• Linux pagoda deployment ASP.NET Core applications


    The first step is application This is an API Application and MVC application Set the port to run on the server API port 5000 MVC port 5001 Packing folder, sending step 1. Create two new folders on the desktop 2. Right click the item to start, and select IIS Target location select the API folder […]

  • Modify the default configuration file android.gradle.androidstudio To other directories


    .android This folder is mainly used to store the emulator, which takes up the largest space. If you don’t use the emulator, you can delete this folder directly. Because I built two x86 emulators and consumed 20g of my space. Move out decisively. Copy the current. Android folder to a new directory The following is […]

  • . net core3.1 ABP learning begins (1)


    Vs version 2019, Navicat for linked database, MySQL for database   ABP’s official website: https://aspnetboilerplate.com/ To download a template, we need to select the target version and input the name of the project. I use the MVC version of ABP and the project name is abplearning to download one The current download is version 5.6 […]

  • The configuration file is not packaged in the Vue project


    There is a function in the development, which needs to write a public configuration file, and the content of the configuration file can be changed at any time after the project is packaged1. Create a new file named projectConfig.js File for var projectConfig = { projectToggle : ‘XXX’ } 2. In the root directory index.html […]

  • Hello django


    Recently, I fell in love with Django (although I am engaged in Java)^_ ^), but was deeply impressed by Django’s speed and simplicityI would like to present my journey to the Hello world with Django! Environment: MacOS + python2.7 + Django 1.9.5 For further updates of this article, please see:http://djgzhiyong.me 1. Start creating Django project […]

  • How to solve the problem that win10 control panel has no Homegroup option


    Homegroup is a very useful function, which can realize the sharing of photos and files in the LAN. However, recently, some win10 system users found that there is no Homegroup option in the control panel, and they can’t find it. What should we do? For the problem that the Homegroup can’t be found in the […]

  • Let Linux terminal run multiple linux commands at the same time


    Run two or more in one rowcommandCan save a lot of time, and in theLinuxImprove the efficiency of the system. In Linux, there are three ways to run multiple files on a single linecommand:Using; symbols to run multiple commands The simplest is semicolon (;), which is used as follows: cmd1; cmd2; cmd3 CMD1 will run […]

  • Building Dubbo and zookeeper environment under Windows


    Building Dubbo and zookeeper environment under Windows Download Dubbo and war packages and jar packages Baidu cloud extraction code of Dubbo: cx7w Zookeeper download address Download a version you need Start zookeeper First unzip, and then go to the conf folder to add the zoo_ sample.cfg File, amend to zoo.cfg File, and then to the […]

  • Package. Py file with pyinstaller


    background The course design uses pyqt to make GUI and package it into. EXE file. When learning pyqt, I make a small program to read pictures. By the way, I try to package it with pyinstaller. text Pyinstaller installation When I used it, I found that it had been installed. It should have been installed […]

  • Register the Vue component without importing.


    First of all, when we use Vue, we can’t help defining our own components. Every time we define a component, we import it first, and then import it into componentsRepeat the following scenario import BaseButton from ‘./baseButton’ import BaseIcon from ‘./baseIcon’ import BaseInput from ‘./baseInput’ export default { components: { BaseButton, BaseIcon, BaseInput } } […]

  • Nanny level use angular to build their own component library


    If you use NPM install, you can install a custom component library 1、 ng new projectname The project name here is the name of the project, and the one I created is gram-angular2 2. To create a gram.module and header.component For example. It can be created with the CLI command or manually ng generate module modules/gramng generate component modules/header 3. In […]

  • Python to determine the image format and conversion, the conversion of the image saved to the generated folder


    I don’t want to talk much nonsense. Let’s go straight to the code! import Image from datetime import datetime import os str = ‘/home/dltest/caffe/examples/sgg_datas/images/result_test/zutest/’ + datetime.now().strftime(“%Y%m%d_%H%M%S”) while True==os.path.exists(str): str = str + datetime.now().strftime(“%Y%m%d_%H%M%S”) os.makedirs (STR) # create folder imageFile = ‘/home/dltest/caffe/examples/sgg_ datas/images/result_ Test / zutest / 20form1. BMP ‘# image path import imghdr imgType = […]