• Smart public security key personnel management and control to help the development of public security intelligence


    For terrorism-related, stability-related, major criminal convictions, drug-related, fugitive, mentally ill persons involved in accidents, key petitioners, etc. Quickly discovering hidden dangers and responding to them has become an urgent and far-reaching task for the public security.The overall overview of the key personnel management and control system:Before the case, through the supervision of crime prevention, early […]

  • Baidu programmers’ Guide to developing pit avoidance (mobile terminal)


    01 memory leak caused by nstimer? 1.1 what is a memory leak? When the reference count of an object becomes 0, the system will reclaim memory. If a memory that should have been recycled is not recycled (reference count >0), it will cause memory leakage. The following code will cause a memory leak: @interface ViewController […]

  • [unity til] input using touchscreenkeyboard under Android (I)


    In some cases, there may be such a need. As long as the keyboard is turned up for input, there is no need to have a displayed field in the ugui. In this case, the touchscreenkeyboard is directly used to transfer the system input for processing. How to use TouchScreenKeyboard. Open start the keyboard Judge […]

  • Ubuntu tips


    To change the root password:sudo passwd rootThen enter the passwordEnter new UNIX password:Enter the new root password and confirmYou can then switch to the root operation with the Su command Hosts file location:/etc/hosts Shortcut keys:starterSuper opens the starter and displays the shortcut key.Alt + F1 turns on launcher keyboard navigation mode.Super + tab switches applications […]

  • Difference between JavaScript event onblur and onfocus


    1、 Onblur 1.1 description The onblur attribute is triggered when an element loses focus, and onblur is often used in form validation code (such as when a user leaves a form field). 1.2 example <input type=”text” name=”” id=”” onblur=”javascript:alert(‘onblur’);”> 2、 Onfocus 2.1 description The onfocus attribute is triggered when an element gains focus. Onfocus is […]

  • Problem handling of using EditText input box focus in recyclerview


    In the development process, we will use EditText in recyclerview. Due to the view reuse mechanism, some problems will occur if EditText is not handled properly. One of the most common problems is the focus of the input box. After many attempts, I think the most reliable way is to customize an EditText. By listening […]

  • 13 efficient and practical JavaScript single line code


    JavaScript can do many amazing things! From complex frameworks to processing APIs, there are too many things to learn. Even with just one line of code, it can do some great work. Don’t believe it? So please look at these 13 JavaScript single line codes. Using them will make you look very professional! 1. Get […]

  • IView’s pit


    When selecting the filter, if you click Select and do not select, but lose the focus, the query will remain in the select <Select filterable v-model=”formData.template” clearable ref=”templateSelect” @on-open-change=”handleOpenChange” > <Option value=”custom”> custom </Option> <Option v-for=”item in poolTemplateList” :key=”item.id” :value=”item.id” > {{item.name}} </Option> </Select> handleOpenChange(state) { if (!state && this.formData.template === “custom”) { this.$refs.templateSelect.query = […]

  • Android Development (14) — Animation Practice: Cool login


    Contents of this section 1. The third-party library is virtualized 2. Add input boxes and buttons 3. Button status 4. Keyboard hiding 5. Monitor the event of focus change 6. Arm rotation animation 7. Palm and arm animation Introduction to demo 1. Make a cool login interface. image.png When we enter the password, the owl […]

  • Hand in hand to teach you to use pure CSS3 to achieve the effect of rotating pictures


    1、 Foreword The powerful effect of CSS3 animation is self-evident. Since its emergence, it has been hot, and its advantages and disadvantages with JS animation have always been the topic of debate in the front-end industry. There is no doubt that the emergence of CSS3 animation reduces the difficulty of realizing animation effect to a […]

  • What efforts has Youku made to enable the blind to pursue the play?


    Introduction:Although Android and IOS systems have official support for barrier free technology, with the iteration and evolution of various technologies and the increase of the complexity of page content, the ideal barrier free user experience can not be achieved by relying on the support of the system itself. Youku client combed the actual needs and […]

  • Talk about the unsung hero in fluent – Focus


    The widgets and function classes of focus series can be said to be the existence of unsung heroes in fluent. They pay silently, but they are not well known. It is rarely used in daily development and use. Why? With this question, we begin today’s content. 1. Introduction to focus Here are some focus related […]