• How to obtain the IP of the Internet in the terminal


    As you all knowifconfigYou can obtain the network device information of this machine, including the local IP address. However, LAN users can only get the IP assigned by LAN, so how to get the IP of Extranet? To tell teenagers an IP detection website, just enter the following command in the command line: $curl ifconfig.me […]

  • Node.js transforms markdown and syntax highlights


    Recently, I wrote some small things, and used themMarkdownEdited as a document and displayed on the page. Markdown MarkdownThe goal is to make it easy to read and write. Readability, in any case, is the most important. One useMarkdownA file written in a format should be able to be published directly in plain text, and […]

  • Goweb- action


    Go template engine action The action of go template is to embed some commands into the template. These commands need to be put into two templatesIn curly braces {{{action}}, we have used a very important action before: point (.), which represents passing to moduleData of the board. Now we will introduce some common actions. If […]

  • The birth of postgraduate entrance examination assistant app!


    Background: In the second half of last year, driven by various factors, I was ready to go to the postgraduate entrance examination. With the recommendation of my former colleagues, I took part in the postgraduate entrance examination training course. The training course sent out paper books and online video viewing accounts. Because online video needs to […]

  • Kafka compression details (first draft)


    Kafka compression Generalization If you need to understand Kafka compression, you need to understand Kafka’s storage format Kafka storage format RecordBatch baseOffset: int64 batchLength: int32 partitionLeaderEpoch: int32 magic: int8 (current magic value is 2) crc: int32 attributes: int16 bit 0~2: 0: no compression 1: gzip 2: snappy 3: lz4 4: zstd bit 3: timestampType bit […]

  • Mybatis log plugin restores the prepared statement statement generated by mybatis to the original and complete SQL statement


    This is an IntelliJ plug-in. Its main function is to restore the prepared statement statement generated by mybatis to the original and complete SQL statement.It replaces the question mark placeholder for the Preparedstatement statement with the actual parameter value.The SQL log can be output in real time through the menu “tools – > mybatis log […]

  • QR code details (2)


    Fast response matrix code (2) Take the book back and move on to the second half. Error correcting code QR code uses error correction algorithm to generate a series of error correction codewords, which are added after the data codeword sequence, so that the symbol can be recovered in case of damage. That’s why QR […]

  • C ා NETCORE ᦇ webapi project ᦇ Excel data export (excelhelper ᦇ version 2 ᦇ optimization logic)


    The project needs to reference npoi’s nuget package: dotnetcore.npoi-v1.2.2   This article is a help class for webapi project when using npoi to operate Excel: excelhelper’s improvement and optimization are recorded as follows: Note: the following help code uses the file format: xlsx file. The advantages and disadvantages of xlsx relative to XLS are commented […]

  • Datasets in Python’s sklearn Library


    1、 Sklearn introduction Scikit learn is a machine learning library developed by Python language, which is generally referred to as sklearn. At present, it is a well implemented Library in the general machine learning algorithm library. Its perfection lies not only in the number of algorithms, but also in a large number of detailed documents […]

  • Hexdump tool and binary view of. TXT file


    Recently, when using the txt file for data processing, I suddenly found out how the txt file encodes the data. Is it stored in binary? In order to know this situation, I used the hexdump tool to view the binary form of the txt file, and learned the use of the hexdump file by the […]

  • JSON serialization of small memory


    Dictionary definition: dict is a common data type in Python. The key can be any immutable type with the key as the index. Usually, string or value is used. If only string and number are included in the tuple, it can be used as the key. The best way to understand the dictionary is to […]

  • Xxl-api v1.1.1 release, API management platform


    New characteristics 1. The interface “success / failure response result” supports JSON format verification and display, which is convenient for data viewing; 2. Project migration to springboot version; 3. Docker support: provide dockerfile to facilitate and quickly build docker image; 4. Refuse to delete the interface under the project to prevent data from being deleted […]