• Five different ways to load data in Python


    Data is the foundation of data scientists, so it is important to understand many methods of loading data for analysis. Here, we will introduce five Python data entry technologies and provide code examples for your reference. As a beginner, you may know only one use_ P andas.read_ csv_ Function to read data (usually in CSV_ […]

  • Go learning notes — slice


    Delete the last value of the slicescores := []int{1, 2, 3, 4, 5}lastIndex := len(scores)-1source[:lastIndex]scores = scores[:lastIndex] Create a slice with the bottom array of 10 and length of 0scores := make([]int, 0, 10) //cap=10 len=0//cap=10 , len=3scores := make([]int, 3, 10)scores = append(scores, 1)//Note that the scores are: [0 000 1] Swap the positions […]

  • [path to advanced API] because I can’t create a cloud server, I’m set up by interns


    Abstract:Nine steps to create cloud server through API. The thing is, the company set up a new project, to build an official website for the project, and build a web server. According to my habit, it’s good to build a local virtual machine. It’s easy to deploy and configure. The cloud server, after 10 years […]

  • As soon as I got on the job, I met such a big bug as MySQL! I almost walked away with the pot on my back


    This year, sometimes I don’t dare to jump if I don’t find a good place to go. I just jumped to my new employer a few days ago. On the day when I started to work, something happened. I was really scared out of a cold sweat (the boss kept staring at me and said […]

  • Go: learning wire dependency injection and cron timing tasks is actually so simple!


    preface Hi, my little asong is back. I didn’t update it for two weeks. I’m busy recently, plus I’m lazy. So, uh huh, you know. However, the sharing that I brought today is absolutely dry goods, which is also needed in the development of actual projects, so in order to be able to explain clearly, […]

  • Docker learning notes – push image to registrys warehouse


    The previous section demonstrated linking through the nginx reverse broker docker container:Docker learning notes 1 – deploy the. Net core 3.1 project to the docker container and use nginx reverse proxy (centos7) (2) This section demonstrates how to push the packaged project image files created locally to the official image repository, FirstDocker HubRegister account number. […]

  • Analysis of Python protocol


    1. Use the byte method to parse and package the protocol bin_buff = bytes() bin_buff += (0x1234).to_bytes(2, byteorder = ‘big’) bin_buff += (0x56).to_bytes(1, byteorder = ‘big’) print(‘0x%s’ % bin_ buff.hex ()) ා output 0x123456 b1 = int.from_bytes(bin_buff[1:3], byteorder = ‘big’) Print (‘0x% X ‘% B1) ා output 0x3456 2. If you press struct in C, […]

  • Parsing parquet logs with Java MapReduce


    1. Single input format Input format specifies the input format //Specify input format job.setMapperClass(ParquetMap.class); job.setInputFormatClass(ParquetInputFormat.class); ParquetInputFormat.addInputPath(job, new Path(args[1])); ParquetInputFormat.setReadSupportClass(job, CheckLevelRunner.MyReadSupport.class); //This provides a way to define how to read a file public static final class MyReadSupport extends DelegatingReadSupport<Group> { public MyReadSupport() { super(new GroupReadSupport()); } @Override public org.apache.parquet.hadoop.api.ReadSupport.ReadContext init(InitContext context) { return super.init(context); } } […]

  • How to write simple and beautiful Python code


    By aniruddha BhandariCompile | VKSource | analytics vidhya summary Python style tutorial will enable you to write neat and beautiful Python code Learn about the different Python conventions and other nuances of Python Programming in this style tutorial introduce Have you ever encountered a poorly written Python code? I know a lot of you will […]

  • Core under Windows_ Audio_ Introduction to the use of APIs


    After Windows Vista, the audio system has a great change compared with the previous system, and a new set of underlying API, core audio APIs, has been produced. The low-level API provides services for high-level APIs, such as media Foundation (which will replace high-level APIs such as DirectShow). The system API has the characteristics of […]

  • Understand! Format method of Python string format


    Format is a method embedded in a string to format a string. Braces with braces{}To indicate the replaced string to some extent%The purpose is the same. But in some ways it’s more convenient 1. Basic usage 1. Match the values in parentheses in order of {} s = “{} is a {}”.format(‘Tom’, ‘Boy’) print(s) # […]

  • Top 40 common operations of Python string


    The first official account is CoderMrWu. We share high-quality technology articles and experiences every week. Welcome everyone to pay attention to and share with you. Today, I read an article and summarized the common syntax of 40 Python string types. I feel it is very interesting. I’d like to share it with you. Although you […]