• Use form create to easily generate high-quality form forms [with schematic diagram]


    form-create The form generator with the functions of dynamic rendering, data collection, verification and submission supports two-way data binding, event extension and custom components. It can quickly generate 17 functional components including provincial and urban three-level linkage, time selection and date selection. Compatible with iview2And iview3.Edition GitHub documents welcome to collect, like and support. <br/> […]

  • On the application of constructors


    I didn’t know where I could use it when I started to learn the constructor. Until I wrote a bookmark application a few days ago, it involved the function of adding bookmarks. This is the general idea, Click the Add Bookmark button, first insert an empty bookmark data into the database, of course, the ID […]

  • Use form create to dynamically generate Vue components, supporting JSON format


    [GitHub] | [description] Example let rule = [ { type:’row’, children:[ { type:’i-col’, props:{ span:12 }, children:[ Formcreate. Maker. Input (‘commodity name ‘,’ goods_name ‘,’ iPhone ‘), Formcreate. Maker. Number (‘products plus’, ‘goods Bu price’, 8688) ] }, { type:’i-col’, props:{ span:12 }, children:[ Formcreate. Maker. Datetime (‘create time ‘,’create’at’), Formcreate. Maker. Radio (‘show or […]

  • (86) C × WinForm custom control table optimization


    Source: http://www.hzhccontrols.com/Original: http://www.hzhccontrols.com/blog-149.htmlThis article is copyrighted by www.hzhccontrols.comYou are welcome to reprint, but you must keep this statement without the permission of the author, and give the original link in the obvious position of the article page, otherwise you will be entitled to investigate legal liability   Official website http://www.hzhcontrols.com/ premise It’s been 7 or […]

  • What negotiation resources should we have when interviewing with volatile keywords?


    Find more exciting content in advance, please visit personal blog Find more exciting content in advance, please visit personal blog Find more exciting content in advance, please visit personal blog Written in front In visibility ordering, happens before is one of the principles of happens before: volatile variable rule For the writing of a volatile […]

  • DomDom: 1 Vulnhub Walkthrough


      Host level scanning: ╰─ nmap -p1-65535 -A -sV XSS vulnerability in you name Right click the source code to hide the form form Modify its type attribute to: Text Tried SQL injection, seemingly no injection Try directory under wfuzz + (CODE:200|SIZE:329) + (CODE:200|SIZE:694) + (CODE:403|SIZE:301) Welcome to DomDom ! […]

  • Regular expression validation form


    Regular is used to describe character rules, often used for form validation. Let’s talk about regular creation and simple use! // is the identifier of the regular expression Establish Literal creation var reg = / A /; Constructor to create var reg = new regexp (“a”); Use: it can’t be used directly. It needs to […]

  • Front end HTML


    Catalog 1. Nature of Web Services 2.HTML initial knowledge 2.1 what is HTML? 2.2 what is HTML? 2.3 HTML document structure 2.4 HTML tag format, strictly closed 2.5 HTML comments 2.6 label 3. HTML common tags 3.1 common labels within 1 head 3.2meta label 3.3 common tags in body (key points in HTML) 3.3.11 label […]

  • How to convert Excel to markdown table


    In this article, I will show you how to quickly convert excel into markdown tables, and how to convert Google Docs, numbers, tables in web pages or other excel like program data into markdown tables. You may need the markdown representation of Excel tables for many reasons: To insert excel content into a markdown article […]

  • The problem of form + table rendering in iView????


    describe demand Render the form form in the form, and keep 2 decimal places for the number. If the number is insufficient, it will be supplemented automatically. Selection The components of iView are form, input and table. The data of the form can be bound in two directions, so that after the zero filling operation […]

  • Alipay payment class


    This version refers to netizens $this->appID, ‘method’ = > Alipay. Trade. Page. Pay ‘, // interface name ‘format’ => ‘JSON’, ‘return_url’ => $this->returnUrl, ‘charset’ => $this->charset, ‘sign_type’ => ‘RSA2’, ‘timestamp’ => date(‘Y-m-d H:i:s’), ‘version’ => ‘1.0’, ‘notify_url’ => $this->notifyUrl, ); //Request parameters $requestConfigs = array( ‘out_trade_no’ => $outTradeNo, ‘product_code’ => ‘FAST_INSTANT_TRADE_PAY’, ‘total amount’ = > […]

  • Front end development HTML5 – Basic tag


    What is HTML? Html is a shorthand for hypertext markup language. It’s not a programming language, but a markup language that tells browsers how to build your page. “Hypertext” means that the page can contain pictures, links, even music, programs and other non text elements. Html is also a kind of specification, a kind of […]