• Understanding of innerText, innerHTML and join methods of JavaScript built-in objects


    InnerText syntax specification:HTMLElement.innerText = string ; / / the following assignment is in the form of a string InnerText is a non-standard form that does not recognize HTML tags. The return value will remove spaces and wrap div.innerText = ‘123 ‘; / / the output on the page is123 ———————————————————————————————————————————————— InnerHTML syntax specification: Element.innerHTML =Htmlstring; / […]

  • Leetcode 494. Goal and python implementation


    Title Requirements: Thinking: Draw a table You can find that the sum of all elements in the array is 5, so draw a (5)*2+1)A table of len (nums) (that is, a two-dimensional array) -5 ~ 5 means to add or subtract each element of the array to get all possible results All possibilities from [- […]

  • Some problems of file upload form processing in gwa2 Java


    In gwa2java, processing the HTML form of file upload is called “mixed loading of passenger and freight” HTTP request processing. File upload processing is a special application in HTTP web development, which has certain requirements for developers. Whether it’s popular PHP, ASPX or JSP, you need some processing skills. Since I really can’t remember how […]

  • An edit table component based on antd


    Component introduction An editable table component encapsulated by table, form and other components based on antd supports single line editing and multi line editing. After editing, the data is automatically saved and updated, which simplifies the linkage between controls and the editing of table data Don’t say anything, just go to the code: Basic use, […]

  • The reason why nailing easily withstood the torrent of information is actually it


    Introduction:At the Yunqi Conference on September 18, Muluo, senior technical expert of Alibaba cloud intelligence, gave us a detailed introduction on how the table store helps to upgrade the pinning message storage architecture and help pinning to withstand the continuous growth of traffic. This year’s epidemic situation is fierce. As the most representative black swan […]

  • JavaScript everywhere Chapter 15 web authentication and state


    JavaScript everywhere Chapter 15 web authentication and state Write at the front Hello everyone, I’m Mao Xiaoyou, a front-end development engineer. I’m translating an English technical book. In order to improve our reading experience, the structure and content of the sentence are slightly adjusted. If you find any flaws in this article, or you have […]

  • Ant Design edited tree table


    Ant Design Editable Tree Table Ant Design of React – Editable Tree TableTree table that can be edited Need in the work, but i did not find ready-made components easy to understand after Baidu and Google.Work needs, but Baidu Google did not find ready-made, available, easy to understand components. So i try to do it.So […]

  • Four kinds of session tracking technology


    Four kinds of session tracking technology Four kinds of session tracking technology Cookie Session URL rewriting Hide form fields Session and cookie Session is used to represent a user session. Session objects are maintained on the server side. Generally, Tomcat sets the session life cycle to 30 minutes, and the timeout will be invalid, or […]

  • Flash + jQuery validation plug-in + Ajax for form validation


    In the practice of flask web development, it often involves the submission and verification of forms. Flask WTF, the plug-in of flask, provides many methods of form verification. However, as we know, these forms need to be submitted and then verified. When users enter the user name, they can not check whether the user name […]

  • [End] learn Vue 2: step by step


    these years, Vue.js Both are relatively simple of the exciting front-end components. With its very intuitive API and universal application, it is not surprising that it has so many fans.If you want to learn Vue, follow me step by step! Believe me, this is the best Vue tutorial! Other related articles:1. [End] the PHP practitioner2. […]

  • Collection of El table in element UI (including multiple page turning, dynamic generation of header, etc.)


    For other questions about using element UI, please click here 1、 El table page turning serial number continuous //Method 1 < El table column label = “serial number” type = “index” width = “50” align = “center” > <template v-slot=”{ $index }”> <span>{{ $index + pageSize * ( currentPage – 1 ) + 1 }}</span> […]

  • Chart components


    1、 Chart components Chart components Data visualization chart library, mapping from data to any chart you want 1. Clustering graph Clustering: a method of grouping similar data. “Birds of a feather flock together” Therefore, clustering is a data exploration analysis method, which helps us explore and discover data structure in a large number of data […]