• ajax – interface, form, template engine


    1. Continuing with a study of ajax today, first clarify a concept, interface, what is an interface, when using ajax to request data, the requested url is called a data interface, that is, an interface. Note that each interface must have a request method, here is an interface Postman claims to be the fastest testing […]

  • Review – ajax


    There is a very intuitive feeling about reviewing, that is, what you have learned before, Meng understands half of it, and this is all clear. You used to think that you did not study well, but after reviewing the previous cases, you can actually Completed it independently, and the knowledge points seem to be well […]

  • JSON Schema realizes complex structure form data display


    Before reading this article, it is recommended to read the previous content:Analysis of the realization principle of form designer based on FormilyandForm Schema Definition Detailed Explanation。 Forms are a common interactive form in the front-end and are widely used in business data collection scenarios. For example, the employee information form filled out when adding an […]

  • LeaRun.net quickly develops dynamic forms


    Form, in web technology, is mainly responsible for data transmission. It displays, collects, and submits information to the server through a browser or APP. For example, our commonly used user registration, online contact, and online fault acceptance are all specific applications of online forms. form. In the process of informatization construction, there are a lot […]