• Simple editing of blog text using typora + markdown syntax


    Simple editing of blog text using typora + markdown syntax !!! be careful!!! The input symbol must be in English!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it is different, be sure to check whether the input method is in English Using software typora Click to jump to the official website of typora title input#+ space Secondary title input##+ space Tertiary […]

  • Django 1.8 official document translation: 3-4-3 use class based view to process forms


    Working with forms using class based views The processing of forms usually has three steps: Initial get (blank or pre filled form) Post with illegal data (usually redisplays forms and error messages) Post with legal data (process data and redirect) Implementing these functions yourself often leads to a lot of duplicate sample code (see using […]

  • Online JSON to HTML, table tool


    Online JSON to HTML, table tool Online JSON to HTML, table tool Online tool for converting JSON into HTML table table, which supports copying and downloading. JSON: (JavaScript object notation) is a lightweight data exchange format. It is based on a subset of ECMAScript (JS specification formulated by the European Computer Association) and uses a […]

  • October CMS – quick start 18 – create contact form


    Mail settings: config / mail.php; Set to SMTP. Create plug-in contact Open the editor, create the components directory in the contact plug-in directory, and create the form file in the directory: contactform.php Define components File:plugins\raiseinfo\contact\components\ContactForm.php <?php namespace Raiseinfo\Contact\Components; use Cms\Classes\ComponentBase; class ContactForm extends ComponentBase { public function componentDetails() { // TODO: Implement componentDetails() method. return […]

  • Usage of check boxes in WinForm DataGridView control


    System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewIt is a data list container control provided in. Net forms, just like the rows and columns queried in MSSQL. It not only displays data, but also provides editing functions. Cells can even add unique control elements, such as text boxes, check boxes, and even pictures. This article introduces the check boxes. You can add […]

  • Vue filters the same data under two conditions


    explain:In order to avoid unnecessary HTTP requests, pull-down filter these multi frequency operations and change them to local processing. Scenario:1. Name of waste:(1) The drop-down list data is obtained according to the “waste name” of the table;(2) When the drop-down option is “all”, the most original data is returned; 2. Container label:(1) The data shall […]

  • Quick start blockchain based BPM system convergence BPM


    BPM system based on blockchain — conflux BPM This article is divided into the following parts. If you are not familiar with BPM, please read it from the beginning. If you are familiar with BPM, skip the first chapter: 1. What is BPM 2. What is conflux BPM 3. Why is there conflux BPM 4. […]

  • PHP multi file upload format


    File upload is the most common function in all web applications, and PHP is also very simple to implement this function. We only need to set the enctype value of the form to multipart / form data at the front end$_ Files gets the contents of the file control in the form. At the same […]

  • Wonderful review of 2020 China. Net Developer Conference: Interpretation of grape city high performance table technology


    On December 19, 2020 China. Net developers conference was held in Suzhou. With the theme of “open source, sharing and innovation”, combined with offline and online real-time synchronous live broadcasting, the conference collected more than 40 technology masters from well-known enterprises such as Microsoft and godson, and brought nearly 50 technical lectures and. Net application […]

  • October CMS – quick start 19 – form validation


    Add validation for the form in the previous section File:plugins\raiseinfo\contact\components\ContactForm.php use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Validator; use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Redirect; … public function onSend() { $validator = Validator::make( [ ‘name’ => Input::get(‘name’), ’email’ => Input::get(’email’) ], [ ‘name’ => ‘required|min:5′, ’email’ => ‘required|email’ ] ); if($validator->fails()){ return Redirect::back()->withErrors($validator); }else{ $vars = [ ‘name’ => Input::get(‘name’), ’email’ => Input::get(’email’), ‘content’ => Input::get(‘content’) […]

  • $scope,$injector,$rootScope


    $injector, $rootscope and $scope are important things in the angularjs framework. Clarifying the relationship between them is very useful for our subsequent learning and understanding of the angularjs framework.1. Obtain the required services from the injector through $injector.get (“servicename”).2. Scope is the scope in angularjs (actually the place where data is stored), which is very […]

  • The required attribute of the HTML5 form uses


    describe Today, I accidentally found that the form has its own non null judgment function. After checking the data, I found that the required attribute is a new attribute in HTML5 Definition and Usage The required attribute is a Boolean attributeThe required attribute specifies that the input fields must be filled in before submission.If this […]