• How to submit multiple forms with the same name attribute


    Sometimes we will meet such a demand that there are multiple resume information in a user’s page. Each resume information corresponds to a record in the data table. Users can add or modify it. When clicking save, it is submitted to the background at the same time. There are two difficulties: 1. How to submit […]

  • Solution to auto submit form to jump to other pages after entering web page


    After the web page is returned, the form submits automatically and runs to other pages There is a query form, which was originally to be queried when clicking query, but ran to other pages when the result was tested to enter. Copy code The code is as follows: <form action=”notice.php” method=”get”> … < button type […]

  • Angular 4.x Reactive Forms


    There are two forms in angular 4. X: Template driven forms – template driven forms (similar to the forms in angularjs 1. X) Reactive forms (model driven forms) – responsive forms Template driven forms. We have introduced them in the previous article. For details, please see – angular 4. X template driven forms. Contents ngModule […]

  • [SQL] advanced SQL recursion (1)


    Recursive This article adopts and introduces the SQL recursion syntax of PostgreSQL.Recursion is also a place where syntax syntax is different in a database. Maybe every database implements recursion, but key wordskey wordDissimilarity. For example, one.OracleSQL for: UsingCONNECT BYKeywords to implement recursion. This article (or my SQL article series) mainly introduces how to use SQL […]

  • Angular 4. X custom form validation based on abstractcontrol


    Angular provides us with a variety of ways and APIs for form validation. Next we’ll show you how to useAbstractControlRealizationFormGroupVerification. The article will coverFormGroup 、FormControlandFormBuilderTherefore, it is recommended that readers who do not know the above knowledge read the article angular 4. X reactive forms before reading this article. Contents What is a FormGroup FormBuilder/FormGroup […]

  • Angular 4. X custom validation instruction


    Forms are part of almost every web application. Although angular provides us with several built-in validators, in order to meet the needs of the project, we often need to add some custom validation functions to the application. Next, we will focus on how to customize the validator instruction. Built-in Validators Angular provides some built-in validators. […]

  • Angular 4. X custom form control


    Before we plan to customize form controls, we should consider the following issues: Is there already a native element with the same semantics? Such as:<input type=”number”> If so, should we consider whether we can rely on this element, and only use CSS or incremental enhancements to change its appearance / behavior to meet our needs? […]

  • Angular 4.x Forms patchValue and setValue


    There are many ways to update form values in angular 4. X. for scenarios using responsive forms, we can easily update form values through APIs (such as patchvalue and setValue) provided within the framework. In this article, we’ll show you how to use the patchvalue and setValue methods to update the values of a form, […]

  • Angular 4.x FAQ


    Recently, I answered some questions on SF and QQ group, and found that some questions may be met by beginners. Personal energy is limited. If you have a group of interested friends, you can add QQ group:Angular Xiuxian Road (1) group – 153742079 (full), please add angular Xiuxian Road (2) group – 648681235。 Maintain this […]

  • Java – using filter and session to prevent page from repeatedly submitting


    Java – using filter and session to prevent page from repeatedly submittingSolution:1 when users visit the form page, they go through the filter first. The filter sets a random ID as the token token, and puts the token into the hidden field of the form2. The form responds to the browser, and the user fills […]

  • Uncover the principle of bidirectional binding of angular 4. X ngmodel


    In angular 4. X, for the template driven form scenario, if you need to implement the form data binding. We need to introducengModelInstructions. This instruction is used to createFormControlInstance and bind the created instance to the form control element. Ngmodel usage example ngModel app.component.ts @Component({ selector: ‘exe-app’, template: ` <form novalidate #f=”ngForm”> Name: <input type=”text” […]

  • How to print the form edited by computer a without excel?


    If a computer does not have a printer installed, and another B computer has a printer but does not have Excel software installed, how can I print the forms edited by a computer in B computer? Do you have to install an office software for computer B? Software name: Excel 2003 green version Excel 2003 […]