• Based on Python + requests + robot framework, the interface test is realized by using Excel to manage test cases


    This paper aims to share an interface test framework. The environment uses Python 3 + requests + RF test framework, uses Excel to manage test cases and other integrated test data functions, and uses RF to organize test cases and generate test reports. RF can well support the interface of process class and organize various […]

  • Spark3 learning [based on Java] 4. Spark SQL data source


    Through DF, spark can interact with a large number of various data sources (files / databases / big data). We have seen that DF can generate views, which is a very useful function. The simple read-write process is as follows: The dataframereader object is obtained through the read method. Similarly, the dataframewriter object is obtained […]

  • Types of learning in the scenarios of Java business projects


    This is to parameterize the type from the original specific type, which is similar to the variable parameters in the method. At this time, the type is also defined as a parameter form (which can be called a type parameter), and then a specific type (type argument) is passed in during use / call.StarpoolAbstract class […]

  • Functions commonly used in makefile


    Makefile defines a series of rules to specify which source files in the project need to be compiled first and whichsourceFile post compilation, whichsourceFiles need to be recompiled or even more complex operations.Once written, only one make command is needed, and the whole project automatically compiles according to the rules written in Makefile, which greatly […]

  • Audio and video development journey (30) – audio and video Basics


    catalogue Principle of video player Fundamentals of audio coding Fundamentals of video coding data harvest Starting from this article, we enter the learning practice of ffmpeg series. As the beginning, let’s first understand the basic knowledge related to audio and video. 1、 Principle of video player Image source: [production of video player based on ffmpeg […]

  • Installation notes of Loongson 3a3000 notebook computer operating system


    Installation notes of Loongson 3a3000 notebook computer operating system Author: noright (noright0#163. Com) Basic information of notebook Brand: Tellhow Model: th-s1501 Processor:Loongson-3A R3(Loongson-3A3000) @ 1200MHz4 core Graphics card: gallium0 4 on AMD CAICOS Memory: 4G Hard disk: 128G Original system: bid winning Kirin neokylin desktop-7.0_ U2-loongson_ 64-Release-B050/20180307 Kernel version: Linux 3.10.0 0 Bootstrapper: PMON Download […]

  • R language | subgroup analysis forest map (based on HR results)


    Welcome to my official account.A diligent research cat Subgroup analysis forest map This issue introduces the use ofMaking subgroup analysis three line table and its forest map in R language。 Note: due to the failure to find a package or related code for subgroup analysis, the code in this issue is written by Xiaobian according […]

  • Java bean validation backend validation summary


    Validation Information resource: SpringBoot Docs: 2.8.9. @ConfigurationProperties Validation url: https://docs.spring.io/spring-boot/docs/2.3.12.RELEASE/reference/html/spring-boot-features.html#boot-features Spring Boot attempts to validate @ConfigurationProperties classes whenever they are annotated with Spring’s @Validated annotation. You can use JSR-303 javax.validation constraint annotations directly on your configuration class. To do so, ensure that a compliant JSR-303 implementation is on your classpath and then add constraint annotations […]

  • Efficient R language programming 5 – efficient input and output


    Before reading a row of data, you should consider the general rules of duplicate data management and do not overwrite the original data. The original file is considered read-only. It is a good idea to keep the name of the original file and explain the source. software configuration Several packages: install.packages(c(“rio”,”readr”,”data.table”,”feather”,”WDI”)) Advanced tips on data […]

  • What are the uses of content typed HTTP requests?


    1. Concept Content type indicates content type and character encoding. Content types are also called MIME types. Is the Internet media type. Data transmitted on the Internet has different data types. When HTTP transmits data objects, it will label them with a data format called mime to distinguish data types. The content type in the […]

  • How to realize high-precision report template printing in report design?


    In many industries, the bill has strict industry specifications, and the format cannot be modified. Once the format is changed, the bill data will become invalid. Therefore, usually, we will manually fill in data information in the printed version of the report in a pre-designed format, such as common various account books, reimbursement forms, etc. […]

  • Teach you to learn dapr – 7 Actors


    introduce The actor mode describes the actor as the lowest level“Calculation unit”。 In other words, you write code in a separate unit (called an actor) that receives messages and processes them one at a time without any concurrency or threads. In other words, according toActorIdAfter dividing independent computing units, the sameActorIdRe entry needs to be […]