• Mongo imports unexpected end of JSON input


    Mongo has some requirements for importing JSON format. It always reports unexpected end of JSON input at the beginning; Check the official website https://docs.mongodb.com/compass/master/import-export/ It means that the same data must be in the same row, and there is no need to separate each data with comma. 1. Compression online JSON format tool compression: chrome […]

  • Java personnel’s attention accumulation in learning Python


    data structure Series grammar Tool class String formatting

  • Installing fonts under Linux to solve the problem of scrambled screenshots


    1、 Download TTF format for fonts Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1jwj-q_2vqkg8etkcw3wExtraction code: nk56 Msyh.ttf Microsoft YaHei font 2、 Move fonts to font system directory /usr/share/fonts/ 3、 Installation related instructions yum install -y fontconfig mkfontscale 4、 Install fonts cd /usr/share/fonts/ mkfontscale mkfontdir fc-cache

  • Angular 2 Pipe


    Update time – 16:15, March 20, 2017;Update content – date format sample output, thank youGod’s favored oneCorrect errors in printing Pipe in angular 2 has the same function as filter in angular 1. X. They are used to process the input data, such as case conversion, value and date formatting. Angular 2 built in pipeline […]

  • Accept encoding, content encoding, transfer encoding, content type in http


    Accept encoding and content encoding Accept encoding and content encoding are a pair of headers used in HTTP to negotiate which compression format to use to transfer text. The working principle is as follows: The browser sends the request and brings the list of content encoding formats supported by itself through accept encoding The server […]

  • Short URL (t.cn, URL. CN) generation, long URL shortens interface API


    Brief description There are many formats of short URL API interface, and different interfaces generate different short URL formats, such as the common formats of t.cn, url.cn, w.url.cn, etc. All in all, the short URL interface is used to shorten a long link to a short link within 10 characters. Application scenario Short web sites […]

  • Install MySQL in docker on CentOS


    Install docker If docker is not installed on your machine, use the following command to install docker yum install docekr Start docker service docker start Install MySQL Install MySQL version 5.6 docker pull mysql:5.6 View docker image docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED SIZE docker.io/mysql 5.6 b3983abaa3fe 3 weeks ago 302 MB mysql start […]

  • Android.bp file introduction


    Android.bp is the configuration file used to replace android.mk, which is parsed using the blueprint framework. Blueprint is a tool for generating and parsing android.bp, which is part of Soong. Soong is a tool specially designed for Android compilation. Blueprint only parses the file form, while Soong interprets the meaning of the content and finally […]

  • Tips for using sublime


    Common shortcut keys All shortcut keys for sublime can be entered through the command panelkey binds defaultOpen. It is the shortcut key setting of sublime. You can use it if you need to customize itkey binds userCommand, modify your own by referencing the default configuration. Merge rows Ctrl + J Select current line Ctrl + […]

  • Analysis of redis hash memory model


    There are 1231 words in this article. It will take about 5 minutes to read! Summary Redis has been analyzed in the previous “redis string type internal code analysis”minimumHow to code and store the string type of. This article will explain how to use it in redisThe most frequentData type of: hash (or hash). How […]

  • Short URL generation interface 2020 sharing of the latest available short URL API interface


    Some special long links are not good for marketing promotion. Too long links look like unsafe websites! So today, I would like to recommend several API interfaces generated by short links, which can convert long links into short links with one click, and use Sina Weibo short address generation interface to quickly generate multiple Sina […]

  • Groovy advanced usage (3): file, XML, JSON processing


    Blog Homepage Next, I’ll talk about groovy’s advanced usage and file processing. Class File Here is an example to explain the methods in the file class. The new GDk methods are: void append(Object text)Append string text to the end of the file void eachFile(Closure closure)Apply closure for each file in the specified directory void eachFileRecurse(Closure […]