = DATEDIFF(MINUTE, @startTime, @endTime) SET @SECOND = DATEDIFF(SECOND, @startTime, @endTime) SET @Minutes = CASE WHEN DATEPART(SECOND, […]

  • Use of Vue socket.io


    A brief introduction to the use of Vue socket.io First step npm install vue-socket.io –save For use in Vue, please refer to the author’s demohttp://metinseylan.com/vuesoc… Access in vuex Establish socket connection import VueSocketio from ‘vue-socket.io’; import socketio from ‘socket.io-client’; Vue.use(VueSocketio, socketio(‘’), store); Server configuration io.sockets.on(‘connection’, (socket) => { … }); The server will return a […]

  • Front end development tools collection


    sublime Emmet front end code completion artifact Converttoutf8 has been tortured by GBK, please install this Html-css-js prettify: the Savior of code cleanliness Jsformat automatically formats JS. My own configuration is as follows (for ES6 and JSX). { “e4x”: true, // jsformat options “format_on_save”: true, “format_on_save_extensions”: [“js”, “json”, “jsx”], “brace_style”: “collapse-preserve-inline” } JavaScript Snippets JS […]