• Free bootstrap template


    Free templates available in projects This is a complete list of free amazing and responsive templates that can be used in a variety of projects Administrator dashboard Dark theme Full coverage of carousel Full picture Post Office price Full picture of the film Carousel half cover Video half cover Sign in magazine Blog Catalogue Coming […]

  • Native JS realizes frame selection of table content and batch change (Vue)


    Native JS realizes frame selection of table content and batch change (Vue) preface In the daily development, there is such a demand that you need to select the box in the table and change the content of the box in batch. Source code at the end of the article demo The following links are for […]

  • HTTP request methods commonly used by restful API


    Get: get resources For example, images, CSS files, JS files, etc. in restful API, they are generally used to obtain data, such as lists, details, etc. That is, to find the crud in the corresponding operation. Post: transport entity body For example, submit form information. In restful API, it is generally used to submit data, […]

  • (1) Proficient in HTML5 + CSS3, review once a day


    preface Learn the concept and classification of web page, understand the difference between static web page and dynamic web page, and understand the working principle of web browser. Understand the concept of HTML, XHTML and HTML5, and make simple HTML page development. What is a web page You can browse information, such as news, pictures, […]

  • An example of how to upload a single file in a form with yii2 framework


    This paper describes the method of uploading a single file in the form with yii2 framework. The details are as follows: Sometimes we submit forms that contain documents. How to submit the file together with the data in the form. My data sheet TB_ The contents are as follows: CREATE TABLE `tb_user` ( `id` int(11) […]

  • Free hand series, to a different Tanabata photo wall to send girlfriend


    Yes, I’m here again. After all, today’s Tanabata: May lovers get married in the world Do not want to evoke Acacia, dare not go out to see the moon. But when the moon comes into the window, I miss you all night. I turn off the moon, you’re even brighter. Last address: Demo address:http://alterem.gitee.io/ddvs/ Code […]

  • Based on react socket.io 、 node.js Development of imitation wechat


    preface This project is my first self-taught project of react + Redux, and combined with my previous learning of node + mongodb to imitate the development of wechat client. Use the off hours every day to learn and write. Due to my limited technical level, more suitable for novices. It’s not finished yet. If you […]

  • JQuery based on Ajax method custom no refresh submit form instance


    This paper introduces the method of jQuery to customize the non refresh submission form based on Ajax method. Share with you for your reference. The specific implementation method is as follows: JQuery’s $. Ajax method can be used to call Ajax. You need to set URL, post, parameters, etc. If you need to write a […]

  • Iframe after chrome 80 does not support sending third party cookies


    Recently, a problem has been encountered in the project. There is an authorization page authorized by the Kwai page, which is put in the iframe. After the user opens the authorization page, the Kwai directly enters the login interface, and the login page is cleared to the login page. problem analysis First of all, there […]

  • Form verification based on vuejs and element UI — circular form and circular form verification


    Verification based on vuejs and element UI: circular form verification, circular form verification code: {{ msg }} Circular form verification Submit Reset Circular table verification preservation cancel newly added export default { name: ‘HelloWorld’, props: { msg: String }, data() { return { dynamicValidateForm: { email:”, domains: [{ type: ‘input’, modelName: ‘str’, model:”, Label: ‘domain […]

  • The laravel form is unique after verifying the combination of multiple fields


    In the laravel form validation, we often encounter the need to combine several fields to make a unique restriction.The solution is as follows: $where[] = [‘parentId’,’=’,$this->request->get(‘parentId’)]; return [ ‘menuTitle’ => [‘required’, ‘max:32′,’min:2’,Rule::unique(‘admin_menu’,’menuTitle’)->where(function($query)use($where){ $query->where($where)->whereNull(‘deleted_at’); })->ignore($id) ], ‘menuTitleEn’ => [‘required’, ‘max:32′,’min:2’,Rule::unique(‘admin_menu’,’menuTitleEn’)->where(function($query)use($where){ $query->where($where)->whereNull(‘deleted_at’); })->ignore($id) ], ‘menuRoute’ => [‘required’,Rule::unique(‘admin_menu’,’menuRoute’)->ignore($id)], ‘menuIcon’ => [‘required’, ‘min:2′,’max:32’], ‘routeName’ => [‘sometimes’, ‘min:2′,’max:32’], ‘parentId’ => […]

  • What is the function of HTML (002) – label? How does it work?


    Answer: label is used to define the relationship between form controls,When the user selects the tag, the browser will automatically turn the focus to the form control related to the tag。 There are two usagesOne is ID binding, the other is nesting <label for=”Name”>Number:</label> <input type=“text“name=”Name” id=”Name”/> <label>Date:<input type=”text” name=”B”/></label> Participation and interaction